9 Pictures Of Sara Tendulkar That Illustrate Her Passion For Food


Sara Tendulkar is incredibly passionate about food.

As a food lover, one can easily see Sarah's Instagram feed, where she shares her love for food.

Coffee is one of her greatest passions.

It is common to see her holding a cup of coffee in her hands. She has once shared her coffee-making process on her Instagram stories.

Seeking the Ice Cream

It is a fact that Sara cannot escape, and she has shared a few pictures on Instagram which prove this.

Beautiful Sara with foodstuffs

In one of her posts, Sara showed what was on her plate and was seen laughing her heart out while she was eating.

Likes to make her coffee whenever she can.

Sara loves to make her coffee by her own whenever she gets time.

Start her day with a cup of Tea.

In the morning, Sarah likes to have a cup of Tea and once captioned her photo on Instagram with, "You can't drink tea all day if you don't start in the morning.".

Some experiment with eating ice cream.

She always tries new things and once ate street-style gelato because she loves ice creams.

In most of her Instagram pics, Sara appeared with foods, tea, coffee, ice cream, or juice.

Sara's social media posts shows that she is a fun loving girl who loves to eat and travel with friends.

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