Angel Strawbridge Weight Loss Journey

The English TV personality and author Angel Strawbridge is also an author, online influencer, designer, producer, and entrepreneur.


She tied a knot with Dick Strawbridge, a famous American television personality who also served in the military.

Angle rose to fame after purchasing the Neo-Renaissance style mansion, Chateau de la Motte-Husson, with her husband.

In recent years, another factor has contributed to Strawbridge's popularity surge. After losing around 35 pounds, Angel again found herself in the news headlines.

The fans were surprised and wondered when they discovered new images of Angel on the internet. What was the secret of slimming down the owner of the chateau?

Angel Strawbridge Weight Loss Journey

It is simply about consuming nutritious foods and engaging in vigorous physical activity. During the trip, Angel traveled with her husband, Mr. Strawbridge.

Strawbridge's first and most crucial step to losing weight was cutting her sugar consumption.

Angel Strawbridge Weight Loss Diet Plan

As a result, she stopped eating any commercial food and began consuming only healthy home-cooked meals. She started consuming fresh fruits and salad as much as possible.

In order to lose weight successfully, sticking to a diet is not the only factor to consider.

Angel Strawbridge Weight Loss Workout Plans

Exercising regularly is just as important. Strawbridge knew it. Hence, she goes to the gym almost every day. Furthermore, she occasionally goes swimming and cycling.

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