Ariel Winter Revealed The Surprising Factor Behind Her Weight Loss

Here is everything you know about the surprising factor behind her Weight Loss.


Ariel Winter seems to have to justify her weight loss to everyone lately. However, she revealed the truth about how and why she lost the weight, which had nothing to do with wanting to be thinner.

The Modern Family actress, 24, revealed in her Instagram Stories that her weight loss is due to a change in antidepressants

"I had been taking antidepressants for years, but they caused me to gain weight that I couldn't lose no matter what I did." she wrote.

For me, it was always frustrating because I wanted to be able to lose weight and feel like my work was paying off, but it never seemed that way.

She also revealed in another post that she's been in therapy for six years. Still, Ariel explained that she stayed on her first medications for so long.

It's because the process of going off of antidepressants is long and complicated and Ariel didn't want to deal with it again.

So she just accepted the feeling instead of trying to find something to improve her mood. Previously, she stated that she got sick of feeling eh, which prompted her search for a new medication.

Ariel found a great combination of medications that worked for her. Once she changed her medications, she began to see results immediately.

Following the medication change and weight loss, Ariel says she feels better mentally and physically.

Ariel appears to be happy and healthy mentally and physically now; honestly, that is all that matters right now.

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