Kelly Osbourne: Famous Star Who Had Undergone Gastric Bypass Surgery

Here is everything you know about Kelly Osbourne, a famous American star who has undergone a Gastric Bypass.


You have no reason to feel ashamed if you get surgical assistance for weight loss. This is also a normal procedure and anyone can face it.

Many stars have turned to gastric bypass surgery and other procedures to lose weight and keep it off for the long haul.

Kelly Osbourne is one such celebrity who kept her surgery secret. Her gastric sleeve procedure wasn't revealed until August 2020, when she announced that she had lost 85 pounds.

She confirmed on the Hollywood Raw podcast that she underwent the procedure. She revealed that she underwent the gastric sleeve procedure.

Gastric sleeving is simply a procedure that changes the shape of your stomach. She explained that the procedure took place almost two years ago.

Adding that she still had to exercise to maintain her weight loss. She had major surgery, and she will gain weight if she does not exercise and eat properly.

However, it only gets you started in the right direction. Therefore, anyone thinking about doing something like this should give it a lot of thought.

Kelley had to undergo an entire year of stand-alone therapy to prepare for the surgery. Several people don't realize that it blocks a hormone that can cause cravings and leads to emotional eating.

Which is a massive problem for people with addictions. At the very least, it is a step in the right direction. However, it does not eliminate all of your concerns. This isn't an instant solution.

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