Swimmer Injured By The Shark Attack In California

On Wednesday, a swimmer on the central California coast was seriously injured by a shark.


Pacific Grove Police said the attack occurred at Lovers Point Beach in Pacific Grove, about 85 miles south of San Francisco.

Police said the swimmer man was taken to a hospital after suffering significant injuries from the shark bite. City officials said that he suffered stomach and leg injuries.

The swimmer is a retired, 60 years old Monterey Penninsula College professor, Stephen Bruemmer, identified by his friend, Jill Hannley.

He stated in a news report that he suffered a broken femur but expected to recover. Swimming and surfing towed the injured man to the beach.

Where first aid was provided before he was taken by ambulance to a hospital. It wasn't clear what age, gender, or type of shark attack.

There were no immediate sightings of the shark after firefighters used a drone to search for it. They worked hard to find out the shark.

According to police, the beach at Lovers Point, located at the southern end of Monterey Bay, will remain closed until Saturday. Shark attacks are sporadic in California.

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