Truth Behind Joel Osteen and Victoria Osteen's divorce

Joel Osteen's divorce sparked a lot of gossip and rumors. People fear hearing the rumors that will affect their two children, Jonathan Osteen and Alexandra Osteen.

Joel Osteen and his lovely wife Victoria Osteen have been married for more than 30 years and spent 30 years of their lives together. 

Joel Osteen's divorce made headlines, and rumors spread quickly. Throughout his life, he attracted many followers, as well as critics. 

Texas-born Pastor, televangelist, and author Joel Osteen grew up in Houston. A prominent figure in prosperity theology, Osteen is known for his best-selling books and weekly telecasts.

Who is Victoria Osteen? Social media influencer, co-pastor, and 60-year-old Victoria Osteen were born on March 28, 1961.

It's quite an interesting story, Joel and Victoria met first time in a Jewelry Shop, and in 1987 they got married

How did Joel Osteen and Victoria  First Meet Each other?

The news of Victoria and Joel's divorce made headlines. Pastor Joel and Victoria become the center of controversy.

The truth behind Victoria and Joel Osteen's Divorce! lets Facts Check

After spending more than 30 years together, since 1987, Paparazis lenses always take advantage of this kind of incident. but the truth is that They are still together. Enjyoing married life

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