5 K-pop Idol Workout Routines To Lose Weight This Summer

Continue reading to find out how to achieve a slim figure like your favorite female idols.


Sandara Park is known for her 11-shaped abs in the entertainment industry. 

1. Dara, aka Sandara Park's Fasted Cardio and Abdominal Exercises

However, she didn't achieve this body only through diet management; she also practiced exercise. During the morning, the idol does fast cardio for one hour.

If you want a beautiful body like Momo of the South Korean girl group TWICE, then you should perform the Twist Plank exercise.

2. TWICE Momo, aka Momo Hirai's Twist Plank

The exercise is high-intensity and is tough to perform, even for a short period of time. However, once you get the hang of it, you will also master the transformation move.

Do you think mom shouldn't maintain a fit and healthy body, just like young idols?

3. Kahi - Former Leader of Korean girl group After School

Kahi makes time to play golf, surf, tennis, and perform home training despite working full-time as a mom. However, if you don't have any equipment, you can start with the cheapest workout - DANCING!

4. Wonyoung - Pilates, aka Jang Won-young, member of Ive under Starship Entertainment

Although Jang Won-young is naturally endowed with a beautiful face and a body that includes long arms and thighs.

She maintains her health by practicing pilates. This type of exercise aims to strengthen and improve muscles, posture, and balance. Gym apparatus and equipment are used for this purpose.

Some idols love flying yoga, including Yerin, Aespa Karina, and IVE Jang Won-young.

5. Former Gfriend Yerin, aespa Karina prefer Flying Yoga

The exercise is particularly beneficial for core development since it involves various movements while hanging from a hammock in the hair. This exercise improves one's balance and muscle strength.

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