Kevin Belton Weight Loss Journey 2023

Read the information about the famous chef Kevin Belton weight loss journey.


Kevin Belton is a lecturer at the New Orleans School of Cuisine, a television personality, and an author of three cookbooks.

Kevin has millions of fans around the world. Furthermore, his apparent weight loss has also become a topic of discussion in the popular media.

During the past few years, American chef Kevin Belton appears to have lost a lot of weight. As a result, his fans are eager to learn his weight loss secrets that have helped him lose 130 pounds.

Kevin discussed his fashion journey on his official Twitter account in September 2019 when some fans wondered if he had lost weight through gastric bypass surgery.

Kevin explained that he lost weight by exercising regularly with his wife and pet dog, following a low-carbohydrate diet, and consuming fewer calories.

The news of his bodily change was revealed on different social media platforms. After his weight loss, he posted pictures of his clothes on Facebook that he was donating.

Kevin shared his weight loss secrets with a fan on social media. In response to her question, he explained that he lost over 100 pounds by working out, eating small portions, and eating low-carb.

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