Lauren Conrad Workout Routine

Lauren Conrad is a popular personality. She is also one of those stars who has a huge fan following. 


Lauren Conrad is an American fashion designer, television personality, and author. The actress gained fame after appearing in "Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County."

After moving to Los Angeles, she entered the fashion industry and obtained her spin-off series, 'The Hills.'

Here you will learn about Lauren Conrad's workout routine. Laurel Conrad has not been a regular exerciser, and when she works out, she gets help from celebrity trainer Jarett Del Bene.

Lauren Conrad's workout routine consists primarily of kickboxing and cardio. Conrad likes to keep her exercise options open to prevent boredom.

She does aerobics three times a week and different cardio exercises on the other two days, which is the main secret of her fitness.

Lauren Conrad's aerobics exercises (on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) are Burpees, Jumping Jacks, Planks with Leg Lift, Sumo Squats, Alternating Front Lunges, Pushups on Knees, and Bicycle Crunches.

Lauren Conrad's Kickboxing exercises ( on Tuesday and Thursday) are Cardio, Squat and Press, and Rope Warm-up.

She doesn't do these exercises on the weekends. She generally spends her quality time on the sea beaches on weekends.

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