Meet Kyra, India’s Virtual Influencer

Social media influencer: Not human, but Instagram has millions of followers! Do you know who this celebrity is?

Meet Kyra. She is India's Virtual Influencer who is just as popular as any Instagrammer. Kyra is a very beautiful, intelligent, and well-known Instagram user with over 90k active followers.

As fictional netizens become more and more popular, they can be found in movies like "Black Mirror," "Love Death," and Robots.

India's first fictional social media influencer, Kyra, is 21 years old. She has 95K followers on Instagram. She mostly works for cosmetics and global marketing companies.

Companies use fictitious influencers to promote themselves online. That's why Kyra was created. Most of Kyra's online fans are in their 20s to 30s, and most of them are women.

Software engineer Himanshu Goel created Kyra. Himangshu says Kyra was created as part of the total business strategy.

Kyra had initially been misunderstood as a real person, but she was actually a virtual character, and active on Social media..

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