Varun Dhawan was spotted riding a bullet through the streets of Kanpur. Know which film is being shot.


This week, Varun is shooting for his upcoming film, 'Bawal'.

The people of Kanpur were delighted when they saw their favourite star Varun Dhawan while driving a bullet on the street.

At 8 a.m. on Thursday morning, the shops were just opening, and suddenly people couldn't understand what was going on in a street. 

But when Varun Dhawan came out on a bullet, they were surprised & couldn't believe on their eyes..

It is said that the film shooting will continue for 5 days in Kanpur.

There was a crowd watching him while the film was being shot, although police and security personnel had already been deployed to keep the crowd in check.

Varun Dhawan came to Lenin Park on a bike. The production team chose Kanpur as the shooting location.

According to some sources, the shooting will take place over 4 days at a private college.