Why is Juneteenth a significant date in US history?


Juneteenth commemorates the emancipation of slaves in Texas in 1865. Texas was the first to receive a paid holiday in 1980.

Since Granger announced Juneteenth, it has become one of the most important dates in African American history.

Despite the refusal of over 30 states to follow suit, Juneteenth is now a federal holiday for the first time in nearly four decades. The holiday is also known as Emancipation Day.

A ceremony was held at the American Embassy in India on June 19 to mark the 157th anniversary of the abolition of slavery in the United States.

Known also as Juneteenth Independence Day, Freedom Day, or Emancipation Day, Juneteenth is a mashup of 'June' and 'nineteenth'.

Juneteenth commemorates the abolition of slavery in Texas in 1865. US President Joe Biden declared the holiday a federal holiday last year.

The holiday is celebrated in all 50 states. However, it has not yet become a national holiday. A federal law was passed in 2021 after eight other states followed suit.

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