Is Nannette Hammond Real Human Barbie? Former Botched Stars Spent Millions for Look like a “Real-life Barbie”

Nannette Hammond Real life Barbie

Nannette Hammond, best known for her modified look like a “Real-life Barbie,” the former Botched Stars spent a million dollars to look exactly “Human Barbie Doll.”  She has more than 50 Barbie Dolls in her house. Having 6 children and a husband, Dave Hammond spent luxurious life in Cincinnati, America. This is the story of barbie’s loving mom, who spent more than half of a million to be looks like the exact barbie in her real life; that’s why she calls real human barbie.

She is a former contestant on the reality TV show “Botched”  and belongs from Cincinnati. She will be aired on the popular new series “Lookalike Love,” the famous series is based on four individuals who have done many things to appear identical to a fictional idol or their celebrity. Those people show worlds that to follow their dream, and they can go beyond their limits. 

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Nannette Hammond Real life Barbie
Nannette Hammond Real-life Barbie

Who is Nannette Hammond?

Nannette Hammond’s husband’s name is Dave, and the couple has six children; currently, they live a luxurious lifestyle in Cincinnati, Ohio. Since her childhood, Nannette is fond of Barbie Dolls,  and the craziness goes to such a level that she undergoes many surgeries in her life.  

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She went through her first surgery when she was just 20. To represent herself as a barbie lookalike, 46 years old woman has already spent $500K to perform many surgeries.  During an interview on the famous Reality Show, Botched,  Hammond disclosed how much she spends on her surgery.  

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“If I had to guess, I’ve probably spent over a million dollars to look like Miss Barbie. And it’s freaking expensive, but it’s well worth it. And you know what, I deserve it.”

She undergoes surgeries like eyelids, Botox on her forehead, Chin Filler, Cheek filler, Butt implements, and lip implement. 

She undergoes teeth surgery with veneers, and Her H-cup breast is 700 cc silicone implants already done.  Here is not the end; Hammond already completed her eyelash extension and semi-permanent makeup to look exactly like real life barbie. 

To maintain the body skin, she regularly undergoes tanning sessions also, recently she discontinued the process, 

Nannette Hammond Labiaplasty & Butt Implants Surgery.

To complete the process and perfect look like a real-barbie doll, she must undergo labiaplasty and butt implantation. Without these two, the process might not be complete. 

According to TMZ, the model Nannette Hammond spends around $90K recently to complete her labiaplasty and Butt Implantation surgery.  

Nannette Hammond is a real-life Barbie

Nannette Hammond is a real-life Barbie: all about the former “Botched” star who has reportedly spent more than $500K to look like a “real-life Barbie.” The 46-year-old mother has 6 children, and his husband is Dave. 

She has 50 plus Barbie dolls in her home; discussing with her child, she decided which barbie should be identical for her looks and undergoes multiple surgeries. 

Nannette Hammond Young
Nannette Hammond Young

She has spent more than $500K in order to look like the iconic Barbie

Nannette Hammond is a former Botched star who has reportedly spent more than $500K to look like a “real-life Barbie.”  The amount is quite high, and recently she underwent Labiaplasty and butt implantation, which cost nearly $90K.

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She has an Instagram account with over 540K Active followers

Nannette Hammond is a former “Botched” star who has reportedly spent more than $500K to look like a “real-life Barbie.” She has an Instagram account with over: the account has amassed over 540K verified fan followers.

Her popularity shooted like a rocket when Nannette Hammond was featured in Playboy Magazine; her “Play Date of the Year” photoshoot was published in 2018.   After these photographs and videos went viral on social media, it looks like real-life barbie become popular, and she rose to fame within a short span of time.

Nannette Hammond
Nannette Hammond Young

Nannette Hammond Net Worth 2022

Nannette Hammond’s estimated net worth is around $2-3 million. After getting featured in Playboy magazine, Hammond becomes famous and started getting several offers from brands to collaborate with them.  She earned a major revenue from his model career and brand engrossment, Instagram promotion, etc.

It’s also the reality that she spent a huge amount on her cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery, and recently she undergoes labiaplasty and butt implantation. 

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