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Why is Quinton Griggs Famous For? Check His Age, Net Worth In 2021, Bio, Wiki, And More

Quinton Griggs, aka QGriggs, was born September 8, 2003; he is an American famous TikTok Star, a Social media influencer known for his Lip-Sync, POV video creation, dance, and signature hair colour and comedy videos.  18 years old Quinton Griggs gained 8 million TikTok followers in a concise period. Besides TikTok, QGriggs earned a reputation and fame on the TalentX Entertainment show. His style and signature hair also make him famous and establish himself as one of the growing hair stylish models over the internet.  His Killer and Charismatic looks in platinum blonde and black combination attracted folks. 

Social Media personality QGriggs started his TikTok id as Qgriggs; during mid-summer in 2019,  his video title “Since its national Girlfriend day” got shot him to the top of popularity. Quinton loves tattoos dying his hair, creating his hairstyle, snapping selfies, and many more inspiring things that inspire youth.  Since then, Griggs became social media heartthrobs and earned a massive fan-follower base within a short span of time. 

Who is Quinton Griggs? To know more about Who is Quinton Griggs? His age, Height, Weight, Net worth, Bio, career, Girlfriend, Dating, and many more unknown facts scroll down below where you will get all those precise information that may help you grow to like him.  Why are you waiting to keep reading and disclose all the secret information behind the box? 

Quinton Griggs Photo
Quinton Griggs Photo | Image Source @Instagram

Quick Bio/ Facts

  • Full Name: Quinton Griggs
  • NickName: Quinton
  • Birthday September 8, 2003
  • Age: 18 years old
  • Birthplace: North Carolina, United States
  • Nationality: American
  • Famous As/Profession: TikTok Star, Social Media Star, Hairstylist
  • Net Worth 2021: $4 Million (USD)
  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo
  • Girlfriend/Dating: Cynthia Parker

Quinton Griggs Profile pics
Quinton qGriggs Profile | Image Source @Instagram

Physical Stats

Height: 6 feet 1 Inch
               1.81 Metre 

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Weight: 65 Kg 
              143 lb

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Hair Color: Blonde

Shoe Size: 10 (US)

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Family Background & Education Qualification

Quinton has not shared much about her family Background and family member.  As per little data available in the public domain, Quinton Belongs to a well-established family from Fayetteville, North Carolina. He is an American and follows the Christian Religion. 

Apart from that, we have no information on his family. But our team is working on it to collect all those information regarding the Griggs family Background and Educational Qualification.  

  • Father’s Name: N/A
  • Mother’s Name: N/A
  • Sister’s Name: N/A
  • Brother’s Name: N/A
  • Dating:  Cynthia Parker
  • Girlfriend Name: N/A

The little information that we have regarding his Educational qualification will share here. According to School, he attends a Local High School, North Carolina, United States.
College/University: N/A.

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Quinton Griggs Age, Height & Weight

How old is Quinton Griggs? This is the thousand-dollar question whirling around the internet corner.  But don’t worry, we shall disclose all those secret answers today. 

Quinton is 18 years old as of 2021, and he is tall enough to impress any girl in his first charismatic looks.   6 feet 1 inch tall Griggs’ weight approximately 65 kg, i.e., 143 lb.  Fitness Freak Social media personality Quinton became famous for his stunning looks and Platinum blonde and black signature hairstyle. His shoe size is 10 number in the US.  His super-fit athletic body with impressive body measurements makes him a strong personality and swag of a Strong physique. The gym is part of his regular daily routine to maintain his body fit and capable of a robust and charming personality.

Quinton Griggs fitness
Quinton Griggs fitness | Image Source @Instagram


Quinton Griggs is a social media personality and became Popular TikTok Stars when He started making his funny voice on the TikTok platform. He started his journey on TikTok in Midsummer 2019, uploading lip-Syncing and funny comedy videos.  His POV videos gained popularity and earned lots of fame and millions of likes. 

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 Quinton has more than 100 million likes on his TikTok Account Qgriggs. One of his uploaded videos titled “SInce its national girlfriends day” Became popular, and his career on Musically Spiked overnight.  The video got featuring DJ Regard’s song “Ride it” managed to achieve massive likes.  In 2020 Hebagged membership of Sway House despite the pandemic condition. 

His creativity has not been limited to TikTok only; his funny video gained a massive fan followers base wherever he started social media.  His comedy videos containing humour make him laugh every day, and everyone likes his video with love.  He can often see collaborating his TikTok video with famous stars like Josh Richers, Bryce Hall, Kio Cyr, and Cynthia Parker.

Quinton’s success has not been limited only to TikTok or formerly known as Musically.  After managing success on TikTok, He tried his luck with the other platform and applications. He started making POV videos, Short stories, Short comedy, transition videos, dancing, lip-syncing, etc. His talent spread across those platforms in a short time and gained much popularity within no time. 

Griggs’s Instagram handle also has many followers, and his Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts like Snapchat, etc.

Quinton Griggs Pics
Quinton Griggs Hairstyle Pics | Image Source @Instagram

Quinton Griggs’ Net Worth 2021

Multi-talented social media personality Quinton Griggs managed to earn lots of money.  
His major incomes come from TikTok videos, Paid content, Sponsorships, product affiliates, Brand endorsements, and carious collaboration with other media channel partners. 

Quinton Griggs’ Net worth 2021: $4- 5 Million  (USD)

Quinton Griggs’ Net worth 2020: $3 Million

Quinton Griggs
Quinton Griggs | Image Source @Instagram

People also Ask 

Question: What age is Quinton Griggs?
Ans. He is 18 years old as of 2021

Question: How old is Griggs.
He is 18 years old in 2021

Question: Is Quinton Griggs dating someone?
Ans. Yes,  Griggs is dating Cynthia Parker.

Question:  Did Quinton and Cynthia break up?

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Ans. No, they are together as of now.

Question: Where is Quinton Griggs now?
Ans. He is currently living in North Carolina, United States.

Quinton Griggs Bio
Quinton Griggs Bio | Image Source @Instagram

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Some unknown facts About Quinton Griggs

  • Quinton Griggs was born on September 8, 2003; he is now a teen and 18 years-old social media personality from the United States.
  • What happened to Quinton Griggs leg? 
    Due to he got a knee injury, he has to undergo surgery on his knee,
  • Quinton’s first Video got triple-digit likes on TikTok.
  • Quinton Griggs announced to start a  Youtube Channel. 
  • He has massive fan followers on his channel and account.  Tiktok Qgriggs has 7.1 million followers, and Youtube Channel crossed 185K subscribers in recent times. His Instagram IG channel also has 2.3 Million followers.
  • He is currently dating Cynthia Parker.
  • He often makes TikTok videos, collaborating with other Stars like Cynthia Parker, Josh Richards, Bryce Hall, Kio Cyr, and others.
  • He posted funny videos on his Instagram channel. 
  • Multitalented Quinton earned millions from social media accounts and sponsorship, along with product promotions and affiliates. 
  • He once, in an interview, claimed that he is leaving Sway House to protect his brand. 
  • Recently Quiton Griggs made two new tattoos on his left forearm. The first tattoo he printed on his forearm skin is a woman’s and skeleton’s hand interlocking their pinky fingers. His 2nd tattoo is a black-grey skull. A text Demon Angel Boy wrote above the tattoo Skull.

Watch Quinton Griggs Instagram Channel here..

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