Ranboo’s Real Name Confirmed – Know Unknown Facts about the Popular Online Gamer

The term Ranboo’s Real Name appears to be one of the most frequently searched on Google. There is something strange about a personality with millions of fans without revealing his name. A significantly less number of people know his real name.

Now the test of your patience comes to an end because we will reveal his real name in this article. 

What is Ranboo’s Real Name?

The social media sensation and professional gamers Ranboo’s real name is Johnathan Schlatt. Several sources have confirmed that it is his real name. Here, you will get to know a few more essential updates you have never heard before. Also, know, How old is Ranboo?

When is Ranboo’s Birthday?

Ranboo is an American YouTuber, Twitch Streamer, and Social Media Personality, born on November 2, 2003, in the United States.

Ranboo Birthday: Sunday, November 2, 2003

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Why is Ranboo banned from Minecraft Championships?

According to the Distractify report, Ranboo was not banned from Minecraft Championships but was jokingly banned by the organizer Major. They cleared that it was just a joke.

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Frequently Asking Questions:-

Many live viewers watch Ranboo’s “lore streams” on the SMP, which are often over 100k due to the character he portrays and the act he provides. 

Character lore associated with his character is well known as being some of the “angstiest” on the server and associated with the song “Fallen Down” from Undertale.

Does Ranboo have a merch site?

The official merchandise for Ranboo fans is Ranboo Merch. 

Who is Ranboo’s crush?

Ranboo has a crush on the enderdragonnn.

How many Canon lives does Ranboo have left?

He has left 40 Canon lives.

What time is the Ranboo Youtooz coming out?

Ranboo’s Youtooz stands 5 inches tall. His pet cat balances on his knee as he sits on a pink, purple and blue gamer chair. 

His face is split in half, emphasizing his identity as half-enderman, half-unknown, with one hand holding a black glove and the other holding a white one.

Is Ranboo plush Limited?

Yes, it’s is very limited.

How did Ranboo get into the Dream SMP?

A debut for SMP. He accidentally got into the Dream SMP server halfway through his stream on November 27, 2020.

Is Ranboo American? 

Ranboo is an American Social Media Personality, YouTuber, and Twitch Star. He is famous for his comedic Minecraft and content, especially his collaboration with Tubbo.

How did Ranboo lose his canon lives?

One of Tommy and Techno’s streams reveals that ranboo lost a canon life to Tommy’s llama Clarence. As of when ranboo died, his body parts had all been dropped.

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