Who is Meagan Tandy?

Meagan Tandy

Meagan Tandy, aka Meagan Yvonne Tandy, was an American actor-model born on May 3, 1985. Megan Tandy is a former Miss California USA participant and placed 3rd runner-up among the 5 finalists who participated in that competition.

American Actress and model, Talented megastar Meagan Tandy won people’s hearts when she portrayed the role of Denzel Washington’s daughter, Maya, In the memorable film “Unstoppable.” Tony Scott directed the film.

Meagan Tandy Nationality: American

Famous For: Teen Wolf, Survivor’s Remorse, Miss California USA title Holder

Meagan Tandy net worth
Meagan Tandy’s net worth

Early life and Biography

Ms. Tandy was born in Fremont, California, USA. But grown up and raised in Fontana. She completed her graduation degree from Etiwanda High School in Rancho Cucamonga. Megan Tandy, Went to Chaffey College, and the report says she is the first student at this school who won the Miss California USA title.

Tandy Studied business and film production at Chaffey College. Where She studied for two years, and at that time, she had several projects based on the Production, creation, and editing of commercials short films.

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Tandy experienced bitterness when she was doing her first job as a Stand-in in December 2003. The job was a wedding ceremony of “Trista and Ryan,” But she faced a terrible experience, and she never joined any Stand-in from that particular incident.

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Meagan Tandy Age
Meagan Tandy Age

During this time, she completed college and received an associate’s degree from Chaffey College. She attends Cal Poly Pomona, Where she conducted her business management and marketing degree.

Meagan Tandy Miss California award

Miss Tandy won the Miss California USA title in a state pageant; the competition was held in San Rafael, California, on Oc 15, 2006. This was her second attempt, but she placed fourth runner up to Tamiko Nash. Tandy won the Best Swimsuit Award in 2007.

Tandy Completed Miss California USA 2007 pageant and placed third-runner up. She was only the fourth African-American to hold the title of Miss California USA.

Meagan Tandy movies and tv shows

Ms. Megan is, at present a member of the Screen Actors Guild. She filmed several Television commercials for national campaigns, including Wendy’s Boost Mobile and Super Bowl Commercial for Pepsi Max. Megan Tandy had seen in 2007 on an event of movie promotion, The Film Shrek The Third. His filmography career started when she got an opportunity to play a role in the 2010 movie “Unstoppable” She appeared as a Hooters waitress who was a lead character.

In May 2012, Megan Tandy found her program for teens called “GIRL TALK.” The show collaborated with The Move Network of Rancho Cucamonga. The first annual seminar, “Girl Talk,” was held in July 2013. Megan is at a present residence in Los Angeles and continuing her acting career.

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Apart from all these, her career graph is smooth, prestigious, and memorable; he played Lulu Pope on the Abc Family Show Jane By Design. Another remarkable role she played as Ashley Sorby in Piranha DD

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Meagan Tandy husband

Ms. Tandy is very much concerned about her personal life; she still has not shared anything about her personal life/love life. Megan Tandy Dating anyone or not or she has been married or not, we are still looking for this information. If we get anything else, we shall share it here; if you know any information and want to share it with us, please feel free to do so in our comment box below.

Meagan Tandy’s net worth

Megan Tandy is a successful and prosperous American actress. She models her estimated net worth holding approximately $5 million.

Meagan Tandy
Meagan Tandy

Meagan Tandy height

Her height is 5 feet 10 inches. On a meter Scale, she was 1.78 meters tall.

How old is Meagan Tandy

Megan Tandy was Born on May 3rd, 1985; as of 2024, she is 39 years old.

Who does Meagan Tandy play in the teen wolf?

In June 2013, Ms. Megan Tandy made her debut on the MTV supernatural drama series Teen Wolf. Megan played the recurring and fan-favorite role of Braeden for three seasons after joining the series.

Meagan Tandy and Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose Langenheim is a successful Australian model, actress, and television presenter. Megan Tandy Met with her on the MTV series. In Batwoman, Megan Tandy plays the role of Sophie and Ruby Rose as Kate. They talked much about their on-screen chemistry over youtube on Batwoman.

Rose came to attention and focused on the limelight as a presenter on MTV Australia, followed by several high-profile modeling gigs. Not only that she become super famous and became the face of Maybelline New York in Australia

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Megan Tandy Social Profile

Being a celebrity, Ms. Megan is popular among the people, and her social media presence makes for him a massive fan following base. Just Check out Her Social profile links in Bellow.

Meagan Tandy Facebook: Link
Meagan Tandy wiki: Link
Meagan Tandy Wikipedia: Link

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Megan Tandy Favorites

Favorite Food: Pasta, Pizza

Favorite Holiday Places: Manchester
Favorite Colors: Black, Red

Favorite Actress : Shakira, Scarlett Johansson, Soe Paye Thazin

Favorite Actor : Tom Selleck, Jon Favreau

Few lesser-known facts about Meagan Tandy

  • She holds Miss California USA and placed 3rd runner up at Miss USA, 2007
  • She got a breakthrough in her filmography career in the movie Unstoppable, playing a role Called Maya. Maya reached the top of fame overnight.
  • She appeared regularly in the Series Jane By Design.
  • At the start of his career, she joined a Job Stand-in in a wedding ceremony, getting bitter experience she never does that again.
  • Sophie Moore is the character played by her in Batwoman.
  • She loves pizza and pasta, and her most holiday place is Manchester.

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