Who is Winston Blackmore? How many children and Wife he has?

Winston Blackmore

Winston Blackmore is one of Canada’s best-known polygamists. The 65-year-old has 27 wives and has 150 sons and daughters. Winston was born on August 25, 1956; he is the ninth child out of thirteen children in his family. It’s relatively uncommon that one man has multiple wives and so many children in his home, and they are happily lived together.  We can see this rarely pics our society. If one man married more than once that it would be challenging to live together in one house in our society. Apart from that, there must be difficult to supply daily requirements too. 

But Don’t worry, we have such an amazing real living story for you, which might be shocking for you.  In Canada, one such family lived, and whose HOF head of the family is Mr. Winston Blackmore, a 65 years old Canadian man with more than 27 wives and more than 150 children. The news has been published in Daily Mail, indicating that Winston became the most famous Polygamist in Canada and had the largest family member in the world who lived together happily. 

Winston Blackmore
Winston Blackmore | Image source: Globalnews.ca

Quick Facts/Wiki/Biography

  • Name: Winston Blackmore

  • NickName: Winston

  • Date of Birth: August 25, 1956

  • Age: 66 years old (As of 2022)

  • Birthplace: British Columbia, Canada

  • Nationality: Canadian

  • Gender: Male

  • Father’s Name: Ray Blackmore

  • Mother’s Name: Anne Mae

  • Famous For: Polygamist (He has more than 27 Wives and 150 children)

  • Winston Blackmore Family Tree: He has 150 Children and 27 Wives in his family.

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Who comes up with Their Family matter On Social Media?

Marilyn Blackmore, a 19-year-old member of the family, recently shared her story with her extended family on social media. She shared that it takes long time to come up with this and finally makes the mind open up with reality.  Netizens have noticed how someone’s birthday is celebrated at their home, or the experience of going to school with so many siblings.

Marilyn lives with her extended family in Bountiful, British Columbia, Canada. In addition to him, his two brothers Murari and Warren also shared their family on social media. Being with so many people is as much fun as it is uncomfortable. The issue has also come up in the social media posts of the three brothers.

Winston Blackmore Family
Winston Blackmore Family | Image source: cbc.ca

According to Merlin, the eldest of 150 siblings is 44 years old. The youngest child is 1 year old. Everyone calls their pregnant mother ‘Mum.’ The rest of the honest mothers are called ‘Mother.’ Children of two different mothers. But they were born on the same day – there are such examples in their home. Marilyn said the siblings attend the same school. The owner of that school is his father, Winston. Marilyn said her siblings in a huge family did not develop friendships with outsiders in that way.

With a father, 150 siblings, and a mother of 26, the family is no exception. Everyone lives in the same house. Their house is called Motel House. On their birthday celebration, they make a grand celebration which comes and falls near same ages boys or girls together. 

For so many people, it isn’t easy to buy things from the market. That is why vegetables are grown in their homes. See what Marilyn said about her family:

Winston Blackmore Family Tree
Winston Blackmore Family Tree | Image source: kimberleybulletin.com

When You have such a huge number of family members surrounded by you, then it’s not a family anymore; it’s become a cult. When they all go to school, they can make any classmate or friends because all of them are surrounded by either their own siblings or nieces or Nephews.  You can’t make any friends outsides of your family. 

However, the family Head Winston Warren says that things are getting changed nowadays.  Son, they will be a family life instead of Cult life, which it may have some difficulties for their family member to live in. 

Controversy: Canadian Polygamy Case

Winstone Blackmore and another community leader James Oler. were arrested in January 2009.  He was arrested with the charge against Polygamy by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. But later, the charges were dismissed, as the main question carries How the Crown selected its prosecutors.  

But unfortunately, the case was reopened in 2014 by the Provincial government, and where the B.C Supreme court confirmed that polygamy is against Constitutional cases. While reopening, Winston’s Lawyer tried to appeal, but in 2016 their appeal overruled. Finally, on April 18, 2017, Blackmore’s court trial started. 

In the same year, Blackmore was found guilty of Polygamy in British Columbia Supreme Court, and finally, he received 5 years of imprisonment punishment. He received this in prison punishment due to a violation of 293 of the Criminal Code of Canda. He also received a six-month house arrest by justice Ann Donegan.  

People also ask

Question 1. How many wives does Winston Blackmore have?
Ans. 27 Wives and more than 150 Children have in Winston Blackmore family.

Question 2. Does Bountiful BC still exist?
Ans. Bountiful is a settlement in the Creston Valley of southeastern British Columbia, Canada, near Cranbrook and Creston. The closest community is Lister, British ColumbiaBountiful is made up of members of two polygamist Mormon fundamentalist groups.

Question 3. How old is Winston Blackmore?
Ans. Winston Blackmore is 65 Years old as of 2021.

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