How Much Does Bluefin Tuna Cost?

How Much Does Bluefin Tuna Cost

A Bluefin Tuna is one of the most expensive fishes globally, but for what reason, and why could that potentially be bad for it?

Depending on where and where it is caught and where it is bought from, the price of Bluefin Tuna can be staggeringly expensive. A recent report that the finest Bluefin Tuna, which is a fish that comes from Japan, is valued at around $200 per pound. On Jan 17th, 2019, a perfect and massive giant 600-pound Bluefin went on sale in Tokyo for more than $3 million. 

Check out this article to learn why the Bluefin Tuna is so highly valued and becoming increasingly rare? Check out Bluefin tuna prices around the globe. 

How Much Does Bluefin Tuna Cost
How Much Does Bluefin Tuna Cost

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What’s the going rate for Bluefin tuna in our area? How much do Bluefin tuna cost? 
A standard tuna steak is usually $3.99 to $11.99 per pound, depending on where you’re buying it from and the size of the piece. A 3-ounce serving size would cost close to $16 on average.”
The standard size for a bluefin tuna steak is as follows:

“Steaks: 3/4 to 1-inch thick, 12 to 16 inches long, and 4 to 6 inches wide. Sushi and sashimi cuts are smaller: 1/4 to 1/2-inch thick, 6 to 8 inches long, and 2 to 3 inches wide.”
To purchase this fish in our local area, you’ll pay between $9.50 and $35 per pound (or somewhere between $10-$13 per steak). As of mid-2012, the going market rate for a 750g chunk of sushi-grade tuna was just under $30 delivered.

“To order a 7-ounce steak: $9.50 to $34 depending on the cut and quality; a 4-ounce sushi/sashimi cut: $10 to $30.”
According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, from January 1 through June 15, 2011, 100% of U.S. Bluefin Tuna sold as albacore was imported from Mexico and other parts of the world (Source). In July 2014, 96% of US domestic Bluefin Tuna was imported from Mexico, Canada, and Argentina (Source). Only 4% or less is domestically caught or produced in the United States.

Should You Eat It or You Shouldn’t

Commercial fishermen have been targeting Bluefin Tuna since the 1950s. Overfishing has led to a drastic decline in the number of giant fish.  As a result of overfishing, Bluefin Tuna numbers have decreased alarmingly since the 1950s.

As of now, there are few Tuna left; if such things happen, again and again, they will vanish from our Earth very soon. 
It would be only a few decades before the Bluefin would be declared a critically endangered species

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This is one of the reasons that the price per pound of tuna is so high. A major reason behind the staggering price per pound is the fact that.   NBC reported in 2019 that the population of wild Bluefin Tuna had been drastically reduced. 

Bluefin Tuna
Bluefin Tuna

As of 2009, most of the Bluefin Tuna has been eradicated from the oceans. The oceans were thought to contain 96 percent fewer Bluefin Tuna than before the fish was commercially fished. While it is a sad truth, as an item increases in rarity, its price and demand will also increase. 

There is no doubt that the number of Bluefin Tuna in the oceans has greatly diminished since pre-industrial times. This is compared to the level at which the bluefin was fished for commercial purposes. It’s a sad fact, but the price of an item increases with its rarity.

The Bluefin tuna is an ocean delicacy that is highly sought after by many, and Bluefin is no exception to that fact.  Fish sashimi and sushi are served most commonly in Japan, considered prestigious fish.  Bluefin tuna is also the most expensive fish globally in this Asian nation. Japan has long been the epicenter for Bluefin Tuna fish consumption.

The Japanese consume many ocean-based foods, but Bluefin Tuna is one of their most coveted products. Although Bluefin is caught mainly in the Atlantic and Mediterranean, Japan’s most expensive varieties are sold.  Japanese cuisine is largely based on ocean-based foods, but Bluefin Tuna is one of their most highly-prized products. The most expensive variations of this fish are found in Japan. 

A single Bluefin Tuna fish was sold for an incredible amount of $3 million in Tokyo, Japan, in 2019. That was the first time an auction had been held specifically to sell bluefin tuna. There was a fish that weighed about 600 pounds, which is about the same as a Grizzly Bear in weight. The auction took place in the famous fish market in Tokyo. Not only was it a record price for this fish, but it served as a great example of how rare and precious these creatures are nowadays. 

Bluefin Tuna Price and Demand Around The World

The bluefin tuna is a magnificent creature, and they’re a critical link in our oceanic food chain. Unfortunately, the demand for this fish has skyrocketed in recent years and now threatens the existence of these great creatures around the world.

The fact that The Japanese don’t just consume bluefin Tuna. You can find it in seafood restaurants throughout the world, particularly in the United States. There are fisheries located up and down America’s east coast and deep within the Gulf of Mexico that catches the fish. It is a fact that the price of Bluefin Tuna is very high and expensive everywhere, and it is highly sought after in every single major city in the world.

Bluefin Tuna Price
Bluefin Tuna Price

There are swordboat fishermen who are particularly fond of Bluefin Tuna. Even though the fish caught in these regions is not as valuable as the Japanese Bluefin, it is still a valuable catch. Records indicate that the Atlantic Bluefin can reach a weight of 2,000 pounds and a length of thirteen feet.  

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The Gulf of Mexico has suffered the same fate as many other parts of the world due to overfishing. As a result, the population of Bluefin Tuna declined rapidly, and rigid regulations were imposed. Otherwise, there is no way to stop unscientific fishing and kill these valuable fish populations.   Despite this, in 2019, the fish population was still declining.

Many places across the country sell Bluefin Tuna, even though it is considered critical. The greed of human beings is so high that due to the high price of Bluefin Tuna, they never stop fishing this endangered fish. 

  According to reports, the fish is valued primarily for its meat, which is fat-distributed throughout. With its tender consistency and succulent taste, it is the perfect ingredient to use in various sushi and sashimi dishes.  Across the United States and Canada, many online fisheries sell Bluefin steaks

In July 2014, the price tag for a bluefin tuna caught off the coast of California was $162,000. 

Originally quoted to be about $143,000 in May 2014, this cost has risen more than 200% in just six months. The price tags for other fish species have also skyrocketed, such as swordfish, which went from $54 in May 2014 to $154 by January 2015. 

The rising cost has sparked protests and a call for reform from fishers worldwide, with most pointing toward overfishing as the cause of these increased prices. However, some believe that increasing global demand is pushing up costs instead of overfishing pushing them down.

Japanese Sushinomics

Sushinomics is common in the fishing industry and has become a common term in the fishing industry over the last few decades.  To be very honest, this term is now used to describe the ebb and flow of the fresh fish market.

For example, the high cost of Bluefin Tuna can partly be explained by Sushinomics. It is a rare fish, so it is worth more than the average fish. As time passes and the fish numbers diminish, the price increases exponentially. This is, on one side, good for fishermen, and on the other hand, it’s very bad for these poor creatures. Because their numbers are diminished day by day, their populations are decreased by overfishing. 

Since the late 20th century, sushi has gained worldwide popularity. The main reason for many fish caught worldwide, such as salmon and tuna. In addition, the Bluefin Tuna is also farmed like much other fish nowadays. This is one kind of good news coming; it will help protect their populations and aid them to grow faster.  

Bluefin Tuna Cost
Bluefin Tuna Cost

Although it’s a mass production method instead of a natural one, it’s a popular way to lessen the impact on the species, and directly indirectly, it will help them survive.   Dedicated conservation efforts in the future will likely revive bluefin tuna populations.  It will be interesting to see what impact this might have on the market and its price value. At least Bluefin Tune price be maintained, and un-scientific capturing shall be banned to save this beautiful golden creature. 

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Some Frequently Asked Questions/Facts About Bluefin Tuna

Bluefin tuna price per kg in India

According to Big basket and India Mart, Bluefin Tuna’s price ranges from Rs. 150/kg to Rs. 320/Kg

Big Basket: A Tuna is a Salt Water Fin Fish that belongs to the tribe Thunnini, a sub-grouping of the Mackerel family. Tuna is widely regarded as a delicacy in most areas. When served as a steak, the Meat of most species is known for its thickness and somewhat tough texture.

Indiamart: The best source of nutrition, this Tuna Fish is offered in the market in perfect packing to keep away from damage by bacteria and fungus. Moreover, these products are offered in the market in bulk quantity to meet the exact requirement of patrons. Besides, offered fish is

Bluefin tuna price in India

 As discussed among the two biggest brands, Big basket, and Indiamart, Bluefin Tuna Cost around Rs.150/kg to Rs.320/kg.  Yellow Tuna costs around Rs.250/kg in Kolkata’s Fishmarket. You can check and cross-verify before buying. 

Why is bluefin tuna so expensive?

It’s a good payday for the fishermen when they encounter a large, heavy bluefin tuna. The reason it’s so expensive is not only that it’s large, but it’s also that it’s incredibly rare to find a bluefin tuna that large. The larger the bluefin tuna is, the more expensive it will be.

Bluefin tuna price per pound 2022

At a fine fish market, the price for fresh, top-quality bluefin can range anywhere from $20 to $40 per pound. It costs about $200 a pound in Japan for the same cuts. However, the sashimi from the belly of the tuna can cost $150 per pound if it is fatty and top-quality.

Bluefin tuna market price 2021/ Bluefin Tuna prices 2021 

To get a full picture of how cheap this tuna went for, compare these winning bids:

2019: 333.6 million yen ($3.1 million)
2020: 193.2 million yen ($1.75 million)
2021: 20.8 million yen ($202,600)

How much does a Bluefin Tuna weigh

Average Bluefin Tuna Weight up to 220 – 250 kg. Due to Overfishing and unscientific killing, the population of this oceanic creature is diminishing day by day. Heavy Gaint fish is rare to catch. But Sometimes news comes more than 1000 pounds of Bluefin Tuna have been caught. So exact weight can’t be said. If the old tune is there, they can be giant, and their weight can be more than 600 pounds. 

How much does a bluefin tuna weigh
How much does a bluefin tuna weigh

How much is a 1,000-pound Bluefin Tuna worth

Businessinsider reported that the average price of bluefin tuna in Japan was around $10,000 per fish. Even for a fish weighing more than 1,000 pounds, that’s a lot of fish. The price for Kimura’s New Year’s delicacy was $1,238 per pound.

Bluefin Tuna Price Per Pound
Bluefin Tuna Price Per Pound

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