Bluefin Tuna Size: How Big are they?

Bluefin Tuna Size How Big they are

The bluefin tuna is considered to be one of the world’s most expensive fish, but to what size can it grow? How Big are they?

The Bluefin Tunas weigh around two thousand pounds and have a length of about fifteen feet. It is possible for the bluefin tuna to grow to enormous sizes. Nonetheless, Bluefin tuna has an average length of five feet and a weight of about 150 pounds.

Discover the history of the Bluefin tuna and some of the biggest examples from throughout history by reading on. We take a look at the largest examples of Bluefin tuna throughout history and find out why they are so impressive. So without wasting time let’s jump into the topics.  

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How Big Bluefin Tuna Can Be: Torpedo Like Structure Makes them Unique

All Bluefin species make up some of the largest types of tuna on the planet. The Bluefin is among the largest tuna species on earth. Throughout history, they have been highly prized for their massive size and large catch. 

The largest Bluefin tunas can grow to be as large as fifteen feet and weigh as much as two thousand pounds. Because of their torpedo-like builds, they can cut through the ocean with ease, traveling hundreds or thousands of miles. Their special body structure makes them one of the fastest swimmers in oceanic creatures. It also helps them to grow an enormous amount due to their athletic type body and good vibrant health. 

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Bluefin Tuna Size How Big they are
Bluefin Tuna Size How Big they are

The top figures are simply estimates, but over the years there have been some real-world examples of enormous Bluefin tuna. However, the record for the biggest bluefin has been held by one fisherman for more than four decades.

The epic Atlantic Bluefin of 1979 was caught in the Bay of Fundy by Ken Fraser. Several species of fish breed in these extremely fertile spawning grounds, which are regularly producing record-breaking specimens.

World Largest Catch Bluefin Tuna

Ken Fraser’s Bluefin, on the other hand, weighed 1,496 pounds and was twice as long as he was. Physically catching the fish would have been difficult, but he claims it took him just 45 minutes to board. He claimed it took him just 45 minutes to bring the fish aboard despite the fact that physically catching it would have been a struggle. Believe it or not but is a fact he has held record-breaking catches in 1970.

One fish can be caught in this amount of time, but it has been known to take even longer. In 1996, a French fisherman caught a Bluefin tuna in Portugal that took eight hours to catch

Bluefin tuna can often take up to two hours to catch, so this is the longest example recorded of how long it can take to catch one. It usually takes specialized equipment and a team to bring in the largest Bluefins, since they’re strong swimmers with a lot of power.

Despite the fact that the average size of a Bluefin tuna is around five feet in length, it weighs about one hundred fifty pounds. Inexperienced fishermen will still have a tough time with that, however. 

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Bluefin Tuna Over Fishing for High Value

In the world’s regulatory bodies, all Bluefin tuna are considered endangered because of overfishing and massive popularity. Both commercially and recreationally, they are subject to countless regulations in every country.

Canada, for example, strictly enforces catch-and-release rules when fishing for bluefin tuna. Bluefin tuna conservation is becoming more and more serious in many countries as time passes. It’s necessary and a requirement for time being. At least for late bringing it also aid to increase and conserve these creatures family. Bluefin Tuna was extinguished day by day due to overfishing killing. If this happens then it would be very bad and in near future, this highly valuable fish would vanish from mother earth. 

Big Sized Bluefin Tuna Delicious and High Demand in Market

A bluefin Tuna is reported to be an incredibly luxurious fish that’s delicious. Especially in countries like Japan, where it is consumed in large quantities, it’s usually served raw as sashimi.

Although some attempts have been made to farm Bluefin tuna, this has never been as successful as wild-caught fish. Tart and fatty, the meat of a wild Bluefin is said to have an exceptional consistency and taste.

Interestingly enough, Wagyu has a similar quality, making it one of the finest meats in the world. Taking its name from the Japanese Cattle, this meat has an amazing marbling of fat that offers a ‘melt-in-your-mouth’ texture.

Bluefin tuna has a substantial value in the global market, often worth as much as two hundred dollars per pound. A pound of chicken can be purchased for around forty dollars, which still isn’t cheap.

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Japanse Sushi: Bluefin Tuna Records Selling $3 million

Tokyo, Japan, has a different history,  especially in the history books. A Bluefin tuna selling for three million dollars were auctioned in a Tokyo fish market in 2019.

Kiyoshi Kimura, the ‘Tuna King‘, had to buy this fish, which weighed over six hundred pounds. Sushi Zanmai is a chain of sushi restaurants he owns in Japan, and he outbid the competition by a long shot.

Fish of that value would have been worth about five thousand dollars per pound, well above the market value. However, he is reported to have said, “The tuna looks so fresh and tasty,” so what’s the point?

Bottom Line About Bluefin Tuna Size: How Big are they?

Bluefin tuna is one of the largest predatory fish in the world. They can grow to well over 600 pounds, which is about as big as a car! In fact, even bigger than most cars.

In comparison to other marine creatures, bluefin tuna are huge! For example, other predators like sharks and orcas only reach around 150 pounds on average. One bluefin tuna might be pure muscle at 650 lbs! Of course, they would have to eat constantly because they’re so big and their food source is limited.

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