How to see others’ liked videos on TikTok


How to see others’ liked videos on TikTok? This is the big question now hitting all over the search engine, especially on Google.  It’s more fun kept in its if you can check out other’s liked videos on TikTok to see what they are into.  If you can see that data, you can find out those content and enjoy it, which makes it more fun, and if you are a TikTok content creator, you must beat someone by hijacking what they like most. 

But it’s not as easy as it seems to be.  Sometimes it’s very tricky, and you must work hard to check someone else’s liked video on the popular Android App or iPhone App. 


Why So? Many users already know that these are sometimes working against their interests, and someone who is clever can steal this data simply by visiting their TikTok account. That is the main reason some users removed these features from apps to prevent this identity.  Don’t worry if you want to know how to see others’ liked videos on Tiktok, and then you can follow the below step. Who knows, you can be able to crack the nut.  Sound crazy, isn’t it?

So let’s Jump Into it. 

To see others’ liked videos on TikTok, the user must do the following step. 

TikTok Who can view your liked video removed
TikTok Who can view your liked video removed

  • Open the TikTok App and go and select the “Me” tab.
  • While going to the gear tab, choose the Three dot icon, which you may find in the top-right corner of your phone app. 
  • Now click on the Privacy Button.
  • Now you need to Choose “Who can view your liked videos.”
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Did the TikTok “Who can view your Liked videos” feature be removed?

Recently creating a new account has faced these issues, the “Who can view your liked videos” option is not working, and these great features have vanished on their dashboard.  

Why So?

Tik Tok Recently tightened its privacy policies.

Recently India Banned TikTok and other apps. After losing millions of users and being kicked off from India, Tiktok started focusing on more privacy policies and tightening its privacy policies even more vital than ever before.  The even US has also taken decisive action against these Musically apps.  

It seems that the TikTok Short video platform increases several privacy policies on the board; after disabling this option to the new account creator it’s a clear message has been circulated that various other policies are about to roll out shortly. 


Can it Be possible For New Users “how to see others liked videos on TikTok?”

If this option once has been disabled, “who can view your liked video” to “Friends” or to “Everyone,” We are sorry to say that this will not be enabled further.  Unfortunately, there is no option; using that, you can allow it to. You are going to witness lots of significant changes that will go to be rolled out shortly.

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What are the others option still available?

TikTok recently suspended and removed who can view your liked video option from their apps. New users who have just created a Tiktok account and someone who already has an account but cannot check who can view your liked video option could not further enable it. 

Don’t worry; we have some good news for you guys. 
Tiktok has still not touched on some useful popular options like  “Who can Stitch with your videos,”  “Who can Duet with your videos,”  and “who can comment on your videos” still live access to all their users. 

Let’s wait for Tiktok; hopefully, they will officially release a statement to clear the whole thing.  Why are there some important and useful settings still a mission? Without their official statement, it would not be possible to detect the exact reason why this option is withdrawn from this platform or missing?  Is it due to some policy tightening condition, or are they just fixing a bug? If the latter happens, it will come back soon, hopefully, but the chance of the 1st one can’ be ignored. 

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