Jason Statham Diet and Workout Secret 2023

Jason Statham Diet and Workout Secret

Jason Statham Diet and Workout: Jason Statham is one of this generation’s best English action heroes. Some people also say that he is the last action hero. On the big screen, Jason appeared as a hitman, a con man, a transporter, a veteran, a tough guy, etc. He is recognized for playing the character in action films. He is known for his on-stage combat and stunts, unlike most actors in the Hollywood industry. He is one of the top-paid actors in the world. Jason Statham’s Net worth will shock you.

Jason is a multitalented personality. In addition to acting, he is an avid football player, learning Chinese martial arts, and a British national diving team member. After participation in the 1990 Commonwealth Games, he started getting offers from advertising campaigns from big brands such as Levis, Tommy Hilfiger, etc.

Having an active and fit body to do such work is very important. Jason Statham takes care of a proper diet and regular workouts to keep his body fit and strong. In this article, we are going to give you complete information related to the Diet and Workout of Jason Statham.

Therefore, you are requested to read the article from beginning to end to get complete information.

Jason Statham Diet and Workout Overview

As far as his diet and workout plan are concerned, it isn’t a set of guidelines but a collection of them. He does not adhere to a strict self-discipline regime. Meanwhile, the English action hero Jason is a dedicated beast who pushes himself six days a week and follows his regimen throughout the week.

You may watch the video to know how passionate Jason Statham is about his fitness.

Credits: YouTube | TrainToTransform!

It is worth noting that Jason has been taught to handle almost everything with a certain attitude, including bottle caps, due to his training. This guy has the real deal with Hollywood bruises, don’t get it twisted.

Jason Statham Workout Secret

At first, Jason Statham’s workout was kept a secret. The article listed only a few steps from Jason’s entire process after he revealed his whole process. He insisted on revealing his entire workout. You first need to examine your attitude; Jason Statham says, “I’m a firm believer in attitude; some people don’t have that desire and need a boost.”

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You’re here to train, so let’s do that. You are like a piece of dynamite when it comes to your body. It will never explode, even if you tap it with a pencil all day. Once you hit it with a hammer, bang!”

Get serious, do 40 minutes of hard work, not an hour or a half. There is so much more satisfaction in it.” It’s obvious this guy doesn’t play around.

The following article explains how you can get a ripped body like Jason Statham. Here are photos of Jason Statham’s entire exercise program and diet schedule.

Jason Statham Height, Weight, and Physical Stats

Jason stands at a decent height of 5 feet 10 inches and weighs 170 pounds. He has brown hair and brown eyes. 

Jason Statham Height5 feet 10 inches
Jason Statham Weight170 pounds
Body TypeAthletic Body
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown
Chest Size45 inches
Waist Size35 inches
Biceps Size15 inches
Shoe Size10 US
Jason Statham Height, Weight, and Physical Stats

Jason Statham Workout Plan and Routine

When he works out, Jason changes up his routine every time. He prepares his workouts carefully, so he doesn’t get bored doing the same thing repeatedly. His goal is to remain athletic, fast and regime. The first few minutes of Jason’s workout are usually spent warming up, but then he moves on to his exercises.

Statham visits the gym six days a week, where his fitness schedule is constantly modified. His workout schedules are packed with high-intensity workouts that hold the heart rate up while burning fat and toning muscles.

Jason Statham Workout Routine
Jason Statham Workout Routine

Fitness philosophy uses a complex alternative approach to explosive movements. One thing Jason likes most is a workout using his body weight.

Here is the complete workout breakdown routine for Jason:

Monday Workout Routine: Monday workout on pyramid circuit. In this routine, Jason Statham does seven exercises.

  • On a rowing machine,
  • row for 10 minutes at a pace of 20 strokes per minute and push-ups,
  • pull-ups with rigs,
  • squats with just your body weight,
  • deadlifts with stiff legs with the arm rising and the legs hanging,
  • and 10 minutes of freestyle aerial practice on a gymnastic trampoline to cool off, etc.
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Jason Statham keeps his attention on his neck and chest.

Tuesday Workout Routine: Jason Statham’s Shoulder and Chest Routine. 

  • After warming up, row for 10 minutes at a speed of 20 strokes per minute,
  • Chest press on a flat bench, shoulder press practice for soldiers,
  • Chest flies with dumbbells and press stands on triceps, and dip bars keep an I-sit spot, farmers hold a kettlebell in their hands,
  • Squat with the weight of their bodies, and
  • Cool off on a gymnastic trampoline for 10 minutes.

Wednesday Workout Routine: Interval of exercise, including rowing and boxing.

He does a lot of bodyweight exercises on that day, including front squats with weight, decline push-ups, pull-ups, and power clean-ups using a barbell.

Thursday Workout Routine: Drills and push-ups for both the lower body.

He exercises his lower body on the fourth day of the week. On this day, he must perform six different activities.

  • Squats with only 20 reps,
  • Front squats with 175 pounds,
  • Deadlifts with stiff legs,
  • Abs crunches in reverse and 200 push-ups to calm down.

Friday Workout Routine: Cumulative Workout Plan

On the fifth day of a week, Jason hits a cumulative workout schedule in which he does 5 to 10 reps for every exercise,

  • Warming up rope climbs,
  • Bear crawls 20 yards,
  • Crab walks of 20 yards,
  • Back squat with 120 yards,
  • Medicine ball slams five reps,
  • Rope pullouts five reps, 
  • Flat bank press ten reps,
  • Drop up 15 raps,

Saturday Workout Routine: Contextual Workout Sessions

On Saturday, Statham went out for more than an hour of trail running. On this day, he doesn’t do any additional exercises or workouts.

Sunday Workout Routine: Rest Day

We know that rest is one of the most important aspects of a workout so the body can recover. 

It’s time to dig deeper into Jason’s diet plan now that we have reviewed his exercise routine.

Jason Statham Diet Plan and Routine

In order to get a lean muscle mass, Jason eats nutritious food, including nuts, beans, fish, and chicken, but it doesn’t stop him from enjoying sweets.

Jason Statham Diet and Workout Secret
Jason Statham Diet and Workout Secret

It’s no secret that Jason isn’t afraid to eat starchy and sugary foods during his day, so let’s take a look at his diet and the supplements he uses daily to perform well in his workouts.

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Breakfast Diet Plan: For breakfast, Jason takes fresh fruits such as Pineapple, Blue Berries, Strawberries, and Apple. During winter months, he takes Oats and Poached Eggs.

Lunch Diet Plan: Jason Statham takes Brown rice with steamed vegetables and soup during lunchtime.

Dinner Diet Plan: Jason eats chicken, vegetables, and fish from 7 pm to 8 pm. He also takes peanut butter snacks and high-protein snacks between meals.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many hours does Jason Statham workout?

Jason workouts one and a half to two hours from Monday to Friday. The only thing he does on Saturday is run. He doesn’t exercise or workout on Saturday. On Sunday, Jason takes complete rest, just like other bodybuilders.

How does Jason Statham stay fit?

Jason’s proper workout and diet help him to stay fit and lean muscles. He follows a proper routine for his workout and diet.

Jason Statham’s Workout Routine:

  • 1st Day Routine | Monday Routine: Workout on pyramid circuit
  • 2nd Day Routine | Tuesday Routine: Shoulder and Chest Workout
  • 3rd Day Routine | Wednesday Routine: Interval of exercise, including rowing and boxing.
  • 4th Day Routine | Thursday Routine: Drills and push-ups for the lower body.
  • 5th Day Routine | Friday Routine: Cumulative Workout Plan
  • 6th Day Routine | Saturday Routine: Contextual Workout Sessions
  • 7th Day Routine | Sunday Routine: Rest

Jason Statham’s Diet Routine:

  • Breakfast Diet Plan: Fresh Fruits and Vegetables. In winter, Oats and Poached Eggs.
  • Lunch Diet Plan: Rice, Soups, and Steamed Vegetables.
  • Dinner Diet Plan: Chicken, Fish, and vegetable salad.
How heavy is Jason Statham?

Jason Statham’s weight is around 170 pounds.

How big is Jason Statham?

Jason Statham’s height is approximately 5 feet 10 inches.

Final Thoughts:

The workout and diet regimen of Jason Statham is both mental and physical. If he trains with compound exercises for several years and pays attention to his nutrition, he’s halfway to a chiselled body. Time will determine what the outcome will be. Are you up to the challenge of getting this tough guy’s physique? Feel free to comment in the comment section below to suggest a workout inspired by a celebrity.

Thanks for reading this article. If you want to know what celebrities do to stay in shape, make sure that you click the bell icon to get updates immediately.

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