Positive Affirmations For Letting Go!

Affirmations For Letting Go

Positive Affirmations for letting go are potent tools for leaving harmful behavior behind. You can quickly bring about the change you’ve been wanting by using these affirmations, no matter what you want to change: bad habits, unhealthy relationships, or toxic thinking patterns.

You can use affirmations for letting go by posting them as sticky notes in some parts of your home. In the future, when you are faced with temptation or self-doubt, remind yourself that you are worthy of happiness and success! By reading this article, you can learn more about how affirmations can help you let go.

Positive Affirmations For Letting Go

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Did you ever experience a struggle so tense and so full of anxiety you couldn’t let go? Have you ever felt drowned in your emotions or sadness? If your answer is yes, this post is for you, and you are at the right place.

Affirmations For Letting Go
Affirmations For Letting Go

Here are 57 positive affirmations that might help you let go of certain things in your life:

  1. I intend to let go of everything that no longer serves the greatest good of my life.

  2. I am free to do what makes me happy.

  3. It is time for me to let go of self-doubt and welcome trust.

  4. Rather than trying to control life, I surrender to its flow because it is safe for me to do so.

  5. My expectations of myself and others are released.

  6. Whenever I let go, I can experience joy.

  7. My inner being harmonizes with my outer being, allowing me to let go of struggles and burdens quickly.

  8. My ability to let go gets better and better every day.

  9. It’s okay to let go when I am ready.

  10. My old self and bad habits are gone.

  11. It feels good to let go of something useless to me.

  12. Letting go is hard, but it makes space for something better.

  13. It is time to let go of my desire for control.

  14. My focus is on the process, not the result.

  15. It is okay for me to change.

  16. It is time for me to surrender my fear of uncertainty.

  17. Everything will be fine, I believe.

  18. My growth and transformation are facilitated by everything that happens.

  19. I let go of all my negative emotions and thoughts.

  20. I feel a deep need to forgive myself.

  21. I forgive myself for everything I have done in the past.

  22. No regrets are attached to my past.

  23. No matter what happens, I will be strong enough to handle it.

  24. The old emotional pain in my heart and mind is released.

  25. The events of my life have left me at peace.

  26. My current self is one that I am happy with.

  27. No matter what holds me back, I will let it go.

  28. Let go of everything that doesn’t serve me, even people, places, things, and memories.

  1. All those things that I didn’t need have been discarded.

  2. My life and happiness are my responsibility.

  3. My past won’t be able to affect my future.

  4. I don’t bother about the past.

  5. My life is filled with healthy relationships where I feel accepted, understood, and loved.

  6. I deserve love, compassion, and respect from myself and others.

  7. I can let go of things that are not useful for my life.

  8. It’s okay if I don’t carry all this weight.

  9. My life is now free from all negativity.

  10. My willingness to let go of my old thoughts allows me to see new possibilities.

  11. By letting go of something that no longer serves us or brings us joy, we can live in the present moment and enjoy it fully.

  12. The situation is being experienced without judgment on my part.

  13. I can make positive changes in my life every day.

  14. Forgiveness and resentment are both inhaled and exhaled.

  15. I can control my emotions with my thoughts.

  16. I won’t compare myself to others and go at my own pace.

  17. I embrace change courageously.

  18. By letting go of the past, I can embrace the future potential.

  19. Instead of focusing on what went wrong, I focus on what went right today.

  20. In the long run, it’s okay if things aren’t perfect.

  21. I believe all imperfect things will be removed one day.

  22. What I think is what I experience.

  23. Learning from my past and moving forward with love are the strategies I use to move forward.

  24. My life lessons have taught me a lot.

  25. Allowing myself to be happy is something I deserve.

  26. Holding on to what was done is pointless.

  27. My ability to let go is improving every day.

  28. I quickly let go of things that no longer serve me.

  29. After letting go of the past, I am freed from painful experiences.

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It is important to remember that there are no bad things in this world. There are changes for the better. Using these affirmations, you can let go of negative thoughts and emotions and move forward. 

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