Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis: Bio, Wiki, Work, Wives, Children | 2022

Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis are R & B and pop record producers and songwriters from the United States. They’ve had a lot of success with numerous performers, most notably Janet Jackson, since the 1980s.

The duo has written 31 top-10 songs in the United Kingdom and 41 in the United States. In 2021, Jimmy and Terry reunited with Mariah Carey and released a new single.

The two legends will again appear in 2022 at Urban One Honors, presented by T-Mobile. Both great performers are eager to be recognized at the Urban One Honors. According to Billboard’s reportJimmy Jam and Terry Lewis have to be honored with other notable celebrities like Jennifer Hudson.

Jimmy and Terry will receive a Lifetime Achievement award on stage. They are both fortunate to have each other. The combination of their talents always captivates an audience.

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Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis: Who Are They? 

Terry Lewis and Jimmy Jam are pop songwriters and producers who formed the R&B production team. 

They are still energetic, and their music and lyrics fill you with energy. Jam and Lewis are friends from their school days and set a great example of true friendship.

During a TRIO Upward Bound Program, these two celebrities first met on the Minnesota campus. They later formed a team and a production team.

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They launched Perspective Records in 1991, an A&M Records distribution label that has subsequently been shuttered and resurrected.

Later that year, Jam & Lewis’ newly formed label found success with Sounds of Blackness, a Minneapolis-based R & B ensemble of performers.

“Optimistic,” their first hit, was a pioneering anthem emphasizing optimism and encouragement. The song became a summer and fall anthem, propelling Jimmy & Terry’s new boutique label to the charts.

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What happened to Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis?

Dina Andrews, a music executive of Dick Griffey’s SOLAR Records, introduced Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis to record producer Leon Sylvers III back in 1982. Dina was asked to manage the two, and she introduced Jam and Lewis to Music Executive Clarence Avant through her relationships.

They created their first Avant Masters for the S.O.S. Band.

In addition to incorporating Flyte Tyme Productions, Andrews marketed Jam and Lewis’ company to her record company colleagues. 

The producers went on to create numerous additional Avant masters for the S.O.S. Band, Cherrelle, and Change under the direction of Dina Andrews Management and Alexander O’Neal. 

Dina also pitched the partnership to many executives and musicians who employed their services, including Cheryl Lynn, Janet Jackson, and Klymaxx.

A sacked Jam and Lewis from a tour when a snowfall prevented them from rejoining during a brief pause to create songs for the S.O.S. Band. 

A track they produced, “Just Be Good to Me,” became a hit and solidified the duo’s reputation as well as the S.O.S. Bands.

Under Original 7ven, the duo rejoined the “Time” for 1990’s Pandemonium and the 2011 album Condensate.

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Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis Wiki, Bio, Family Background

Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis belong to different families. When it comes to Jam, he was born on June 6, 1959, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Terry Lewis was born on November 24, 1956, in Omaha, Nebraska, at almost the same time.

Jimmy revealed his family members on his verified Instagram account, @flyteymejan. He also adores his lovely wife, Lisa Jam, and their three children, Max, Tyler, and Bella B. Also, read about Who is Jimmy Jam Dating Now?

Jimmy Jam’s father, Cornbread Harris, was also a famous musician and pianist.

The strongest bonds are formed inside the family. Jimmy’s wife is passionate about interior design, travel, fashion, cooking, and family.

On the other hand, Lewis has a verified Instagram account, @flytetymelewis. Terry Lewis married Karyn White, an R & B singer, and they had a daughter, Ashley Nicole Lewis. Since then, the couple has divorced. He subsequently married Indira Singh, with whom he had two children.

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What is Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis’s net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth’s report, Jimmy Jam’s net worth is $50 million (approx), and Terry Lewis’ net worth is $50 million (approx). Therefore, Jam and Lewis’s combined net worth is approximately $100 million as of 2022.

The legends have spent 35 years working together on their first album, “Jam & Lewis Vol.,” which features their buddies. They are Oscar nominees and Grammy Award winners and have achieved many awards together. These music producers became friends and stayed together for so long because they believed in one another.

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