Lauren Boebert’s Son Tyler Faces Legal Consequences

Lauren Boebert's Son Tyler Faces Legal Consequences

American politician, Lauren Boebert has confessed that she is mentally sick and heartbroken over her teen son, Tyler, who got arrested.

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Tyler stands accused of participating in credit card thefts and car breaks in his mother’s home.

The eighteen-year-old teen, Tyler, appeared in court on February 28, 2024, from jail. The court released him and ordered him to return in April 2024.

At this young age, he is facing so many felony charges. Such things made her mother very upset and heartbroken.

The Rifle Police Department said in a social media post that Tyler Boebert has 22 charges including four felony charges.

Lauren stated that her son should also be held accountable, just like other individuals who make poor decisions. She said that she loves her son very much, who is facing big trouble right now. It breaks her heart to see her child struggling like this. She said, ” This is the time to build my son’s career especially when he has been given so many opportunities.

Lauren Boebert's Son Tyler Faces Legal Consequences
Lauren Boebert’s Son Tyler Faces Legal Consequences

In court, the police stated that Tyler was first identified in a surveillance video while conducting an operation to investigate a string of car break-ins.

Tayler stands accused of using stolen credit cards to make payments online and at petrol pumps. Due to these incidents, Tayler’s family made headlines many times in the past few days.

Before this incident, Lauren’s ex-husband Jayson Boebert arrested in January 2024. He faced charges for engaging in an altercation with Lauren’s other son.

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Lauren Boebert is a political woman, such things could affect her political career deeply.

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