Ear Care Tips: What are the risks of water entering an ear while bathing?

How to take care of your ears: Danger of water entering your ear during bathing? If you do, you will get relief. Can water enter the ear during bathing causing damage to the ear?

It is impossible to rule out infection if water enters the ear. Learn what to do if water gets into your ears. There is a possibility of infection if water enters the ear.

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With a bit of carelessness, anyone can get water in their ear while bathing. Children, in particular, are susceptible to this problem. Getting a little water in one’s ear is not difficult. However, if a lot of water enters, it causes discomfort all day. No matter how hard you try, you cannot remove the water. The ear is painful when the ear is closed, and the possibility of infection cannot be ruled out if there is too much water in the ear.

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Learn how to get relief when water gets in the ear.

It would help if you tilted your head in the direction of the ear where the water had entered. Next, you need to press your palm over the ear. When you are done, remove the hand. Upon removing the hand, you will notice there some water comes out from the Ear.  Repeat as many times as needed.

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Do this several times.

Inhale deeply and close your nose. During this time, try to breathe with your nose closed. It is not necessary to force yourself too hard, and you usually do it in a way that you breathe normally. You will hear sounds in your ears. Once the water is gone and the ear has healed, you will realize the water has been drained.

Use Chew Gum

Chew gum. When chewing gum, water runs out of the ears due to the movement of the teeth, gums, and muscles surrounding the ears while chewing. This opens closed ears.
Try to fall asleep with a pillow that has water in it pressed against the ear. You will realize that the problem has been solved once you wake up in the morning.

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Consults your Dr. If still, Your problems persist

It is also possible to use a hairdryer in this case. If you blow hot air into your ears, you can get relief. In any case, a doctor needs to be consulted if problems persist. The use of marketed ear drops should be avoided. Follow the doctor’s instructions and use the medicine and drops he recommended.

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