61 Inspiring Yoga Affirmations to Sustain a Positive Mindset.

61 Inspiring Yoga Affirmations to Sustain a Positive Mindset

Yoga is a modern form of exercise that has its roots in more than 5000 years of Indian texts and culture, which continues to gain popularity in the United States. According to some sources, 36 million Americans are practicing yoga nowadays.

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Yoga offers many health benefits, so combine them with daily affirmations to maximize effectiveness!

Below are 61 inspiring yoga affirmations to get you started:

Daily Yoga Affirmations

A lot of people think that yoga is just a physical practice. And while it does promote health and fitness, yoga has numerous mental benefits too. Repeating one self-affirmation or mantra throughout the day can change how we feel about our lives and ourselves. Just think about the benefits you might receive from doing a little daily yoga.

Why not incorporate powerful daily affirmations into your yoga routine if you already practice yoga regularly? Here is the list of 15 daily yoga affirmations:

1. I wake up every day quickly.

2. I stretch.

3. I practice pranayama.

4. I open my eyes and smile at everything I see in front of me.

5. I am devoted to cultivating deeper awareness, clarity, and focus through yoga asanas, pranayama, chanting, and meditation.

6. I let go of my ego and practice yoga to serve the spirit of humanity.

7. I let go of my fear.

8. I surrender to the divine.

9. It is peaceful for me and the world around me.

10. My body opens up, letting energy flow freely throughout my being, releasing the tension, stress, and negativity from every cell in my body into the universe for transmutation by higher light frequency vibrations into something positive, sacred, and wonderful for all beings everywhere.

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11. I am making count today.

12. I create a safe place to work with the divine.

13. I am strong, beautiful, and powerful today.

14. My practice is my meditation, my prayer, and my yoga asanas are sacred extensions of this inner exercise that I do daily to bring me closer to myself and those around me through practicing self-love and expressing the highest vibration of love toward all beings everywhere.

15. I allot each day to doing my best, investing in myself first and last, knowing when to be happy, giddy with joy, or deeply sad – because ultimately, we all have our role to play as part of the universal divine scheme through which we are all evolving together as one consciousness.

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Morning Yoga Affirmations

It’s the first fifteen minutes of your day, and you’ve already been training all night long. No need to snooze; wake up strong by bringing your morning postures into your daily life.

Here are 15 Morning Yoga Affirmations to Power Your Day:

1. I wake up early in the morning.

2. I wake up with a new day’s attitude.

3. I appreciate my natural morning smells and beauty.

4. My morning breath is not important today.

5. My skin is glowing and healthy, my hair is shiny and strong, and my eyes are sparkling with light.

6. The sun and the moon help me to wake up.

7. I open my eyes and see a new day before me.

8. I’m ready to take on the day, whatever it brings.

9. My body is rested; I am energized and ready to go!

10. My health is my greatest asset; I nourish it daily to remain strong and vibrant on this life journey.

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11. The sun brings out the best in me and helps me to shine brightly through this day.

12. The more you practice yoga, the stronger you get.

13. Every movement begins with a specific intention, breath, and focus.

14. Yoga is a practice for self-awareness and manifesting our dreams through actionable steps that take us in that direction daily.

15. I am grateful to have a clean and healthy body, mind, and spirit.

16. I breathe deeply through my nose to the back of my throat and fill up with a full breath.

Yoga practice may be a great way to improve your sleep, with certain asanas more sleep-inducing than others, and then you can get back on the mat!

You may choose any of our affirming morning yoga statements and start your day in a positive mood.

Positive Yoga Affirmations

The development of a positive attitude is scientifically proven to benefit our mental and physical health. Start practicing yoga today with one of these positive affirmations:

1. It is my choice to think positively.

2. I am in the process of achieving balance in my life.

3. I’m dedicated to a new way of living each day.

4. I move with purpose.

5. I am a warrior of the mind.

6. I choose to be beautiful.

7. I’m grateful for this moment.

8. I will win at life.

9. I am open.

10. I am limitless.

11. I love myself.

12. I am perfect in my way.

13. I am always growing.

14. I am full of love.

15. I am safe and protected.

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Positive Affirmations for Yoga Teachers

Yoga is about balance and self-love. It can be hard sometimes, but everybody struggles. So here are 15 positive affirmations for yoga teachers:

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1. My body and its abilities are sacred to me.

2. I am present in the moment.

3. I am surrounded by inspiring people.

4. I make a conscious effort to be healthy.

5. I cultivate gratitude for my life.

6. I honor my practice and learn from it.

7. I forgive myself for mistakes.

8. My body is strong, beautiful, and full of life energy!

9. I love myself more and more every day!

10. I am grateful for the life I have.

11. My yoga practice is not only about yoga; it’s a way to be balanced and healthy.

12. I am patient with myself and others.

13. I respect myself.

14. I will succeed in what I do, even if it takes me years of hard work!

15. I am alive to help and educate others regarding yoga.

The more you are aware of these positive affirmations, the more you will be able to put them into practice. Set aside 5 minutes daily to read and meditate on these inspirational affirmations for yoga teachers. Soon enough, you’ll be a happier person!

61 Inspiring Yoga Affirmations to Sustain a Positive Mindset
61 Inspiring Yoga Affirmations to Sustain a Positive Mindset

This is not about being perfect or doing everything right; it’s about being positive and self-loving. It’s important to continue receiving support from other teachers, books, and online sources, but ultimately remember that your path will be unique and one of your own making. Love yourself; it’s an important step!

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