51 Best Positive Affirmations to Help You Stay Motivated Every Day

51 Positive Affirmations to Add to Your Daily Rotation

Affirmations are actually a wonderful way to help build positive thoughts and mindset. And if you’re looking for the best positive affirmations to help your stay motivated every day.

This list covers everything from self-esteem and happiness to managing your time better, becoming more courageous, or forgiving yourself for past mistakes. You’ll find all of these topics in the list below — but be warned that not all of them will apply directly to your life! Hopefully, this list helps inspire some ideas on how you can get started with daily affirmations right away.

If you want to create an affirmation list specifically for your own needs, simply ask yourself: “What do I want to accomplish in a week or a month, or longer?” Then put your affirmation list together based on what you answer.

51 Best Positive Affirmations to Help You Stay Motivated Every Day

Here are 51 positive affirmations to add to your daily life:

1. I accept myself just the way I am.

2. Happiness is here and now — it is not something that I feel after having accomplished certain goals.

3. The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for enough good people to do nothing.

4. I let go of the past and live in the present.

5. I have a right to be happy — no matter what others think.

6. I am my best friend and my worst enemy.

7. I know that all of my mistakes are not big enough to destroy me. They are just stepping stones to learning something for the next time around!

8. Everything that happens to me is simply part of the things that I need to learn and achieve in this lifetime — there is nothing inherently bad about it because each experience helps me grow and become a better person, whether good or bad!

9. I can forgive myself for my mistakes — and I can forgive others, too.

10. When things don’t go as I planned, it’s okay. I can adapt to new circumstances and think of something else to do. There’s always another opportunity around the corner!

11. My value as a person is not based on the opinions of others — it’s based on my own perception of who I am.

12. Life is short, so why spend it being unhappy? It doesn’t help me to get what I want — in fact, it often has the opposite effect! So now I choose to be happy instead!

13. The best way for me to improve my life is to take action, no matter how large or small.

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14. I am self-confident and know what I want from life — I just need to work a little harder to achieve it.

15. Good things come to those who wait — not just for me, but for everyone!

16. My state of mind is the most important thing when it comes down to success in any endeavor in life — so why not start with the most important aspect first? My intentions! You may also read; Mental Health Affirmations.

17. There are no limits that cannot be surmounted by a person with a strong enough will and attitude! Let’s start today and see what happens!!

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18. All of my mistakes are not bad things — they’re simply stepping stones on the path to becoming a better person in the future.

19. I’m going to make it through this difficult time, and succeed in the long run!

20. Everything is transparent. The universe is a massive hologram, so I can see the big picture, no matter how small or insignificant a problem may seem at any given moment. (I’ve written about this extensively!)

21. This moment is all that exists — there’s no past or future beyond it right now — so why not enjoy it while it lasts?

22. I’m a real person. I have feelings, fears, hopes, dreams, and aspirations — I’m a living human being with wants, needs, and desires — so there’s no point in denying that now!

23. I make mistakes. Everyone does — but this is the key to becoming a better person. Mistakes teach us valuable lessons — they show us what we need to avoid in the future!

24. Being happy has nothing to do with how others treat me or whether they think I deserve success or not. It’s all about MY thoughts and beliefs on the matter! A happy life can be lived only by accepting reality as it is now and embracing what makes me ME!

25. I forgive myself for my mistakes, even when I have not yet learned from them.

51 Positive Affirmations to Add to Your Daily Rotation
51 Positive Affirmations to Add to Your Daily Rotation

26. I deserve the best things life has to offer — why not me?

27. I’m one of the people who make a difference in this world — and that’s something to be proud of!

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28. When and where I am is perfect for me! If a change happens and it’s best, then the universe will make it happen in an easy and comfortable way!

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29. I am a spiritual being, with immense potential to create a life filled with abundance!

30. I live in the present moment, and this is all that exists right now — I can’t change the past and I have no way of knowing what tomorrow will bring — so why not enjoy myself while it lasts?

31. I can manage time better in all aspects of my life. Time passes regardless — so why not plan and use it more efficiently?

32. All of my problems are simply challenges that I cannot see clearly at the moment — they are opportunities to learn and grow, not something that I can’t handle!

33. What others think of me is none of my business — it’s not their problem to judge or evaluate. It’s mine — because it is ME who has the problem!

34. I’m driven and motivated by my own desires to pursue what I want in life! This attitude has got nothing to do with anyone else’s opinions! It’s all about being YOU, and chasing your dreams!

35. Negative people will drag you down into their world and make you feel as if you have no control over your own life. They are the ones who need to change their negative thinking and let go of their attachments, so they can enjoy life more!

36. I believe in myself and what I am capable of! It’s time to bring out those capabilities — now.

37. All I have to do to become a success is work hard, put in my best effort, and persist until I achieve my goal! Then bask in the glory of having achieved something great!

38. My attitude toward life is the best I can be for me! The only thing that can stop me is myself — because I can choose to focus on negativity and fail, or focus on positive thoughts and succeed.

39. It’s okay to be human and make mistakes! Everyone before us has done the same — the key is figuring out how to use those mistakes as stepping stones to becoming a smarter and better version of ourselves!

40. I must learn from my past in order to change my future!

41. I’m fully capable of achieving whatever I set my mind to! There is no limit to what I can learn because there is no limit to my intelligence or skill!

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42. This moment is the only one that exists — so it’s the best time to make decisions that will change my life for the better!

43. Even if I have a lot to do and not enough time, I can still make the most of each moment by focusing on one task at a time and working on it as efficiently as possible. Then moving on to the next!

44. I’m not here to please everyone — I’m here to be myself and do what makes me happy — even if others don’t like it!

45. I deserve the best life has to offer because I am a wonderful person who contributes so much to the world. My presence alone makes things better.

46. Even though I have problems, I will find a solution for each one until they are all resolved! Then move on to my next challenge!

47. Every problem has a solution — it’s just a matter of finding the right one that works for me and my unique situation!

48. If no one else is going to do it, then I have the strength and determination to make a change for the better myself!

49. The best way for me to get what I want is by doing what I enjoy — it’s the only way that can work for me!

50. Be POSITIVE, not NEGATIVE! It doesn’t matter where you are in life or what other people are doing — if you focus on being happy, then you will always be more successful than those who focus on being pessimistic.

51. If I’m comfortable at home and present in my body, then I’m comfortable in my mind and body as well.

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