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Angel Del Villar Cheli madrid Wedding Ceremony

Ángel Del Villar is a Mexican music executive and entrepreneur, the owner and CEO of DEL Récords. Thanks to his great passion for music, he established his own Record Label, Studio “Del Records” company in 2008, in November of that same year, with the firm objective of recognizing and directing young artists’ independent Regional Mexican genres.

Angel Del Villar, Popularly known as DEL Records owner, is Mexican Billionaire, a renowned Mexican artist who founded the Del records music Studio. He launched many singers and musical brand groups to stardom. He is the well-known Mexican music album producer of several Regional Mexican kinds of music. Here are a few examples Cheli Madrid, Gerardo Ortiz, Luis Coronel, Regulo Caro, and many more. Angel Del Villar is the person who was behind the launch of late singer Ariel Camacho and his Plebes del Rancho.

Angel Del Villar
Angel Del Villar | Image Source : @ Instagram

With his love and determination to reach the Mexican Regional songs to the world there for he launched one by one younger Mexican performers and provide them the platform to express their musical talent through his Del Music Studio.

You may now be got the person, but do you know How old is Angel Del Villar? What is his Net Worth in 2021? We can bet you don’t know, and curious to know all these things because you are reading this means that clear indication you are here to know all those things.

Well, Today, we will discuss his Net worth, Profession, Career, Wife, Girlfriend, Dating, Height, weight, and latest controversy, so just let us scroll below to know more.

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Angel Del Villar Bio
Angel Del Villar Bio | Image Source : @ Instagram

Quick Bio/ Wiki

Name: Angel Del Villar
Nickname: Del
Date of Birth: April 6, 1969
Age: 53 Years old ( As of 2022)
Birthplace: Zacatecas, Mexico.
Nationality: Mexican
By Profession: Entrepreneur
Net Worth in 2021: $2 -5 million (USD)
Net Worth in 2020: $2 – $3 million (USD)
Net Worth in 2022: N/A

Personal and Physical Info

Height: 5 feet 9 inches
Weight: 89kgs
196 lbs
Martial Status: Married
Wife Name/Dating/Girlfriend: Cheli Madrid ( Married in 2020- Present)
Children: One
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Is Angel Del Villar Gay?: No, He is not gay.
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Angel Del Villar Age

Angel Del Villar is 52 years old Mexican entrepreneur along with the Founder and CEO of famous Studio DEL Records. Check his Age below.

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Celebrity Name: Angel Del Villar
Birth Date: 6 April 1969
Age: 52 years old (As of 2021)
BirthPlace: Zacatecas, Mexico
Nationality: Mexican

Angel Del Villar Family Background/Early Life

Villar was born in Los Angeles, California, and He is a Mexico-American. He started his musical journey when he was a very young age. At the same time, growing his interest in music and the entertainment industry grows. He does not belong to a rich family; his attitude and simple behavior, perseverance, and simplicity. He was admitted to a music school in his childhood, where he learned to play various musical instruments.

He was found in music after completing his high school degree; he didn’t waste a single day. He fully dedicated his time to building his musical career. To reach the Mexican regional genre of music to the height, he worked hard and devoted most of his time and effort completely.

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He started his own Music Studio, Del Records, and managed to create many powerful productions to date. In this journey, he gets support from various fields. Among them, His friends and colleagues come up to stand with him. DEL RECORDS studio helps to reach many unknown artists to bang on Stardom.

Personal Life/Dating/girlfriend and Marriage

Angel started dating Chiquis Rivera in 2014. Chiquis Rivera gained popularity when her single titled Paloma Blanca was released. She released this track through her own company Sweet Sound Records. After their met, the duo gets stability, and his Del also gained some quick hits. In 2016 They planned to marry, but Chiquis’s mother was not happy with their relationship. Rumors say that her mother did not accept their relationship, which is the main reason to end their relationship.

Angel is an honest and vibrant, and talented man; he has not had any scandal or bad reputation in his life in his entire life. His hard work and perseverance, and dedication to work amazed people. He focused on his career without interrupting his professional work despite being broken up by heart. He Married a popular Mexican Singer, Cheli Madrid, in 2020, in a civil ceremony arranged at Newport Beach, California. The couple got blessed with one daughter’s child.

Angel Del Villar Cheli madrid Wedding Ceremony
Angel Del Villar Cheli Madrid Wedding Ceremony | Image Source : @ Instagram


Angel Villar Began his career at a very early age. After finishing his high school degree, he focused on his career in music. His singing skills and business mind don’t allow him to stay idle. After failing music composing songs, he started his Dream Project, his own Music Record studio, with his colleagues’ and friends’ help.

Many artists get their success through this Studio. He started a Youtube channel and was promoted there. As of now, his Youtube channel has more than 221K subscribers. Quickly his production house gained momentum and earned popularity and fame. Besides gaining a massive fan followers base, he earned a huge amount and became a millionaire.

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Apart from that he also worked for some famous Tv soaps. He worked with many famous artists who supported his struggling career in the beginning. Composing songs for many American Movies he gained popularity and fame. His rared appearance on Tv shows leaves a strong positive impact every time in the viewer’s mind. His hard work and perseverance help reach out to his Studio, one of the Best Production houses in America.

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DEL Records Foundation

DEL Records was established in 2008; this is one of the high-tech Studios available right now. This studio started producing and helped establish American Spanish music around the world. This American Spanish language label becomes famous and earned millions of dollars throughout this 13 years journey in 2020- and 2021.

DEL Records- Wikipedia

Del Records is a famous American Spanish Language record studio.  The Studio Del record has been founded by famous personality Angel Del Villar in 2008, keeping the view in mind to promote Reginal Mexican Music and Mexican genres from Mexico’s Pacific states.  The Headquarters is situated in the Los Angeles suburb of Bell Gardens, California, America.  The famous Mexican studio is known for its various publishing brands like  DEL Records, DEL Publishing, Del Studios, and the famous Branch Del Entertainment. 

Del Records helps many artists like Gerardo Ortiz, Luis Cornel, and Ulices Chaidez to start their careers, among them, many of the artists also gained to achieve the Billboard Latin Music Awards in 2017.

The success of DEL Records Studio

In 2012: A regional Mexican singer Gerardo Ortiz received a Grammy Nomination. He was nominated for a grammy for his debut album “Ni Hoy Ni Mañana,” Which was released in 2010.
The same person who make charges against Del Music and filed a lawsuit in 2016. He alleged Del Studio, Breach of contract, fiduciary, and others. In 2019 he ended his contract with Del Studio. In 2016, Del Villar’s record label earned 6 Billboard Latin Music Awards.

Here are a few Famous and Popular celebs who Signed with DEL Records.. Just check out.

  • Jose Manuel
  • King Lil G (Known for his Rapper Album Ak47 Boyz, Paint The City Blue, 90’s Kid,  and King Enemy, etc.)
  • A.B. Quintanilla III
  • Elektro Kumbia
  • Grupo Los De La O
  • Banda Culiacancito
  • Grupo Fernandez
  • Revolver Cannabis

FBI agent Searched the Office of DEL Records.

Every Business has ups and downs, and Del records also faced this harsh truth. Angel Del Villar’s Studio was Raided on 23rd May 2020 by dozen of the SWAT team members connected with a criminal investigation against singer Gerardo Ortiz.

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He was hit to achieve millions of people’s hearts through his Studio globally. In the various category, he is Known be it publishing of Songs, Be it promoting new talents, Be it Top Latin Album producers in the Year. The Regional Mexican Songs Artist of The Year, And Album of the year, everything has managed to bag him. He has the credit to receive several Billboard Latin Music Awards.
In 2015, DEL Records Donated a huge amount of $ 12,200 to the Rowland Unified School.

Angel del Villars Net Worth

Angel Del Villar, most of his earnings, come from his own Recording studio Record Label – DEL Records. As an entrepreneur, he has a huge brand value; another income source comes from his Brand Value. T-shirts, caps, and other merchandise products. His company has received many Billboard Latin Music Awards. As of December 2020, his estimated net worth $2 million.

Angel del Villar earns most of his wealth from managing his record label – DEL Records. His company received many Billboard Latin Music Awards. Therefore, Angel del Villar has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

Angel Del Villar Net worth in 2020: $ 2- 3 million approx
Angel Del Villar Net worth in 2021: $2- 5 million Approx

Angel Del Villar And Cheli Madrid Married
Angel Del Villar And Cheli Madrid Married | Image Source : @ Instagram

Some lesser-known facts about Angel Del Villar

  • He is an Entrepreneur and has his own Studio for Record Labels.
  • He established his Studio DEL Records in 20208
  • He has been blessed with a daughter Married to Cheli Madrid in 2020
  • He once dated Chiquis Rivera in 2014.
  • In May 2020 dozen of SWAT members raided DEL Records Studio.
  • FBI investigation related to a criminal investigation against singer Gerardo Ortiz
  • Angel is 52 years old now as of 2021.
  • Angel Del Villar on Instagram: Instagram Handle

People also ask

Question 1. Who is Angel Del Villar’s wife?
Ans. Cheli Madrid (m.2020 – Present)

Question 2. Why did Del’s records get raided?
Ans. One of the ex-partners, singers, and collaborators with Angel Del Villar is involved in various illegal activities. Angel Del Villar’s Studio was Raided on 23rd May 2020 by dozen the SWAT team members connected with a criminal investigation against singer Gerardo Ortiz.

Question 3. Where was Angel Del Villar born?
Ans. Birthplace: Zacatecas, Mexico. Angel Del Villar is a Mexican and Born in Zacatecas, Mexico.

Question 4. Is Angel Del Villar Gay?
Ans. No, He is not gay.

Question 5. Does Angel Del Villar Cheli Madrid Have a Daughter?
Ans. Angel Del Villar and Cheli Madrid have a Daughter.

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