Don’t Share Netflix Password – Here is Why

Don't Share Netflix Password

Netflix is planning to charge you if you share your passwords. Netflix already has a plan in place to charge users for those passwords they share with family and friends outside the home. Netflix is going to track and crack down on those who are sharing their credentials outside of their home. 

You may remember, a little over a month ago, Netflix was surprised by these tests that it would begin to carry out in several countries to charge for each password that was shared. Now you have the plan ready as we learned a couple of hours ago. Thus, you already know how to charge the user every time they share their Netflix Account password.

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The Netflix plan

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Via CNBC Report, we know that Netflix intends to charge an extra fee to the holder of the main account for each subaccount or shared password. And it is that this decision is made due to the loss of 200 thousand clients in the first quarter of the year and because according to Netflix, there are more than 100 million households that share passwords with others.

 To prevent unauthorized, illegitimate access, losing huge money finally Netflix taking a few steps to prevent those malpractices.

Don't Share Netflix Password
Don’t Share Netflix Password

Netflix’s plan is to charge an extra fee for accounts that are being used by multiple people outside the household of the account subscribed monthly to any of their existing plans. 

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The main motive of these steps is to recover the recent loss of benefits, although one might wonder if starting to charge for something that has always been given for free is not, as one would say, throwing stones at one’s own roof; Let’s remember that the cost of the Netflix monthly subscription has increased months ago. Netflix New Monthly Subscriptions cost you may check from this article. 

How much will you charge?

If we look at the extra fee that has begun to be charged in some countries, for subaccounts of up to two people outside the household of the main account, in Peru it is 2.13 dollars per month, in Costa Rica 2.99 dollars and in Chile, it stays at $2.92.

Netflix Plans - Canada
Netflix Plans – Canada

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One of the features that Netflix has included, to make the experience just right, is to allow those who use a shared password to transfer their personalized profile information to either a new account or a subaccount. That is, the history of reproductions and the recommendations will be maintained.

What Does Netflix Cost
What Does Netflix Cost

Now, Netflix’s strategy will take a year to reach the whole world to begin to be able to assess its effect and if it will have an impact on the recovery of profits, an increase, or that it witnesses an exponential fright of users in its service.

Of course, the streaming company has stated that these fees will be reviewed if necessary. We will have to see if it materializes since something similar has never been done in this competitive streaming industry.  

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