Pixel Watch with its first real images: this is the first watch of the great G named “Rohan”


Finally, the long wait is Over, and the Google Pixel Watch arrives as it will appear when it is presented, hopefully soon, by the great G. In this article, you will watch the first look at the leaked image of the Google Pixel Watch, price in India, Price in Amazon and much more.

Earlier this week, a leak of the Google Pixel Watch hinted at its integration with Fitbit for the first time. The Big G smartwatch seems to be going straight to its presentation with the arrival of real images for the first time that shows all the details of this smartwatch with that circular design.

Google Pixel Watch-7
Google Pixel Watch

The Google Pixel Watch is like

According to Android Police, and as a source to Android Central, which was the first to report on the Pixel Watch by scooping the story, these images depict the Google smartwatch as it has previously been spotted. The previous design in those rendered images, which we have all seen, is confirmed by the actual design in the real design.

Google Pixel Watch-5
Google Pixel Watch

A watch with the code name “Rohan,” which we can now witness with that circular design concept and which stands out for not having bezels and that button placed on the side.

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Google Pixel Watch-4
Google Pixel Watch

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Without a doubt, it is a smartwatch that stands out at first. We hope Google will make Wear OS a propulsion engine for other brands and take it to other spaces.

Google Pixel Watch-3
Google Pixel Watch

A Google Pixel Watch also stands out for not being one of those big watches, so it could be another of its points in favor of being an ideal smartwatch for all types of users.

Google Pixel Watch-2
Google Pixel Watch

Google Pixel Watch details

One of the things that make the Pixel Watch stand out is the stainless steel metal strip. Whether the strap shown is the final version is not known. 

Google Pixel Watch-1
Google Pixel Watch

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The Pixel Watch also has a piece of information that has emerged from the leak on the bottom, which shows a series of sensors that have been on other watches we have been using in the past.


As for its specifications, little has been leaked and we will have to go to others to find out whether it will have 32 GB of internal memory and also models for data transmission and WiFi. 

Google Pixel Watch -6
Google Pixel Watch

This is all to say that all the expectations are given for a smartwatch that we do not know is going to be launched, and we do not know whether Google will take advantage of the upcoming Google I/O 2022 to present it, and therefore make known what may be one of the best smartwatches with Wear OS.

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People Also Ask

Google pixel watch price

Google Pixel Watch’s expected price in India is ₹29,999, and it would cost $399 in the USA.

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Google pixel watch 2022

The wearable could be unveiled in May during I/O 2022 or alongside the Pixel 6a in June. Google Pixel watch recently leaked out pics tell lots more things itself.

Google pixel watch Amazon

Google New Smartwatch will be available on Amazon shortly. Just a few days and if everything goes right we can get it from Amazon directly.

Google watch price

This Google watch price is very much in India it would cost near around ₹29,999, and in America, it would cost around $399.

Google pixel watch amazon

Will be available this watch very soon on Amazon online store. Till then please keep patient for a few days.

Best watch for google pixel

The best watch from Google Pixel is known as Rohan, it could be in huge demand if it passes crowd trust.

Google Pixel Watch Name

Google has kept its first Smartwatch Name Google Pixel aka Rohan.

Google Pixel watch release date in India

An Insider report from late last year also said the Pixel Watch could launch as early as the spring, which means we can Expect this Smartwatch within the next 1-2 months in 2022. As per media reports, fans can buy it from the Indian market like amazon, or direct from the brand shops online. Hope it will be available in the first week of May 2022 or End of May 2022.

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