How did a song that was on the verge of flop go viral? Secret Behind the Success of Gulabi Sharara | Thumak Thumak

Secret Behind the Success of Gulabi Sharara

Thumak Thumak Jab Hitochi Tu Pahadi Batuma… Yes, friends! After listening to this song, you won’t be able to stop yourself from dancing or singing. In the Instagram video shared below, the girl dancing to this song for the first time has impressed people so much that not only have they appreciated her dance steps, but the music itself has also become a global trend. The reels created with this song have garnered views of more than 100M+, 75M+, and 40M+, showcasing its widespread popularity.

The surge in views can be attributed to the captivating dance moves featured in this song, resulting in over 3 million reels being created for this pahadi-themed track. People of all ages, including children, youth, the elderly, and women, have embraced the rhythmic beats of this song, dancing along enthusiastically.

Over the past few months, the pahadi song “Thumak Thumak Jab Hitochi Tu Pahadi Batuma… Gulabi Sharara” has been gaining significant popularity. However, have you ever wondered about the creative minds behind the lyrics of “Gulabi Sharara” and the choreography that accompanies it?

Surprisingly, there was a point when this song faced the risk of being overlooked in terms of views. Yet, today, it stands as a globally trending sensation. This journey from potential obscurity to international acclaim prompts us to explore not only the evolution of the song into a trend but also the pivotal role played by a remarkable girl in its rise to popularity. This girl, often perceived solely as a dancer, encompasses much more. In today’s article, we unveil the comprehensive story behind the trending song “Gulabi Sharara.”

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Thumak Thumak Jab Hitochi Tu Pahadi Batuma… Gulabi Sharara

On Wednesday, August 6, 2023, around 10 a.m., the song secured the eighth position among the top 100 songs on YouTube. This achievement marked a historic moment as a Pahadi song surpassed a trending Hindi film track. While “Gulabi Sharara” held the second position, the song “Jamal Jamaloo” from the movie “Animal” trailed closely behind. If you are interested, you may also read Jamal Jamaloo Viral Girl.

The current standing of the song might have fluctuated as you read this article, either slipping down or climbing higher. Nonetheless, securing a spot in the top 10 on YouTube for a Pahadi song represents a noteworthy accomplishment.

Gulabi Sharara song was considered a flop.

The song “Gulabi Sharara” was launched on the YouTube channel Young Uttarakhand Group four months ago. According to reports, the song has already amassed 67 million views on YouTube. However, when the song was initially uploaded on YouTube, it did not receive the expected number of views.

Ankit Kumar, the choreographer for this song, revealed that the song didn’t gain much traction initially, with only 70 to 80 thousand views. However, he claimed that the turning point came when he performed the song at an event, and from that moment onwards, people started following the dance steps of the song. The choreography played a significant role in the viral success of the song. If you have seen any reels for the song “Gulabi Sharara,” you would notice a common element – the dance steps. Ankit Kumar, a resident of Uttarakhand, choreographed these steps.

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Moving forward, we will provide you with information about the girl who contributed to the trend on Instagram. But before that, let’s learn a bit more about choreographer Ankit Kumar.

Ankit Kumar has been choreographing mountain songs for the past three years and has worked on more than 50 songs to date. The lyrics of the song resonate with people’s hearts. Girish Jeena wrote the lyrics, and Inder Arya lent his voice to the song. Ankit Kumar has established his identity in the Uttarakhand Music Industry in a relatively short period. Expressing joy at the viral success of “Gulabi Sharara,” Inder Arya mentioned his happiness at seeing a mountain song trending worldwide.

The Gulabi Sharara Viral Girl

The primary reason for the trend of “Gulabi Sharara” is this girl, now known as the Gulabi Sharara Viral Girl. She goes by the name Bhawika Pradhan. Although Bhawika’s introduction may not be widely known, she has become a sensation on Instagram with the Gulabi Sharara trend. Bhawika initially created a reel on Instagram for this song at the suggestion of a friend. When she made this reel, she had no idea that it would become a trend. She mentioned that she didn’t understand the lipsync of the song, but because she liked the vibe, she decided to create the reel. After Bhawika’s reels gained popularity on Instagram, the song eventually became a trend on YouTube as well.

Secret Behind the Success of Gulabi Sharara
Secret Behind the Success of Gulabi Sharara

However, this Gulabi Sharara Viral Girl is not just a dancer. Yes! Bhawika Pradhan is originally from Nepal but resides in Sikkim. Bhawika is a fitness athlete who won a Bronze medal in the 54th Asian Body Building and Physique Sports Championship in 2022. She has been involved in the field of fitness since the age of 13 and has represented India in various championships.

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