Is Brad Mondo gay? Facts Revealed

Brad Mondo hair

Brad Mondo Aka Brad Gesimondo is a famous American hairstylist, Born on October 28, 1994. He is currently 28 years old young and talented hairstylist become famous on social media due to his unique sense of style and gentle behavior in connecting with his valued clients. Brad was admired for his attractive killer looks and became famous on Youtube when he shared his self-titled YouTube video on his channel. Within a short period, Brad Mondo salon gained millions of Youtube subscribers. Brad Mondo Youtube channel has gained 7.44 million satisfied subscribers, and his Instagram account also had more than 2 Million in May 2022.

Brad Mondo, who has various commercials and shoots and is famous for his hairdressing skills, also has not been shy about his sexuality; he is never shy about sharing that Brad Mondo is a Gay. Brad, whose unique sense of style and extraordinary ability to completely transform an individual’s look, has not concealed his sexuality; he revealed what he is.
Currently, Brad is single and has not revealed his boyfriend’s name yet. He likes to keep this news secret; when he comes, he will announce his love life.

To discover Brad Mondo’s Net Worth, Bio, Boyfriend, Height, weight, career, and more, Stay tuned with us and scroll down below.

Brad Mondo
Brad Mondo

Quick Info about Brad Mondo

  • Name: Brad Mondo
  • Brad Mondo Real Name: Brad Gesimondo
  • Nickname/Shortname: Brad
  • Date of Birth: October 28, 1994
  • Age: 28 years old (As of 2022)

  • By Profession: Hairstylist, Model, and YouTuber
  • Nationality: American

  • Birthplace: Franklin, MA, United States
  • Birth Sign/ Zodiac Sign : Scorpio
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian

  • Religion: Christianity

  • Weight: 68 kg (in kilograms)
    149.9 lbs (in pounds)

  • Height : 5′ 11” (in ft & inches)
    1.55m (in meters)
    155 cm (in centimeters)

Brad Mondo Strived hard to hide his sexual orientation

Brad Mondo knew the reality that he was gay as a teenager, and it was a great challenge for him to hide it and overcome the situation when he was studying in school. He gained more confidence while growing up; when he was reading at his high school level, he was almost balanced and capable of handling the situation.

But it’s a fact that this kind of sexual orientation can’t be reversed back; at first, he told the people that his sexual orientation is bi-sexual and she is in a relationship with a girl. He expressed this thought to his close friend’s circle, and rumors started from there. People started PNPC about her physical condition being gay, and her sexual orientation is not good. But for Brad, it was challenging to overcome this situation and somehow pass out from the school without getting marked as gay in his school. He doesn’t want to talk and position a finger point towards him. He doesn’t like it at all.

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But the situation goes another side, and his revelation among his close group negatively affected his reputation. When the truth came out, his and the news reached to girlfriend’s ear and imbalanced their love life. Suddenly Brad broke up with his girlfriend and started on his way. After Break up, he broke down, and he felt depressed for a few days. But one thing that all are people is not bad that it why this earth is beautiful. Isn’t it.

Few people accepted that Brad Mondo is gay in a school and in their society. They inspired him. Even Brad’s family also supported him physically and mentally; they did their best in whatever way they could help him. Brad’s family members knew that he was gay, and his sexual orientation was not straight, but they could not quickly come out of this bad news to society. But finally, Brad realized the reality and started accepting what is he was. It is his own life, so accepting is the only solution how to overcome this harsh truth. Finally, he released a self-titted video Called “My Coming out Story” and posted it on his youtube channel.

What did Brad Modo say about His sexual Orientation That He is a Gay?

“I was not hiding this fact to anyone. I didn’t know how to express to the people that I was gay without hesitation. I don’t want to be the victims of the centre of gossips; I didn’t want to mess my peaceful life, nor I have any wish to invite trouble into my life. But to be very honest it didn’t seem like a big deal for me. I didn’t want to make it one – Also I don’t know why this is has happened to me. I was don’t know why we have to come out of all those things. This is so stupid in my point of view.”

Brad Mondo was raised in a Salon family.

Brad Mondo was born on October 28, 1994; his father was a professional hairdresser. He has one elder brother named Eric Mondo. Brad’s family is small, taken to him and his parents; they are 4 in number in their family. His father is a famous hairstylist who worked in a salon.

How did Little Brad grow interested in hairstyle?

Little Mondo has spent lots of time with his father’s Salon, enjoying the whole process from cutting to styling people’s hair. He luckily had got an opportunity to watch his father’s work closely. His father’s skills as a hairdresser for his client attracted him so much. He became highly fascinated by his father’s job and decided to build his career in the beauty and fashion Industries from his childhood.

Brad Mondo hair
Mondo hairstyle

Little Brad becomes amazed by seeing his dad’s creations, hairdressing for the customer, which grows interested in it. He eventually decided to follow in his father’s footsteps, and this passion makes him one of the most famous hairstylists in America. Later it helped him to take steps toward the hairstyle and hairdressing salon as a profession. His enjoyment of watching the hairstyling process converted him into a passion; the passion earned him lots of fame and money, publicity, and recognition. His love and hard work, the idea that he is making others look beautiful and feel-goods are praised.

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Youtube Brand Brad Mondo

Besides working on Salon, he decided to make his video-sharing skills over the internet make something different. When he was just 12 years old, he started uploading some videos; later, he decided to channel a Brand. In this way, Brad Mondo Youtube channel started its journey in 2015. His interest in creating Youtube videos attracted lots of valuable subscribers. In 2016 he got his first youtube earning like $100, which makes him super excited, and he says with a loud voice, “wow, I did it.” Making Youtube video inspiration comes from seeing other famous content creators like Shane Dawson and Jenna Marbles.

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His second payment was near about $1000; in this way, his online journey became so exciting and inspired him to create content daily with a passion.

funny pics with cat
Brad Mondo Age

Not only that YouTube, but He also earned lots of money from other brand deals. He Started uploading hairdressing and hairstyle photos over his Instagram handle in 2013. This year, his brand became famous on Instagram too, and now he has more than 1.7 million Instagram followers on his account.

But How did Brad Mondo get success on Instagram and Youtube?

It’s said that success does not come easily, and it takes lots of time and effort. The same happens with Brad Mondo, his YouTube channel, and Instagram account did not grow. He worked hard and uploaded funny, catchy, funny videos. His unique hairstyling method and hairdressing started attracting people’s attention and becoming virals—the witty and knowledgeable DIY videos provings entertainment and knowledge with care.

Brad Mondo
Brad Mondo

He started uploading YouTube videos blending with his hairstyle skills side by side; he guided people through hairdressing tutorials. His unique hairstyle method and trendy and catchy style began attracting people to his creativity.

Even Celebrities offers Brad Mondo.

Even celebrities like Shay Mitchell, Vanessa Hudgens, Heather Marks, and others impressed with his excellent hairdressing skills trusted him and offered to work with them. Slowly his reputation and fame grew up in the skies. In Dec 2020, his Youtube Channel touched the 6.44 million subscribers level.

Brad Mondo controversy

Brad constantly uploaded videos on his Yt channel; millions of people watched and followed him on Youtube and his Instagram account. But Suddenly, a video that he uploaded on his channel became the center of controversy. The controversy began taking the faith in him, as he lied, saying that He had a twin brother. So the definite people questioning How old Brad Mondo is? Brad Mondo Twin’s theory dragged him down, and controversy began as he claimed a video. He and his brother Eric Mondo were twins.

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Does Brad Mondo Twin Brother? Fact check

No, Brad Mondo doesn’t have any Twin Brothers. All these developed due to his uploading video claiming that he has a twin brother, but that’s not true in reality.
As the rumor was created by mistake or intentionally dragged his reputation down. People who believed them some time ago started questioning.

The fact is that Mondo’s Brother Eric Mondo is 3 years older than him. Getting the truth, which is revealed later, shocked his many fans and led to some disappointment.

Does Brad Mondo have a licensed hairdresser?

When people start questioning someone’s character and trustworthiness, they even go further deep without valid reasons. They started doubting everything that he deserved. After getting middle into the controversy, some people began questioning his credibility and his professional career.

They put a question mark asking, Is Brad Mondo a licensed hairdresser?
Yes, He is a licensed hairdresser; Brad got two licenses from two American states: Newyork, and Massachusetts. He shared replying to those on Twitter. Just Check out below.

Brad Developed an interest in a hairstyle when he was a very young-aged child. He spent lots of time in his father’s Hair Salon. According to Brad, he has worked in a salon for 10 years and has valuable experience in the hairstyling industry.

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How do you book an Appointment?

How can you book a Brad Mondo? Yeah, that is quite simple and very easy. As per his tweet, he is a licensed hairdresser with 10 years of experience working in a Salon. If you want to touch a style in Brad’s hand, then you need to contact him through this email: [email protected]

is Brad Mondo gay
is Brad Mondo gay?

Who is Brad Mondo dating?

Brad is always open-minded to sharing his sexuality; he never conceals that Brad is gay. People wondering- Does Brad Mondo have a Boyfriend? But the answer is simple. He is currently Single. He hasn’t shared this news publicly yet. Brad thinks it is great to keep his love life private and secret to never get into any controversies or create trouble in his life. The latest report suggesting as of December 2020, he is not dating anyone, not engaged or married. Once he reveals the truth, we can share it here. Just keep holding your breath to get the good news coming soon, shortly.

How tall is Brad Mondo?

Brad Mondo’s height is perfect. His height measured as 5 feet 11 inches on the foot and inches scale and Meter scale 1.55 m tall. His weight is 68 kg, i.e., 149.91 lbs. His body is slim and fit. Brown-colored eyes and hair give him a killer looked personality.

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Brad Mondo Net worth

Can you guess What is Brad Mondo’s Net worth in 2022? His estimated Net Worth of near around $9 million (USD). Brad is a famous professional Hairdresser; besides that, he is one of the social media influencers. He earns lots of money from his profession Brad Mondo Salon, and from his Youtube Channel and Instagram handle, he receives thousands of dollars.

Sound great, right?
Wait, the list is long. He also makes his money from Sponsorships that he promotes the brand on his channel; apart from that, he has an online successful business store named xmondohair, where he sells hair products related to stuff. All of these make him one of the wealthiest American hairdressers, along with his fame.

Funny Hair Style
Funny Hair Style

Some Lesser Known Facts About Brad Mondo

  • Brad Mondo is gay; he never shames sharing with the public about his sexuality.
  • Mondo Established xmondohair and CEO of his company
  • Brad Directed the 2018 Tv series, Mondo Makeovers, and the scrips have been written by himself.
  • Brad is Social Media Influencer, managing millions of people to follow his channel and ID.
    Like Brad has 6.44 million subscribers Youtube channel and currently growing.
    His Instagram Channel has more than 2 Million Followers
    and His TikTok Id ‘bradmondonyc” has more than 8.7 million followers as of May 2022.
  • Brade worked with celebrities like Shay Mitchell, Vanessa Hudgens, Heather Marks, and others.
  • Brad Mondo is the brand name that on trusted by millions of people.
  • His funny and unique expression in handling his clients makes him famous around the world.

Note: All Images Credit goes to @bradmondonyc Instagram handle

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