Brad Mondo Twin Controversy! Did Brad Mondo lie?

Twin Brother

Brad Mondo, one of the famous richest American hairdressers, and Youtube Sensation and Instagram Influencer. Currently, he is at the center of a Controversy created by himself, later fueled by his jealous followers. His controversy sparked when Brad Mondo uploaded a video that said that “he has a twin brother named Eric Mondo.” In this way, Eric and Brad Mondo have been surrounded by controversy, and followers become upset for trusting them.

But what happens actually, why did controversies start, and why did he become the center of this controversy? If you don’t know and are curious about those things, then scroll down. You will get to know everything. Did he lie or not? What is the actual drama behind it?

What is Brad Mondo Twin Drama?

I guess you are still wondering and thinking, what is the Mondo Brother twin case all about? Actually, to know the actual fact. Those who already follow them on Youtube and Instagram may have watched the video uploaded, having the title of the videos like “I gave my Twin a Major Hair Makeover,” or might you have watched “I tried Squit Gun Hair Color with My Twin,” MY TWIN AND I REACT TO MY FIRST EVER HAIRDRESSER REACTS VIDEO! etc.

Brad Mondo Twin

These mistakes or lies that the public has caught because Brad Mondo’s Brothers Eric Mondo is 3 years older than Brad. So how could they become Twins from an angel?

Brad Mondo Twin

Check Out those Videos from Here…

Another One Just Given Bellow… Haha..

Video Credit: Brad Mondo YouTube Channel.

All those videos really fun, and people watched a too long time. However,
what is the reasons that make those videos so Popular?

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Can You Guess??
The answer is straightforward! And straightforward, In one line we can say that Peoples love to watch funny videos. Besides this, it’s a fact that people love to watch a video where the content has twin brothers or sisters in it. It’s become so fun that becoming twins is identical to each other and like a carbon copy of any original in real life. For example, you can see there are many popular twin Youtubers there…
Like, Brooklyn and Bailey Mcknight, Dolan Twins, Martinez twins .. and Son on.

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Who is Eric mondo?
7 Children, 3 wives, one lover! The personal life of one of the richest people in the world, Elon Musk

On Reddit, there is already a massive storm that started 1 year back. GothicChick0005 was written on Reddit asking a question. You can check the Reddit highlighted discussion below.

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Brad Mondo lied about Eric being his twin?

I’m not sure if anything has been posted about this, but why did Brad lie about Eric being his twin? There are photos of them as children on his Mom’s Instagram, and they’re pronounced a few years apart. I don’t want to post the photos or link her on Instagram because I don’t know if that’s considered doxxing, but it’s bizarre. Did he do it just because it’s trendy, or the youtube algorithm like twin stuff? Weird.

It’s a fact that twin and Twin Videos are a huge trend and huge demand; people love to watch them. Just like Dolan Twins, Dobre Twins, Niki and Gabi Twins, Merrell Twins, Brooklyn & Bailey, the list does not end here; it just goes on and on. So basically people love to see and have more fun when they see two identical persons, and if in this case become twin brothers or twin sisters then this craze goes beyond the limit.

Why have People become So interested in Mondo Brother?

Yes! The answer is quite simple, and People consume those funny things that are different from what is usual. Sound crazy, right? But it’s a fact that we love to watch those things or love to know more about what is different from other ordinary things. People love to consume Content that has blended with twin characters in real life.

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Twin Brother
Twin Brother
Photo Credit @Brad Mondo YT

This emotion applies here; also, Eric and Brad look identical; their looks, age, size, facial expression, sense of humor, and dress code become similar. All these things combined create a funny situation, which is why people love to watch them as a twin. The main reason, is their popularity increased like high-speed vehicles.

Secondly, they uploaded the video with the title containing the magical Word “TWIN,” which helped grab more viewers’ attention, boosting his views and popularity. He gained massive numbers of subscribers due to these magic words, maybe!

How did the Controversy start?

Today’s modern internet era makes it easy to search and collect data faster than ever. Even they can tally those pieces of information with facts. Some people are even more curious about someone’s personal life. When any person becomes an internet sensation, then he becomes the critical center of all these. They started an investigation and started research on these points.

Shockingly they got upset knowing that all the drama created by Brad Mondo, releasing a video calling his brother A twin, is false. They found that the date of Birth of those two Mondo brothers is different, but the list does not end here….

Now, what did they else find?

The Height and sexuality are also not the same. This means They found that Brad Mondo had lied to them.

Just go through these details….. Here is the proof

Let’s Check out How old Brad Mondo is?

Eric Mondo’s DOB: 17th April 1992
Whereas Brad Mondo’s DOB: 28th October 1994.
Brad Mondo is 2 years 6, a month junior to Eric Mondo, and roughly Brad is 3 years older than his younger brother Eric.

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So how can we Say Brad Mondo and Eric are twins?

No, we can’t say that because they have age differences. Their Date of Birth is not the same. So facts check can quickly tell that Eric and Brad Mondo are not twins or brothers.

The impact that occurred for this Mondo twin Brother Theory.

The first impact is that many trusted subscribers and fans become upset as they follow him as Idol in their youth. When they realized the fact that They were twin Brothers, they got disappointed.

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2ndly, Some people thought that their favorite Youtubers lied to them and betrayed them, so they started dragging this issue over other social media like Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter everywhere. In this way, his brand suffered a lot, so his reputation went down for a certain period of time.

3rd Impact is powerful as usual, and we already discussed that their magical Twin Avatar also makes them famous. Just like Newton’s Rules, Every action has an equal opposite reaction. Few People started supporting Brad and Eric. They gained many more subscribers even before it was, and they are taken as mockery, not like anything serious actually.

4th point can be said that while getting into the middle of controversies, they didn’t stop uploading their videos; they continuously worked with their passion, avoiding social noise.

So what do you think about this controversy? Don’t feel shy to express your thought in the below comments box?

Some lesser-known facts about Brad Mondo Brother

  • Brad Mondo and Eric Mondo are not Twin Brothers.
  • Eric Mondo is 3 years older than his Younger Brother Brad Mondo.
  • Brad and Eric are the same looking person, and often they can be seen making videos together.
  • The relationship between two brothers is strongly bonded and shares everything.
  • Brad is now a famous self-styled popular hairdresser and social media star in America, Canada, Europe, and Japan.

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