Kili Paul is honored by the Indian High Commission for her outstanding contributions to social media

Kili Paul Receive Awards from Indian high commissioner

The Indian High Commission honors Kili Paul for their outstanding contributions to social media. After skyrocketing to success, Kili Paul was stunned by this honor.

Two young people from faraway Africa have sung Bollywood songs. However, they also were very fond of Jubin Nautiyal, their favorite singer. Video clips were made by lip-syncing the majority of Zubin’s songs. The video has gained lots of popularity in the social media community. Besides, not only Netizens, but celebrities like Kyaba Advani and Siddharth Malhotra have applauded the song as well.

Kili Paul Receive Awards from the Indian high commissioner
Kili Paul Receive Awards from the Indian high commissioner

So who are these two Africans? And why so much passion for Bollywood tunes?

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On 1st December, Kili and Neema made a video of the song “Raataan Lambiyan” from the movie “Shershah.” The video went viral on social media. Because of him, two brothers and sisters began practicing. Overnight internet sensations Kili and Neema Paul became overnight internet stars. Having gone viral on Instagram, one of their videos has captured the interest of netizens ever since.

Kili Paul With Binaya Pradhan
Kili Paul With Binaya Pradhan

Sometimes these two social media creators, Caught, pay homage to Lata Mangeshkar for his demises and sometimes dance to the super hit raw almond song. Kili and Neema are a Tanzanian sibling couple who have captured the hearts of netizens with their on-point lip-sync videos and grove choreography.

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Kili describes himself on his Instagram as a dancer and content creator a dancer and content creator. At the same time, they were honored for their outstanding contribution to social media. Indian High Commission in Tanzania honored Killi Paul for his exceptional contribution to social media.

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The picture has gone viral on social media. Killi Paul currently has 2.2 million Instagram followers. Kili Paul was overwhelmed by this award during skyrocketing success. During an interview, he said, “I love Indian music, and I am preparing myself to serve something better in the future.”  

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