71 Positive Daily Affirmations for Kids: Time To Empower Little Child.

71 Positive Daily Affirmations for Kids

71 Positive Daily Affirmations for Kids: As your child starts the new school year, it might be a great time to start a daily affirmation practice. Daily affirmations are simple phrases that remind you of something positive or encouraging that you want to remember and reflect on throughout your day.

Your little kid can benefit from affirmations if you’re trying to put positive thoughts in their heads. Among the benefits of early childhood education is that it builds a child’s self-esteem and literacy skills. To empower and uplift kids every day, we have compiled a list of 60 affirmations just for them.

Daily Affirmations for Kids

Daily Affirmations for Kids
Daily Affirmations for Kids

Encourage your kids to adopt a new affirmation daily and help them reach their full potential.

1. I give my best effort every day.

2. My accomplishments make me proud.

3. I have confidence in myself.

4. I am capable of achieving my goals.

Evidence shows that kids who feel good about themselves are more likely to try new things. Children with low self-esteem have a harder time dealing with mistakes or failures.

5. I enjoy learning.

6. I am talented in many areas.

7. I don’t give up easily.

8. There are many people who love me.

9. When you make a mistake, it’s okay.

10. I enjoy being around others.

11. I know how to learn new things.

12. I can learn from my mistakes.

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Positive Affirmations for Kids

Wearing our positive pants each morning and being confident in the way we feel about ourselves is a great way to start our day.

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Positive Affirmations for Kids
Positive Affirmations for Kids

These positive and inspiring words for life will help your child get into the right head space:

1. There are lots of good ideas in my head.

2. Everything about me is perfect.

3. I have a great time in life.

4. I am capable of doing difficult tasks

5. It is easy for me to make decisions: Your child should be encouraged to make their own decisions as part of the life lessons you teach them.

A growing body of evidence shows that they gain a better understanding of fairness and trust their own judgment.

6. I am attractive on the inside as well as on the outside.

7. I have opinions that matter.

8. My positive thoughts lead to positive feelings

9. My attitude is helpful.

10. I am friendly and helpful to all.

11. Learning is a gift I’ve been given.

12. I try hard.

Some research shows that children whose thoughts are more positive are more likely to be successful. Researchers discovered a brain pathway that directly links a positive attitude with success.

Positive Self-Esteem Daily Affirmations for Kids

Positive Self-Esteem Daily Affirmations for Kids
Positive Self-Esteem Daily Affirmations for Kids

The most powerful affirmations don’t necessarily need to be long or complex. Sometimes the shortest and quickest affirmations can be very powerful.

1. My mood is positive.

2. My confidence is high.

3. My courage inspires others.

4. My love inspires me.

5. My life is important to me.

6. I’m smart and crazy at the same time.

7. My personality is unique.

8. My friends consider me to be a good friend.

9. There is always something to do in my life.

10. I have an innovative approach to solving problems.

11. If I don’t succeed the first time, I keep trying until I do.

12. And if I don’t succeed the second time, I keep trying until I do.

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Practicing yoga is also a good way of helping your child build their confidence. According to some studies, yoga has been shown to increase children’s self-esteem and improve their cognitive abilities. Here are the benefits of this practice for kids’ physical and mental health.

Daily Morning Affirmations for Kids

Daily Morning Affirmations for Kids
Daily Morning Affirmations for Kids

By practicing these words each morning, children will wake up with a smile on their faces:

1. I am looking forward to my best day ever.

2. I am embracing every opportunity that comes my way.

3. My interpersonal skills are excellent.

4. I am committed to doing my best.

5. My leadership potential is high.

Teaching children leadership skills allows them to feel like they have control over their lives.

It is recommended that early learning professionals promote the ability to solve problems creatively and work as a team.

6. Having fun while learning.

7. My inner strength is strong.

8. I’m capable of overcoming any obstacle.

Research shows that living mindfully breeds self-resilience. There is no surprise that more and more schools and colleges are promoting mindfulness.

Grounding yourself at the moment also has other benefits, including improving anxiety symptoms, reducing stress, and helping you sleep better.

9. I enjoy making new friends.

10. I am confident in my abilities.

11. I have just as much right to be here on this earth as anyone else.

12. There is no one else like me.

Affirmations for Boys

Affirmations for Boys
Affirmations for Boys

There are many affirmations that can help a male feel more appreciated, loved, and empowered, so here is a shortlist for them.

1. My strengths are valuable.

2. Being honest is important to me.

3. I care about my feelings.

4. Positive thoughts lead to positive feelings.

5. My creativity is outstanding.

You are less creative now than you were as a child.

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If your little boy practices this creativity affirmation, his imagination will be boosted even more.

6. My listening skills are excellent.

7. I am positive in attitude.

8. Everyone loves me.

9. Honesty is my best quality.

10. I am constantly improving.

11. My story is special because no matter how many people are in the world, there will never be another version of my story.

12. I believe in myself enough to ace any test I take.

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Affirmations for Girls

Affirmations for Girls
Affirmations for Girls

Find an affirmation that captures a young woman’s dreams and empower her with it.

1. My imaginations are big.

2. Everything I do is good enough.

3. I am capable of leading.

It would be best if you encouraged your daughter to repeat these affirmations so she can manifest her future, as raising the next generation of female leaders is paramount.

4. I am passionate about challenges.

5. Nobody quite compares to me.

6. I am a strong person inside and out.

7. I am unique.

8. I enjoy new experiences.

9. My courage is strong.

10. I can achieve anything I set out to do

11. I feel good about myself and my future.

71 Positive Daily Affirmations for Kids
71 Positive Daily Affirmations for Kids

Would you like to learn more about how to build the confidence of the little kids in your care? You can find out in our article about the benefits of yoga. You’ll discover how it can help them relax, increase their attention span, and even boost their immunity.

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