Olivia Ponton Workout Routine and Diet Plan 2022

Olivia Ponton Workout Routine and Diet Plan 2022: Olivia Ponton is a model and social media celebrity. She became famous after posting workout videos on Tik-Tok, and she has even gained an official modeling contract.

Her TikTok videos inspired a lot of fans to ask for Olivia Ponton workout routine and diet plan. Here’s everything you need to know about her.

Learn everything you need to know about the Instagram influencer and model Olivia Ponton workout routine and diet plan and find out how she stays fit.

Olivia Ponton Workout Routine

Olivia has gone through a phase where she has been undergoing her own decision and thinking why can’t she have what other girls have, why she’s not famous, and maybe she’s not good enough. She worked out during that time, and now she’s where she wants to be, and I’m sure we’ll see a lot from her in the future.

The Olivia Ponton workout routine consists of cardio, core exercise, weight training, and bodyweight training. Olivia Ponton primarily works out at the gym. She focuses much of her routine on her core area and lower body.

Those of you who would like to see what she does can follow her Tik-Tok account, where she posts a lot of quarantine workouts that you can do. We have included some of her exercises, as well as ours, in order to give you a very effective home workout routine.

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Now let’s look at the technique that will give you a great body like Olivia Ponton. Olivia Ponton does the following workouts:


You can burn calories and lose bodyweight or extra fat by including cardio in your workout routine. You can do various cardio exercises like running, jogging, swimming, and skipping.

Cardio can be as simple as running a few miles, but you should run at least five miles if you are physically fit.

If you’re a beginner and can’t run much at all, just run what you can and cover the rest by walking.

This routine will help you remove extra fat from your body and help you tone your muscles.

However, if you are overweight, you may find it easier to walk for 30 minutes every day for four to five days per week.

You may start running or performing other workouts with greater intensity as soon as you become stronger.

Olivia Ponton Height, Weight and Body Measurements

Height5 feet 8 inches
Body Weight56 kg
Body TypeAthletic Body
Body Measurements34-25-35 inches
The table helps to know about Olivia Ponton’s Height, Body Weight, and Body Measurements.

Weight Training

You should focus on Olivia Ponton’s workout if you would like to build muscle and burn calories and have a stronger core.

Here you will find a variety of workouts that you can choose according to your goals. 

Olivia Workout In Day One

  1. Weighted squats

  2. Leg extension

  3. Kettlebell squats

  4. Squats

  5. Weighted lunges

  6. Squats jump

  7. Calf raise

  8. Leg press

  9. Weighted squats

Olivia Ponton’s Workout In Day Two

  1. Tricep extension

  2. Dumbbell flyes

  3. Tricep pushdowns

  4. Dumbbell curls

  5. Dumbbell shoulder press

  6. Lat pulldowns

  7. TRX rows

  8. Dumbbell press
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Olivia Ponton’s Workout In Day Three

  1. Weighted Squats

  2. Deep squats

  3. Dumbbell leg curls

  4. Leg press

  5. Leg curls

  6. Stiff-leg deadlift

  7. Weighted backward lunges

Olivia Ponton’s Workout In Day Four

  1. Side glute cable kickback

  2. Glutes cable kickback

  3. Weighted Hack squats

  4. Hyperextension

  5. Weighted Hip thruster

  6. Machine Thigh abduction

  7. Donkey kicks to a fire hydrant

  8. Resistance band leg lifts

  9. Weighted wall bridge

When you become stronger, you can increase the intensity or load of these exercises.

Olivia Ponton Core Workout

As for a core workout, it’s mostly a circuit routine, in which you do six to ten exercises without a break.

Ponton combines bodyweight exercises with some machine-based exercises in her core routine.

The following is a method you can use at home and in your gym. The following routine should be repeated three times, with each round consisting of at least ten processes:

  1. Cross crunches

  2. Double crunches

  3. Leg raises

  4. Toe touch crunches

  5. Russian twist with/without a medicine ball

  6. Wood chops with/without pulley

  7. Plank twisters

  8. Heel touch

  9. Plank

  10. Resistance band plank reach

That’s all for Olivia Ponton’s workout routine.

Olivia Ponton Diet Plan

Olivia Ponton’s diet consists of eating healthy foods, low carbs, and high protein food; she drinks shakes and smoothies and eats a lot of vegetables and fruits.

Many people reported that she was vegan, which is not true. Some of her fans have observed her eating a cheeseburger, which was not vegan.

Thus, most of the food she consumes consists of meat, and sometimes, as mentioned earlier.

Occasionally, she also indulges in sweet foods and desserts. Keeping healthy requires drinking plenty of water, and Olivia does that as well.

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