Jorge Garcia Weight Loss, Before and After, Diet, Surgery, Hair Cut [2022]

Jorge Garcia Weight Loss

Jorge Garcia Weight Loss: Read details about his Age, Height, Weight, Hair color, eye color, body type, body measurements, and more.

Jorge Garcia is an actor and comedian in the United States born on April 28, 1973. He is well known for his appearance in the ”Lost” television series from 2004 to 2010 for playing the role of Hugo “Hurley” Reyes. With his TV show Becker as Hector Lopez, Jorge started getting the public’s attention.

He was also a stand-up comedian and played a minor character on ABC’s Once Upon a Time in Fox TV series Alcatraz. In Hawaii Five-0, Jorge played the magnificent role of Jerry Ortega.

Often most of the stars work hard to make themselves fit to look more attractive and perfect. There are, however, still few stars, such as Jorge Garcia, who love their way and their physics.

Jorge Garcia Weight Loss, Height, and Physical Stats

For several years, Jorge Garcia was referred to the media as the most prominent member of the ”Lost” cast due to his height, which became a primary concern for him and his friends, family, and even co-stars.

That’s why he wanted to make some changes to his everyday routine to live a healthy lifestyle and prevent health issues, including diabetes. Not only is Jorge Garcia famous for his talents in acting! His incredible journey towards weight loss is still in the news and talks.

Jorge Garcia Height
Jorge Garcia Height

Image Source: Instagram

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He is very good actor and comedian but throughout his life he faced only one problem, his huge weight. Before losing weight he was near about 400 pounds. And after taking healthy diet and rigorous exercises helped him to reduced the weight more than 100 pounds. Jorge is currently 79 kg.

HEIGHT: 6 feet 1 inch

WEIGHT: 79 kg




BODY MEASUREMENTS: 44-34-38 inches

He stands a decent height at 6 feet 1 inch. His hair and eyes are brown in color. He is continuously working hard to maintain his body weight.

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How Did Jorge Garcia Start The Journey Of Weight Loss?

Jorge’s weight was about 400 pounds and he had a very bad habits of eating all the time. To reduce his weight, he had to change his diet routine. So, first of all, he stopped eating meats from animals. He stopped eating all those foods which are full of fats. He became pure vegetarian.

Jorge started maintaining a distance from fast foods or junk foods and drinks. He also started doing exercises to burn his fats. His hard work reduced his weight to 300 pounds. Later, he underwent gastric coronary bypass surgery.

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What Is The Reason Behind Jorge Garcia’s Weight Loss?

Very few knew the truth behind his lack of weight. His task for the “Lost” television series, Hugo “Hurley,” was in demand to lose a few pounds. The producer of the series asked him to reduce his weight for filming.

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Before filming, he managed to reduce 30 pounds but didn’t feel great about it. Jorge told that it was very painful of losing 30 pounds. So again, he again started eating like in the past. people said that he had an addiction with foods.

Later, Jorge started to improve his habits and asked nutrition experts and trained trainers for guidance. With the diet of Nooch, Jorge had great success. Well-known as the Nutritional Yeast diet, the use of deactivated yeast helps you lose weight.

Jorge Garcia Weight
Jorge Garcia Weight

Image Source: Instagram

He had some unsuccessful attempts on his journey. But at first, he began with fruits and vegetables to replace junk foods or fast foods. He then converted it into low carbohydrates and high foods for proteins. But he stopped drinking alcohol most notably. Jorge took help from workout trainers and dieticians trainers .

Weight Loss Surgery

Bypass surgery is the fastest method to reduce weight. Some sources says that Jorge underwent gastric bypass surgery to reduce fats which helped him to begin his journey towards weight loss. Some of his closest friends also claimed the same thing. In fact, Jorge has never admitted any weight loss surgery.

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