Did Owen Wilson Serve in The Military?

Owen Wilson Bio

Owen Wilson Aka Owen Cunningham Wilson is a famous American Hollywood Actor and Comedian.  But did Owen Wilson ever Serve in the Military? This is the question which might you think and searched over the internet, that’s why you are here.  But don’t worry, we will discuss here all those things, so keep scrolling and reading. 

Owen Wilson’s military service has not been recorded; He has not served in the military. He did attend military school at The New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell, America. 

But he never serves in the military Army as per the research that we have done.  Due to being expelled from his previous school, St. Mark’s preparatory school in Dallas. After completing the New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell, He was then admitted to the college at the University of Texas. 

After then, He started his career in the entertainment industry and became famous later. Wilson is known for his long association with renowned Filmmaker and Director Andrew Wilson.

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He shares his screenwriting and acting credits with the film Bottle Rocket (1996); Owen also debuted his acting career in the same film. His film The Royal Tenenbaums (2001), was nominated for Academy Awards for Best Original Screenplay, and on this film, he collaborated with his co-star Ben Stiller. 

Owen Wilson
Owen Wilson

To read Owen Wilson Journey, Childhood in Military school, Age, Net Worth, Career, biography, keep reading…..

Quick Bio

Owen Cunningham Wilson,  Was born on November 18, 1968, in Dallas, Texas, United States. Owen is a famous actor, producer, Screenwriter, model, and successful comedian. His Comedy in Hollywood movies made him famous and earned him huge popularity. 

After completing his New Mexico Military School, he was admitted to Mexico University, where he met renowned director Wes Anderson. It is said that after meeting with this legend, his life has changed.  Owen completely focused on his acting career and the Comedy that he loved most. 

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  • Name: Owen Wilson
  • Full Name: Owen Cunningham Wilson
  • NickName: Owen
  • Date of Birth: November 18, 1968
  • Age: 54 Years old (as of 2022)
  • Birthplace: Dallas, Texas, United States
  • Gender: Male
  • Famous for: Actor, Screenwriter, Comedian
  • Father’s Name: Robert Andrew Wilson
  • Mother’s Name: Laura Wilson
  • Brother Name: Andrew Wilson  and
  •                             Luke Wilson
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

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Early Life 

Owen Cunningham Wilson from Dallas, Texas. He was interested in comedy and Acting from his childhood. His father, Andrew Wilson, was an Advertising executive and worked at a public Tv station.

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Inspired by their parents, he also dreamed of becoming an artist to express his desire; he joined Famous director Wes Anderson later. His mother was also a photographer, and his inspiration and guides helped him a lot. 

Being from a photography family and his father being active in the entertainment industry, his other two brothers also take the same step. Older brother Andrew and younger one Lukes also become actors in his later life.

They’re also a funny story kept in them as their children get addicted to the Tv shows.  Robert’s family decided that they would stop it. 

But Little Owen was so fascinated and attracted to his favorite tv shows, that it forced him to visit a neighbor friend’s house, and before going to him, he would love to watch afternoon movies. 

The parents fail to stop watching Tv shows, but they don’t.  They would like their child to focus on their study and not waste time watching movies or TV.

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All three children from Wilson’s family are active in his childhood.  Owen, Luke, and Andrew were active youths, and they found various tricks to get entertained. Firstly, they started watching movies with friends or neighborhood family in the afternoon. They also tried different entertainment games due to a lack of TV. 

Owen Wilson Bio
Owen Wilson Bio

Entered into Military School

Owen Wilson was a vibrant child, and he never suffered any lack of amenities from a well-established family.  But Despite being positive and focused, his school performance may be dropped somehow due to TV shows’ attraction. 

Wilson got into trouble and was expelled from teenage School St. Mark’s School in Dallas. After being expelled from his former school, Owen took a transfer and was admitted into Roswell’s New Mexico Military Institute.

Another Story indicates that Teenaged Wilson cheated during the examination.  The story is like this–  He cheated and snitches the answer papers from his friend.

The incident happens when he gets heat for his geometry exam, does that shabby nobility, and tries to attempt some extra-credit numerous questions. 

He has been kicked out of his school as a teenager from St. Mark’s School and admitted into the New Mexico Military Institution in Roswell. 

is said that Wilson was sent to school as punishment, but according to Wilson, he intended to attend military school.  He decided to choose that Military school to finish his unfinished education and transfer from that school. 

 He then focused on his career; his intense dreams became blossomed, and he started writing then.  Soon he becomes editor of the School magazine of New Mexico Military Institution.

He got an opportunity to meet famous director Wes Adrewson via his friends. This meeting changed Owen’s life forever.  He debuted his screenwriting and acting career through Botle Rocket (1996).

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College he attended

After finishing his graduation from New Mexico Military Institution, he was admitted into the college. He took admitted to the University of Texas. He pursued a Bachelor’s degree Bachelor of Arts in English.   Through his friend, he met famous director Wes Anderson in 1990.  They get strongly attracted to each other personalities. Their bonding becomes strong as their shared love for movies makes them close to each other. He left his college in 1991.  


Wes and Wilson started short movie-making and aired them to free access to Austin’s public TV channel. At that time, Owen began screenplay writing, and besides that, he also took part in acting in comedy roles that became famous and earned him lots of popularity and helped him establish himself at the top of success.  

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The First Movie, The “Bottle Rocket,” was released in 1996.  The film becomes Owen Willson’s Screen debut under the direction of Wes Anderson. In this way, his career journey started, and since then, he has made serval movies in his name.

He made a giant leap when his film “Shanghai Noon” became hit, and his popularity increased through the cast of Roy O’Bannon. The film was a huge success; part two of this film also comes in 2003 as “Shanghai Knights” keep the tracks on. 

His Romantic Comedy movie “Wedding Crashers”(2005) got millions of Views and an impression. He played the comedian “John Beckwith,” a bachelor’s attorney in the movie that wins millions of Audiences’ hearts. He became the heartthrob of youth and gained much popularity. 

In 2017 He became the Brand ambassador and face of a £20 million advertising campaign for UK sofa retailer, Sofology. He earned a significant portion of his revenue from Brand advertisement also. He becomes a millionaire with his talent. 

  Here are a few lists of the movies of Owen has been given … check them out.    

1. Bottle Rocket (1996)
2. The Cable Guy (1996)
3. Anaconda (1997)
4. As Good as it Gets (1997)
5. Armageddon (1998)
6. The French Dispatch(2021)

Owen Wilson’s Net Worth

Owen Wilson is a famous actor, Screenwriter, and Comedian. His significant revenues come from Acting. Here are the estimated Owen Wilson Net Worth in 2021: $100 Million (Approx)
Owen Wilson Net Worth in 2020:  $ 90 Million (Approx)

Personal Life, girlfriend, Dating Suicide attempt

In April 2002, he released the album C’mon C’mon with a former girlfriend named Sheryl Crow.  The Collaboration with the song “Safe and Sound” together.   Wilson dedicated this song to Sheryl Crow, which got famous and gained popularity after release. 

Owen tried to suicidal attempt on August 26, 2007. He has been rushed to a hospital in Santa Monica, California.  Depressed, Owen Wilson tried to Suicide attempt. He was hospitalized at St. john Health Centre and Cedars-Signal Medical Center, where he was treated for suicidal injuries and depression. 

Owen Wilson Girlfriend name:

Owen Wilson dated his Exgirlfriend Sheryl Crow. 
After getting separated from Sheryl, he makes a girlfriend with Jade Duell.  In 2011 Owen and Jade gave birth to his first child Son. Their relationship also gets broken. 

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Owen and Caroline Lindqvist gave birth to Willson’s Second son.  He welcomed his third child a daughter in October 2018.  He received his third Child daughter with his ex-girlfriend Varunie Vongsvirates. Wilson’s colorful life is always in the headlines; his girlfriend later claimed that Owen never meets his daughter. The Shocking news spread all over the internet.

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Some Lesser-known facts about Owen Wilson

  • He wanted to be an actor, But didn’t initially plan to get into comedy, But later, he Enjoyed it.
  • He has Three Children, Two Son, and One Daughter.
  • He got into depression and Tried to attempt Suicide on August 26, 2007
  • Owen Wilson first becomes a Writer; then, he becomes an Actor.
  • He was Broken his nose Twice.
  • Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller together acted in 12 movies.
  • Wilson Met with Ben Stiller at the audition for the movie The Cable Guy.
  • His Girlfriend Varunie Vongsvirates alleged that he never met his daughter Lyla.
  • He loves to spend time, Every Thanksgiving day with his family in Dallas.
  • His favorite Actor and role model are Jonah Hill, Will Ferrell, and Vince Vaughn.
  • He once said if his Short film Bottle Rocket does not Succeed, His backup Plan was to join the Military. As Owen Wilson’s Military career did not start, He never joined the Military.
  • He is Now 54 years old as of 2022.

People also ask

Q1. What movie does Owen Wilson play in?
Owen Wilson Movie: He played Leading significant roles in various Movies. His First Short film was Bottle Rocket (1996), Then He had played roles in Behind Enemy Lines (2001).
I Spy (2002)
Marley and Me(2008)
Midnight in Paris (2011).

Apart from that he also has lots of Successful comedy Movies.

  • Zoolander (2001)
  • Starsky & Hutch (2004)
  • Wedding Crashers (2005)
  • You Me and Dupree (2006)
  • Drillbit Taylor(2008)
  • How do you Know (2010)

Q2. What is Owen Wilson’s real name?
Owen Cunningham Wilson

Q3. Does Owen Wilson say wow in every movie?
Owen Wilson Wow! Fantastic sound, aha! Right. He first used this word in his debut film Bottle Rocket in 1996. He has a large number of movies, around 52 released movies now. Owen Wilson Used the Special Word “wow” for at least 27 films statistically he said “Wow” in more than 52 percent of his movies.

Q4. What’s Owen Wilson’s net worth?

Owen Wilson is a successful actor in Hollywood and earns millions of dollars. His estimated net worth in 2022 is $100 million (Approx).

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