[UPDATED] Why Your weight loss is too Slow? Wanna know!

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During the weight-loss period, why do some people lose weight so fast while others lose weight so slowly? The same weight-loss method, some people quickly worked, and some people seem to be fat-prone physiques, stubborn fat, it is difficult to fight back. Being overweight is dangerous for health as well as it looks ugly and can bring severe health issues. 

Slow weight loss
Slow weight loss | Picture Credit @freepik

The essence of weight loss is to increase the body’s calorie gap. Only by increasing caloric output and reducing caloric intake can you slowly lose weight. The body’s metabolic level determines your weight loss rate. When the body’s metabolism is strong, the body’s calorie consumption value will increase, your weight loss rate will dramatically speed up, and the body will not easily gain weight. People with low body metabolism have low weight loss efficiency and are more likely to accumulate fat.

Why is your weight loss so slow? It is recognized that 6 bad habits are the main culprit, and these can cause lower metabolism, which directly impacts and inhibits losing weight. Here are those points; just Quickly Read it and sort out if you have any of those.

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Bad habits-1. Skip breakfast. 

Although they save the calories of breakfast, people who are not in the habit of eating breakfast have affected the body’s metabolism. Without the supply of calories, your body’s operating level will be below. You are prone to feeling like your blood sugar level is too low, dizziness and fatigue, and your weight loss speed will also be below.

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weight loss
weight loss | Picture Credit @freepik

Therefore, whether you are losing weight or not, you should eat breakfast on time. Breakfast should be supplemented with high-quality protein, and not eat all kinds of high-fat and high-carb foods.

Bad habits-2. Often eat junk food.

People who usually like to eat various fast food, fried foods, high-sugar processed foods, etc., will increase body operation burden. The body is prone to accumulate various toxins, and fat is easy to adhere to the internal organs. They are bloated fat people with poor physical fitness. Love exercise, the body’s metabolic cycle is slower, and the body’s aging will also accelerate.

If you want to stay young and have a strong metabolic level, you should usually reduce unhealthy junk food and eat more low-calorie natural foods. For example, fruits and vegetables can replenish body vitamins, dietary fiber, minerals, promote intestinal peristalsis, and improve constipation. It helps improve the level of body functioning and increases the speed of weight loss.

Bad habits-3. Drink too little water. 

Water is the key to supporting the body’s metabolism. Lack of water in the body will lead to low metabolism, accumulation of waste toxins, and poor weight loss. Studies have found that people who drink 2L of water a day and hydrate for multiple periods of time will have stronger body metabolism and lose weight significantly faster than those who do not like drinking water.

Bad habits-4. Insufficient protein supplementation. 

The body needs different calories to digest different foods. The body needs higher calories to break down protein food, and the decomposition time is longer, which can improve the heat effect of food.

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For those who ignore protein supplementation during weight loss, the muscles lack amino acid nutrition, the muscles will be broken down, the body’s basic metabolic level will also decrease, and the speed of weight loss will become slower and slower.

We need to add enough protein nutrition every day to increase the body’s metabolism and avoid muscle loss. The daily protein intake should reach more than 80g, and three meals can be supplemented with high-protein foods such as eggs, chicken breast, fish, milk, etc.

Bad habits-5. Insufficient sleep time. 

Sleeping at night is the prime time for body function restoration and can ensure efficient operation the next day. When you stay up late for a long time and lack sleep time, your body will age faster, your metabolic level will decrease, your body’s hormone secretion will be disordered, your cortisol level will increase, and your weight loss will slow down.
According to your own schedule, the scientific sleep schedule starts before 23:00 and maintains 6-8 hours of sleep per day.

Bad habit-6. Sitting for a long time. 

Nowadays, many people’s decreased exercise volume and they often sit for a long time. Sitting for a long time will inhibit the blood circulation of the lower limbs. The lower limbs’ muscles will degenerate and lose, and fat will accumulate, accelerating the image of elephant legs and small bellies, which is not conducive to maintaining a good figure.

We need to use the trivial time to get active, get up for 10 minutes every 1 hour, stimulate the circulation of the lower limbs, and reduce the chance of getting fat.

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