What Is Kevin Samuels’s Real Name?

Kevin Samuels’s Real Name: Kevin Samuels is a Chemical Engineer, Image Consultant, Dating Expert, Youtuber, and Social Media Star from Atlanta, Georgia, United States. But do you know, ”What is Kevin Samuels’s Real Name?”

His expertise is in motivational speaking, and helping companies and individuals regain their focus. Also, he has a very stylish appearance. Kevin gained fame by mentoring men and women, especially in the black community. 

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Brief Information About The Chemical Engineer, Image Consultant, Dating Expert, Youtuber, and Social Media Star, Kevin Samuels

Kevin Samuels is a technical graduate who initially started his career as a Chemical Engineer. From 2005 to 2009, Kevin worked as Business Development Manager in a firm, Office Depot.

His responsibility was to develop a thorough understanding of clients’ business prospects and develop strong, long-term relationships.

But he wanted to do something different which is apart from his profession. He wanted to help people so, he became a dating expert, Image Consultant, and motivational speaker.

But, there are very few people among his fans who know Kevin’s real name. Many people search on the internet, “What is the Real Name of Kevin Samuels?”

What is Kevin Samuels’s Real Name? ❤️

According to the Areal News report, Kevin Samuels’s Real Name is Kevin Roshon Samuels. On March 11, 1971, he was born in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. He is 51 years old as of 2022.  

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Kevin Samuels Real Name: Kevin Roshon Samuels

Kevin Samuels Age: 51 years old

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Some Rarest Facts About Kevin Samuels

  • Kevin Samuels is the owner of several beautiful properties and luxurious cars.

  • He created his YouTube channel on May 20, 2015, but uploaded his first post on March 8, 2016.

  • Kevin published his first Instagram post on October 26, 2020, which has already amassed 150k+ views.

  • On Instagram, Kevin promotes several fashionable branded products.

  • Social Media Star loves sunglasses and is always seen wearing a pair.

  • Kevin shares his dating advice mostly on social media platforms. So his popularity and number of followers are increasing day by day.

  • His social media fans always wait for his upcoming videos.

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