What is the Real name of Michael Jackson’s ex-wife?

Debbie Rowe Michael Jackson Ex Wife

Hi guys can you tell us one simple question? What is the Real name of Michael Jackson’s ex-wife? We are sure lots of people wouldn’t give correct answers to this question. Now if we ask another question, can you tell us how many children they have? and their names? Well, this is also a tricky question, you might not have a correct answer yet.  Also, it has the possibility that you guys forget all those things. 

If you still don’t recall the name, don’t worry in this article we shall go to disclose the secret relationship between the King of Pop,  Michael Jackson’s ex-wife, and their children. 

From 1996 to 1999, Debbie Rowe was married to Michael Jackson, the king of pop. Exclusive interviews with Rowe will be featured in a new TMZ documentary exploring the death of her ex-husband. 

Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe moments after their wedding ceremony in California, November 14, 1996

How did Debbie Rowe meet Michael Jackson?

How did Debbie Rowe meet Michael Jackson? Well, the story is very interesting. Debbie Rowe was an employee of a dermatology clinic, and all of sudden Michael need treatment for her vitiligo. 

Debbie Rowe was working at a dermatology office where Michael Jackson was treated for vitiligo when he met Debbie Jackson.

Debbie Rowe With Michael Jackson
Debbie Rowe With Michael Jackson

In the latest interview with ABC News Media, Rowe disclosed the secret, they had their first meeting in 2003.  She told the outlet: “I go ‘Hi’. And he goes ‘Hi,’ and I said, ‘You know what? Nobody does what you do better, and nobody does what I do better. Let’s get this over with.’ And he laughed, and we just became friends. It was just right away.”

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The relationship between Jackson and Rowe did not concern Presley because she believed Rowe was not glamorous enough for Jackson while he was married to Presley.

Debbie Rowe
Debbie Rowe

He turned to Rowe after he and Presley divorced 19 months after they were married in 1996.

As Rowe told ABC News, he was upset and I tried to console him. As a result of his desire to become a father, he was upset. “I said, ‘So become a father.’ He looked at me amused.

“That is when I looked at him and said. ‘Let me do this. I want to do this. You have been so good to me. You are such a great friend. Please let me do this. You need to be a dad, and I want you to be.'”

In November 1996, just weeks after his divorce from Presley, Jackson married Rowe at the Sheraton on the Park Hotel in Sydney, Australia. 

Debbie Rowe Michael Jackson Ex Wife
Debbie Rowe Michael Jackson Ex-Wife

Rowe told the ABC News Media outlet that Jackson’s dream of becoming a father was something she wanted to fulfill for him. “I believe there are people who ought to be parents, and he’s one of them,” she said. He is such a wonderful man and a good friend, and he has been there for me from the day we met.

What is the name of their children? How many children do they have?

The situation comes very challenging, Rowe was already pregnant with their first child, Michael Jackson, but Rowe was worried about the situation and ensured their son wasn’t born out of Wedlock. Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. was their first child.  

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“They had enough to deal with already, and they didn’t need that label placed upon them like their father had so many placed upon him,” Rowe told ABC News.

Michael Jackson With his Children
Michael Jackson With his Children

She had a miscarriage earlier that year and feared she would not be able to have children, but on February 13, 1997, Michael Joseph Jackson Jr., also known as Prince Michael, was born. After that, on April 3, 1998, the couple got their second child, Paris Jackson. 

Rowe had conceived the children solely for Jackson, knowing he would be a great father, and she relinquished custody of her children when they divorced in 1999. 

During court testimony, Rowe stated that she hadn’t had much contact with Michael Jr. or Paris and wanted to stay out of their lives.

According to her testimony, she did it for him to become a father, not for her to become a mother. “A parent is someone who earns the title. In my case, I haven’t earned it at all.”

Debbie Rowe and Michael Jackson with their children
Debbie Rowe and Michael Jackson with their children

Lawyers asked Rowe “if Michael died, what would happen to the children?”  

Debbie Rowe: “I’m sure he has a wonderful person in mind to take care of them.”

During the divorce, Rowe received $10 million, and Jackson took sole custody of the children. However, she applied to resume contact and requested visitation rights in 2006. 

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As soon as they reached an agreement, Rowe started visiting her children again and when Jackson passed away in 2009, Michael Jr and Paris went to live with his mother, who had been granted custody since then.

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As a result of a new arrangement, Rowe’s children now live with their grandma while she got visitation rights. 

Hope these unknown interesting stories might solve the puzzle that is still in your mind. Please do share with your close friends, let them know the secret relationship with Michael Jackson, and let them know their children’s names. 

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