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Which Religion Jamal Murray Follow?

Is Jamal Murray Religious? Which Religion Does Jamal Murray Follow? There are currently unanswered questions that are storming for a long time to the reader’s mind. Readers may notice lots of fans asked to search those answers that are currently not available. Lots of popular celebs and sports personalities openly share their Religion beliefs and express their gratitude towards God. They are always thankful that they are blessed with God’s Health, Name, Fame, and life they are now enjoying. But when it comes to the Famous Canadian NBA player Jamal Murray, people get stuck; they started finding out those answers, and their curiosity becomes condensed. 

Jamal Murray is not publicly expressed his religion publically.  He never said an interview about which religion he follows. He may be religious, but still, he has not been expressed publically or officially.  The religious faith of famous Canadian NBA basketball players still unknown, but the news that comes from the various sources suggested that he follows Christianity, but strong evidence still not there to support this statement.  He has even not seen till now praying or attend any Church. 

Jamal Murray Meditation
Jamal Murray Meditation Technique | Image Source NBA

Is Jamal Murray a Serious Meditator? Does He follow Hinduism?

It’s said that when he was kids, his father trained and inspired him to do meditation to relax and become sharp in his mind.  His father was a great fan of Bruce Lee, and he adopted meditation techniques from Legendary martial artist Bruce Lee’s film.  His father, Roger Murray, Trained his son Jamal since his childhood, and this technique perfectly works wells for him.  

You can checkout the below video What is Jamal Murray Said about Importance of Meditation regular basis.

As we all know, Meditation is a practice that is a gift from India to the world the Great.  Since thousand and thousand of years ago, Indian Sages, Rishi Munis, Practices Meditation, Yoga and others various activities.   It’s become evident that these powerful techniques are mainly originated from India in 15000 BCE.  Research shows that Adiyogi, the first Yogi or the Meditator, has spent years after years to tech the first seven sages known as SaptaRishi.  The time periods may be old as 17000 years ago from the current date and time. 

The origination of Yoga and Meditation also founds in various Ancients Chinese texts and books. Historians researched on these and proved that the main origin of these great techniques and lifestyles come from India. Indian Ancient Religion Sanatan Hindu Dharma, Which is consists of Vedantism,  based on Four Vedas.

  • Rig Veda
  • Sama Veda
  • Yajur Veda
  • Atharva Veda

    These four Vedas are the evidence that meditation and Yoga are originated in India and those who follow and have faith in this religion called Sanatan Hindu or Hindu,   which is the oldest religion as per the scriptures.  Based on These Vedas, other religions apart from Hinduism,   Jainism, Buddhism also has foundation roots in Vedas. 

But the magical fact is that originally linked to the Religion in Hinduism, Meditation, and Yoga, and other sadhanas are separated from the modern western practice.  Some Great sages and Sannyasi and fonds of Hinduism Spread the beneficial Yoga techniques, Meditation to the western countries.  As it’s easy to follow, easy to use, and mind-blowing instant effects soon its get these techniques to become popular in Western society.  Due to separation from religion and ease to use and follow, many people were welcomed in  Western Countries, and they live happily.

In this way, his father Roger also tech this beautiful art of living, and soon he adopted it since his childhood, and the result started showing now.  Due to the separation from Religious roots,  Jamal Murray takes advantage of Meditation successfully in his basketball career. 

How Jamal Murray become a Successful Meditator?

It’s scientifically proved that Meditation helps to sharpen the mind, increase the body’s strength, and gain a blessed spirit.  When Body, Mind, and Spirit became together and harmonized, one man becomes a superhuman being. He can achieve everything that he deserves in his mind and his life.  A controlled mind-controlled physical energy and gaining blissful spirit are only possible when you become master of your  Body, Mind, and spirit.   The human body is a very powerful complex machinery; you need to read a user manual to function beyond your limit.  Meditation helps to achieve all these things because Meditation and Yoga are the user manual for your body.

But how Jamal Murray started training in Meditation?  Well, that’s was long interesting stories behind it.  Let the long stories short,  Jamal’s father Rogers was a  great fan of King of Martials arts Bruce Lee.  He watched every film of him and inspired meditation from his film. 

When Jamal was a little boy, he thought it would be great to give training Meditation to his little child from this tender age. He started giving training, and Jamal practicing these Meditation techniques regularly.  Soon he becomes capable of catching these techniques and applies them while playing basketball. The brilliant idea does works for him, and he started visualization of his game just like Bruce Lee did in his film.  And believe me,  The result becomes superb.  Little Jamal Realises the power of Meditation, knowingly or Unknowingly, that it belongs to Hinduism, and it’s originated from India. He used these skills and techniques in his basketball career.

In an Interview With Players Tribune, He recalled his old age memory and said, “Learning to meditate is one of my earliest memories. I started when I was maybe three or four. I mean, I didn’t know I was meditating. I just thought it was a weird game my dad had invented. I would sit on the couch and try to remain as still as possible. That wasn’t too hard. Then my dad would try to make me laugh. He’d make funny faces and think of all kinds of ways to distract me. I was supposed to stay in control and not react — to pretend he wasn’t there. But the goal wasn’t to pretend he wasn’t there. It was to clear my mind and notice everything that was going on around me.”

He also added when he was grown up, and it was challenging to meditate in public places, so he always finds a quiet and silent place to meditate. If he finds an opportunity, he quickly takes two minutes to dip into meditation. That two minutes of quitting his mind from the current situation, he becomes felts like a huge strength and confidence in his mind, body but those power could not see anyone.

Even Jamal knowingly or unknowingly uses Meditation since his childhood, and he has never used meditation for religious status, he still becomes a master of these powerful techniques.  He is getting the benefit of Meditation which taught him how to cool down his mind and separate his mind from his body, to control the emotion and become safe from any mental trap that drainage energy rather than use it for his success.  Best wishes to him.

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