Who is Anastasiia Lenna?  Ex-Miss Ukraine Join army to fight for her motherland

Anastasiia Lenna Ex- Miss Ukraine

Who is Anastasiia Lenna?  Ex-Miss Ukraine joins the army to fight for his country.

During the Ukraine-Russia conflict, Ex-Miss Ukraine joins the Army, taking off her high heels and putting on heavy army boots with a rifle in her hand, leaving her high heels behind. Anastasiia Lenna, the former Miss Ukraine who ties her ponytail tightly, has become a soldier.

Anastasiia Lenna
Anastasiia Lenna

She wears combat boots instead of high heels. She wears a leather jacket as well. She holds a weapon in her hand. During the last few days, the former ‘Miss Ukraine’ has been seen in many places on the internet.

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However, that is not a substitute for actually acting in a film. In other words, Anastasia Lena is literally on the battlefield this time.  To wipe out enemy invaders from Russia, she has taken these steps.

Anastasiia Lenna Miss Ukraine
Anastasiia Lenna Miss Ukraine

The thing about Anastasia is that she feels more comfortable standing before the camera. However, she has been busy with other projects in recent years rather than modeling or acting. Her activities have consisted of repeatedly going to the shooting range. The objective is to drive out the Russian aggressors from this country this time around.

Anastasiia Lenna Joined Army
Anastasiia Lenna Joined Army

To maintain the independence of the motherland, she has taken up arms. At the same time, Anastasia is inspiring the people through internet media. After Thursday’s attack on Ukraine, she urged the media to resist Putin’s forces. She urged fans to become active in their opposition to the Russian government.

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Anastasia also made a warning to the Russian military. In a post on Instagram on Saturday, she made clear that everyone who crossed the border into Ukraine to join the invasion would be killed.

Anastasiia Lenna Joined Army to Motivate People
Anastasiia Lenna Joined Army to Motivate People

In addition, the former model and actor have spoken out in support of Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zolensky. On a picture that can also be seen on Anastasia’s post, Zelensky can be seen walking shoulder to shoulder with Ukrainian troops. Anastasia considers Zelensky to be an excellent leader.

In response to the urging of Kyiv Mayor Vitaly Klitschko, Anastasia, 24, has joined the Ukrainian army. According to the mayor of Kyiv, many country citizens are fighting for the motherland. They have asked us about weapons. Many of these people have experience working in the army. That is why we have been able to build civil society resistance against Russia.

Anastasiia Lenna fight for Motherland
Anastasiia Lenna fought for Motherland

It is not difficult to find a woman like Anastasia in the Ukrainian army. According to official statistics, the Ukrainian army has the largest number of female fighters in the world – 36,000. Zelensky’s female soldiers are highly skilled at defeating their enemies on the battlefield and make up an essential part of his army.

It was recently announced that the mayor of Kyiv has called on more citizens to participate in the country’s crisis by taking up arms. It is up to everyone proud of his or her country – whether a man or a woman – to take up arms,” he said.

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Short Biography of  Anastasia Lenna  Ex-Miss Ukraine

Anastasia was not supposed to take up arms, and When she was only 13 years old, she started acting. Along with her acting career, She has also performed on television or modeled.

Anastasia won the title of the best in a beauty contest in 2015 in addition to her acting and modeling efforts. The competition that year was called ‘Miss Grand International‘, during which she won the title of ‘Miss Ukraine.’

Anastasiia Lenna Ex- Miss Ukraine
Anastasiia Lenna Ex- Miss Ukraine

Before beginning her professional career, Anastasia graduated with a degree in Marketing and Management from the Slavistic University in Kyiv. In the past five years, She has traveled to Istanbul, Ankara, and Bodrum, Turkey, to work as a public relations manager.

There have been many other roles this model has played in her life. She also worked as a marketer, besides modeling.   In addition to being fluent in five languages, Anastasia has worked as a translator for quite some time in her life. Now all things are pat, and It is a matter of priority for Anastasia to save the country.  So she joined her army, leaving her career because it’s crucial to save her country from this situation.  

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