Who is the Ghost of Kyiv?

The Ghost of Kyiv

Who is the Ghost of Kyiv? Ukraine Russia Conflict, Ukraine claims that the Ghost of Kyiv destroys six Russian warplanes!  Overnight he becomes famous over the internet.

The Ukrainian fighter jet pilot is now in the headlines all over the world.  Does The Ghost of Kyiv Still Alive? Does Ghost of Kyiv a real pilot? Does he really shootdown 6 Russian warplanes?  Many questions surrounding the Ukrainian ‘Hero’

 In this article, we shall discuss all those things so please stay tuned with us. Before that we pray to God, and hope devastating situations will be calmed down, everything will be normal back, and war will end soon.  Any kind of damage is bad for humanitarians.  

The ‘Ghost of Kyiv‘ is destroying one Russian warplane after another with the right target! Not one or two. total 6 warplanes in just 30 hours. In the aftermath of releasing the viral video over the internet, there has been an uproar in the media over such a video.

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Ukraine has claimed the reputation of an unnamed pilot on the eve of Russia’s fight against Ukraine on Thursday. This pilot has been called the “Ghost of Kyiv“. As a result of his heroic actions, Volodymyr Zelensky was also considered a hero by his government. Although there are a lot of questions surrounding the claimed heroism of Volodymyr Zelensky.

Many videos have gone viral on Twitter that shows a man wearing a helmet sitting in the pilot’s seat of a Ukrainian MiG-29 fighter jet. The man is flying the aircraft in various cities throughout Ukraine. Quite a few Russian jets are being shot down from the skies with the perfect aim by our air force. So far, our pilot has destroyed ten aircraft. Did the “Ghost of Kyiv” really do that?

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It seems to be true that a video with 5 million likes has come into existence amid the debate concerning the authenticity of the fame of an unidentified Ukrainian pilot. The person who made the viral post claimed that ‘Ghost of Kyiv’ blew up two SU-35, one SU-27, one MiG-29, and two SU-25 aircraft belonging to the Russian Air Force. However, all these rumors have been refuted by various media outlets and a section of Twitter users.

Is the ghost of Kyiv still alive?

Popular News agency Reuters has denied the existence of the ‘Ghost of Kyiv‘. They claim that the viral video on Twitter is fake. It is actually footage of a video game called ‘Digital Combat Simulator (DCS) in 2008

According to Reuters, no Ukrainian fighter jet is destroying Russian aircraft in the video seen on the internet. Rather, it was part of the DCS video game.

The Ghost of Kyiv
The Ghost of Kyiv

The Ghost of Kyiv has been credited for its morale-boosting effect on Ukrainians even though its existence has not been confirmed yet, some people claimed that too. What is the reality then? 

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There is however a reluctance on the part of the Ukrainian government to accept this request from the international media. On Sunday, the Ukrainian government posted a 36-second video, to prove that The Ghost of Kyiv really exists, and He is their National Hero.

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Who Posted The Ghost of Kyiv Video? The Ghost of Kyiv Viral Video

The video posted on Ukraine’s official Twitter account was entitled, “People know it as the Ghost of Kyiv.”. And it is rightly referred to as such. There is no doubt that the veteran pilot of the Ukrainian air force has become a nightmare for the Russian invaders.

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In the first 30 hours of the Russian invasion in February 2022, the Ukrainian government claims that the Ghost of Kyiv shot down six Russian warplanes in Ukraine. This was followed by the destruction of 10 other aircraft by February 26.

With this comment, ‘(in air warfare) to become an excellent pilot.  The experienced Ghost of Kiyv Pilot has destroyed 5 planes,  But the Ukrainian government claimed that Ghost of Kyiv shot down twice as many planes.

Ukraine has a quote or UnQuote declared  The “Ghost of Kyiv Pilot” as a National hero. The video has started circulating from a government account with a cartoon.

A few lines are given along with the beginning of the video. It said, “This is perhaps the first time since World War II that Ukraine has had a master pilot. This unknown pilot of MiG-29 aircraft is known as Ghost of Kyiv! The Ukrainians are grateful to this brave hero, who is having breakfast with a Russian plane.’

Despite there being many unanswered questions coming into the front,   the former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has hailed the existence of a “hero” in Ukraine. He also shared the video on Friday. Wrote with, ‘Great Speed ​​and Happy Hunting!’ At the same time, he hopes that Ukraine will win the war if it has a strong defender like the Ghost of Kyiv!

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Ukraine Ghost of Kyiv

Many people have been wondering why is this Zelensky government claiming the heroism of an urban hero whose existence has been questioned? Many believe that Ukraine has adopted this approach to unite the entire nation under the guise of an urban hero throughout the war. 

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