Who is Lionel Richie’s Wife? Check out His Younger Girlfriend youthfulness and Cuteness

Lisa and Lionel Richie

Who is Lionel Richie’s Wife? This is a thousand-dollar question. Lionel Richie is well known for his music since his debut in the 1970s. Dancing on the Ceiling Actor always stays headline earned lots of fame and names, at the same time, he is nowadays become popular on social media due to his younger girlfriend, Lisa Parigi

Along with his impressive back-to-back albums and hits, his personal life also becomes very popular; being a husband of two ex-wives,  Brenda Harvey- Richie, and Diane Alexander macho man Lionel, currently dating Lisa, who is 4 decades younger than him, a huge age gap makes him always viral on social media. 

Lisa and Lionel Richie
Lisa and Lionel Richie | Image Source Instagram @lisaparigi

Lionel Richie’s younger partner Lisa Parigi, become viral once again as she posted adorable pics on his own social media Instagram handle.  Here we will be going to disclose the affairs and wife of Lionel Richie from Brenda to Lisa, who is currently living with him. Who are Lionel Richie’s wife and partner if you wanna know their romantic chemistry and loving life in spite of being a mammoth age gap, just scroll down below?

Brenda Harvey-Richie:  According to Popular media Earn the Necklace, Brenda Harvey Was his first wife.  The report further says that Lionel married Brenda in October 1975 after dating her for 4 years.  Lionel got huge success in his debut in 1970 and started a serious relationship with Brenda. Earn The Necklace also reported that the duo was a long-term loving bird before they tied their knot and enjoyed romance from their college life at Tuskegee University. 

Lionel Richie First Wife Brenda
Lionel Richie First Wife Brenda |Image Source Amomama

The couple adopted his band’s member daughter.  Nicole Richie, aka Nicole Camille Escovedo, when she was 3 years old informally, but at the age of 9, Nicole was officially adopted by the couple.  The reason happens that one of his band’s members Peter Michael Escovedo, and his wife Karen Moss could not afford to provide for their daughter. Kind-hearted Lionel and his wife Brenda come forward and take responsibility for Nicole Richie. 

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Brenda Have’y Divorce and Diane Alexander’s Entry

After spending 9 years of married life with his wife Brenda,  Lionel started dating Diane Alexander in 1984. The rumors went viral, and the relationship with his college sweetheart Brenda is over. But the actual incident is something different. Brenda caught him red-handed for cheating on her,  keeping extra-marital affairs with Diane, in her apartment where the duo was inside the room. According to the famous news portal People, After being caught red-handed, Angry Brenda burst with anger Kicked Richie’s Stomach area, and expressed his anger toward Diane Alexander. The incident sparked fuel when Lionel called the police, and Brenda was charged and booked for assaulting Richie and Alexander. 

Lionel Richie and Diana Alexander
Lionel Richie and Diana Alexander | Image Source Pinterest

But she has released the jail within the same day for posting $5,000 bail in the court. The bitterness increased their relationship, and it leads to a permanent separation between Brenda from Lionel Richie. The final Nail put their relationship,  In August 1993, the college sweetheart Brenda permanently go away from his life with a divorce certificate, and their relationship ended in such a pathetic way. 

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As every beginning has an End and every End has a new beginning, freedom lovers Americans love their independence and are known to have another new relationship in the world.  Now Lionel Richie Life is free to take a hand with his other sweetheart Diane.

Lionel Richie And Diane Alexander Tied Knot For Family Life.

After Lionel Richie got a divorce from Brenda Harvey-Richie, he becomes free from all obstacles.  Now the extra-marital affairs with Diane Alexander become his 2nd wife. His Ex-wife  Brenda divorced him in 1993, and after that, there was no obstacle to living with Diane. He planned to remarry, and finally, that day comes. Are 2nd innings starting soon? 

One year later, The Couple welcomed their first child, his son Miles Brockman Richie on May 27, 1994.   Diane Delivered their first son and started a family.  But still, they are not married and living together.  After spending 1 year, that day comes on Lionel and Diane’s Life; on December 21, 1995,  The couple tied their knot and announced officially, that Diana Become Lionel Richie’s second wife after Brenda. Expanding to completing their family, they planned to give second childbirth, and on August 24, 1998, they finally welcomed their daughter Sofia Richie who is currently trending on social media. 

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Splitting The Marriage life Lionel Richie and Diane Alexander

As we already said, every beginning has an end and every end has a new beginning. Spending 7-8 years together with his second wife Diane after divorcing his first wife Brenda, his 2nd relationship didn’t last long. Finally, that day also comes in Richie’s life when they witnessed the splitting event between married couple Lionel and Diane.  They announced officially the sad news they are going to split, and finally 2004, they got separated from each other. 

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 “Dancing on the Ceiling’s actress, Diane Alexander, filed a divorce suit and demanded a huge amount of $300,000 per month for Spousal support and another few thousand dollars for her paying plastic surgery bills.  According to the E News, this was one of the most expensive  $20 million divorces suid that lionel Richie’s had to pay.  Richie drainage a huge amount of money from his pocket and paid for that. 

Lionel Richie’s Partner Lisa Parigi

But this is not the end, Lionel Richie is Dating Lisa Parigi, and it’s a matter of fact they are officially going to announce the date of the wedding soon. If this happens Lisa would be the third Lionel Richie’s third wife. Romantic Lionel’s love life continued as usual and became viral on social media when he started dating famous successful model, entrepreneur Lisa Parigi.  Lisa is much younger than Richie, and their 4 decade age difference always makes her and their relationship on the front line viral on social media platforms. 

Lionel Richie Wife Lisa Parigi
Lionel Richie Wife Lisa Parigi | Image Source Instagram @lisaparigi

Romantic Evergreen youth Lionel Richie started his third innings with Stunned youthfulness, successful models, and entrepreneur Lisa Parigi. Despite being a huge 40 years age gap, they both seem to be happy with each other.  The American Idol judge Lionel Richie started dating with younger girl Lisa in 2012. 

Lisa Parigi and Lionel Richie
Lisa Parigi and Lionel Richie | Image Source Instagram @lisaparigi

Romantic relationships with huge age gaps often raise huge criticism and eyebrows, and in this case, there is an extra issue that critics found the huge age gap between the loving couple. Lionel Richie again hit the headline when news broke that the 70 years old Lionel Richie dating Lisa for more than 7 years, and they’re a huge age gap.  Some Critics also fear that the age gap is triggering an alarm in their relationship ut the couple enjoying their life as usual.

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The couple will share their wedding, as per the rumors whirling around on corners of social media walls.

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