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Yesenia Araceli Rodríguez Madrid, better known as Cheli Madrid, is a popular Mexican Singer, songwriter. She is known for the Mexican regional genre. She was born in Culiacán Sinaloa on February 26, 1992, currently one of the greatest exponents of Mexican music who has many successes that support her career. Her musical genres are regional Mexican, norteña, ranchera, mariachi, and banda.

Cheli Madrid, famous for his talent, become a Mexican genre singer. Cheli Become the face of modern Mexican music. As the wife of Angel del Villar founder of Del Records, sweetheart Cheli established herself on the top of the entertainment world by her talent, relationship, and music.

Cheli Madrid Bio
Cheli Madrid Bio

Cheli is the eldest daughter among the other 4 siblings. In her first years of life, Cheli Madrid always proved to have a great talent for music; in fact, when she was a child, she always took care of all the parties that her family did, she lent herself to all the guests, relatives and those attending the party to make them have an excellent time, also when her school had some singing or talent contest, she signed up because she always wanted to be doing something that would keep her close to music.

Quick Bio of Cheli Madrid

Cheli Madrid

Full name: Yesenia Araceli Rodríguez Madrid
Nick Name: Cheli Madrid
Date of Birth: February 26, 1992
Place of Birth: Culiacán Sinaloa, Mexico.
Nationality: Mexican
Profession: Singer
Ethnicity: Regional Mexican
Husband Name/ Dating: Angel del Villar

Physical Stat: Yesenia Araceli Rodríguez Madrid
Height: 5 feet 6 inches
1.71 cm
Weight: 59 kg
130 lbs

Eye colour: Brown
Skin colour: White
Hair colour: Black
Zodiac sign: Pisces

Early life

Cheli is the eldest daughter out of 4 siblings, all the children of Aída Madrid, from Mazatlán, Sinaloa, with whom her daughter enjoys singing songs like ‘Cuando Me Dejes de Amar‘ as a duet. Besides her musical work, Yesenia Araceli graduated from “California State University” bagged a Business Administration degree with a Marketing specialisation.

After graduating, she moved to Monterrey, joining the roster of Latin Power Music artists, where, along with Dayana Lee, they became known as the ” Cumbia Girls .” She is a shy girl and hasn’t shared much about her family in any public domain; when we shall get much more about her parents and family will update here.

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Opportunity From 3Ball MTY

In 2014, the opportunity arose for the ” Cumbia Girls ” to accompany the group ” 3Ball MTY ” on their one-year tour of Mexico and the United States, which they did. After this job, in 2015, he decided to focus on his personal career and focus his efforts on making his songs begin to be heard.

Since Cheli Madrid had dreamed of being a singer since she was seven, she focused on it through social networks and began promoting her career. Thus, he began to stand out within the Regional Mexican genre as one of his new talents, one of the most listened to and seen on social networks.

Cheli Madrid live performance
Cheli Madrid live performance

All these efforts made possible a rapprochement with Ángel del Villar, owner and founder of the company “DEL Records, “through a mutual friend. Cheli Madrid is part of the artist staff of “DEL Records,” a leading independent entertainment company of Regional Mexican music. When she signed the contract, she commented: ” I am full of hope, energy, and motivation to continue fighting .” Ángel del Villar replied: “Cheli Madrid represents the female future of regional Mexican genre music.”

Cheli Madrid dating Ángel del Villar

In July 2019, the musical entrepreneur Ángel del Villar, director of DEL Records, surprised his fans by presenting his girlfriend, Cheli Madrid, on the networks, who although she already has a long career in music, for a long time, they did not know who she was and with that statement they met her.
However, since March, the music entrepreneur only limited himself to showing off in networks the beautiful ring that he had given to his girlfriend to ask for her hand. Still, he did not want to reveal who it was until he appeared with Cheli Madrid in July, uploaded on a yacht giving a tremendous kiss.

Mrs Cheli Madrid
Mrs Cheli Madrid

Sadly for the couple, the harsh comments were immediate. Many assured that Cheli would only be dating Ángel del Villar out of interest since although his career has had some successes, the reality is that she has not finished emerging as he expected, so by marrying Ángel, he would ensure a good future in music he did not hit much.

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As a Songwriter

Cheli has recently started writing songs and is convinced that songwriting will help her grow as an artist and advance her career. For this reason, she has made composition one of her main objectives, and that is that the singer believes that ” When there are no words, there are songs … “.

Cheli began in the musical composition with the song “If Someday I Find You (Si Algún Día Te Encuentro),” which has penetrated very well within the public audience mind that follows it. All this work is done seeking to become the most important female voice of the Mexican regional genre.

Cheli Madrid (@hermosasdecheli) • Instagram photos and videos

Check out Mrs. Madrid latest Instagram photos and videos on on her instagram handle.


Here are few famously recorded albums which are released in recent years ago. Visit bellow to check out.

  • (Rancheritas Con Guitarras En Vivo) i.e  Rancheritas With Guitars -Live in 2017
  • Confidente (Confidente ) in 2019

She has many popular single tracks in her name, which are successful and become popular after releasing to the Mexican audience.

  • Acá Entre Nos and El Señor De Las Canas in the year of 2017
  • Qué Poquito Me Conoces released in the year of 2018
  • Hoy Que Te Vas in the year 2019
  • Si Algún Día Te Encuentro year of 2019
  • Tiempo released in July 2019
Beautiful Cheli Madrid
Beautiful Cheli Madrid

Not only that, but She also recorded some videography some audiovisual tracks and released them on Youtube and album. You can go through these videos and check how they are…

Here are few tracks which is most watched in Youtube channel. You can just check it out from bellow list.

  • Que Poquito Me Conoces which was released on November 2018
  • Si Algún Día Te Encuentro This song was released on March 2019
  • Tiempo i.e Time in English released on July 2019.
  • El Hubiera No Existe Oct. 2019
  • Canciones de Oro in 2020

Awards and Fame she received

Cheli Madrid is nominated for the 2019 Radio Awards as ” Revelation of the year (
revelación del año) 

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Cheli Madrid Net worth

She is a professional singer and songwriter. Her estimated net worth approximately $2 million. Her majority of revenue comes from her performance and songs that she performs life and released on an album.

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Cheli Madrid Mexican Singer
Cheli Madrid Mexican Singer

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Some unknown facts about Cheli Madrid

  • Yesenia Araceli Aka Cheli grew up from her young age surrounded by music. Her maternal uncle was part of the Sinaloan band “Los Rinconeños.” Her Mother also has an affinity for music, sang while doing housework, and listened to her favourite artist.
  • At the age of 7, Yesenia performs in a public audience for the first time.
  • She is a fan of Graciela Beltrán; at the age of 12, she becomes known as Shelly Rodríguez.
  • Cheli Joined the group “3Ball MTY” at the age of 22.
  • Her popularity increased, and she is known through Instagram and Facebook and Youtube videos.
  • Cheli becomes popular after her daily vlog on youtube. She regularly posts her video from home and keeping that point and view, and she started live recording. She recorded live album become famous and gained her massive popularity in her social media profiles. Her first live recorded albums are “Rancheritas Con Guitarras,” which is released in 2017
  • He started working with DEL Records company, the owner of her husband, Ángel del Villar.
  • Her song Que Poquito Me Conoces reached No. 3 position on iTunes, in November 2018.
  • At present, the Artist is living for almost 2 decades in Southern California, United States. She leads a very active life and loves outdoor activities. She manages and promotes her successful career from there.

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