Who is Michelle Bridges’ partner?


Michelle Bridges is one of the popular and richest Australian fitness personalities, personal trainer, Popular Author, and Tv personality. Michelle was Born on 20th October 1970. Being one of Australia’s fitness personalities and Guru, she is always being headlined if there is anything. Recently She was found guilty in the Drink and Drive case.

Michelle Bridges married fitness trainer and Gym owner Bill Moore. Michelle Bridges married Bill Moore in 2003 and lived together who one decade. Bill become her business manager in the same year. But the Couple separated in 2013. After Being separated from Bill, Michelle Bridges Started dating Biggest Loser trainer Steve Willis. After 2 years later couples have their first child together. They welcomed their Son Axel on 19 December 2015. But the relationship has ended, and Mrs. Bridges announced later that She and Steve Willis had broken up; their relationship is over now.

Fitness Guru Michelle Bridges
Fitness Guru Michelle Bridges | Image Source Instagram

Short Bio of Michelle Bridges

12WBT | Image Source Instagram

Name: Michelle Bridges

Full Name: Michelle Bridges

Nickname: Michelle

Date of Birth: October 20, 1970

Age: 52 years old ( As of 2022)

Birthplace: Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia

Nationality: Australian

Religion: Christianity
Profession: Fitness Guru, Personal Trainer, Author, And TV personality.

Physical Status of Australian Fitness Guru Michelle Bridges

Height: 5 feet 7 Inches
170 cm

Weight: 58kg
127 lbs
Body Measurements: 36-28-38
Bra Size: 36B
Waist Size: 28 inches
Hips Size: 38 inches
Body Type: Athlete/Slim
Eye Color: Brown

Exercise | Image Source Instagram

Michelle Bridges Family Background

Mis Bridges comes from e middle-class family. She is timid and protective in nature and is believed to keeps private details non-public. She has not shared his father’s and Mother’s names except her Sister’s names. She has a sister named Tracy Bridge. Apart from that, we don’t have any information regarding her personal family life.

Early Life

Bridges completed his high school in Nelson Bay, New South Wales. According to an interview with “The Sydney Morning Herald,” She once said, “I was 14 when I pitched the idea to my schoolmistress that I would take the kids at school who didn’t play sport, who hung around smoking cigarettes and do fitness classes with them.” 

She then takes started his training along with his personal trainer Trash Sheehy at the Local squash court. When She was 18 years old, she completed her graduation from the Australian Institute of Fitness and became a certified fitness instructor.

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Fitness and Health
Fitness and Health | Image Source Instagram

Michelle Bridges’ Educational Qualification

SchoolNelson Bay High School, New South Wales
CollegeAustralian Institute of Fitness


She was chosen as a brand ambassador from where she was passed. Since 2009 served in this prestigious position. In 2007, Bridges became a trainer on “The Biggest Loser,” one of the biggest Australian Tv shows. In his first season, she trained the read team. Jillian Michaels was on the member list. Since then, She appeared as the red team trainer every Season, but in 2016 shocking fans aside, she declared she was leaving the series.

During his long journey and becoming a television personality, She worked on many series and appeared from time to time from 2007 to this current year 2020. Having long experience and popularity, she easily becomes the center of attraction. Mrs. Bridges worked with Nine Network’s Morning with Kerri-Anne, her role as a health and fitness expert.

Online Fitness Michelle Bridges 12WBT
Online Fitness Michelle Bridges 12WBT | Image Source Instagram

Bridges became a contestant in Celebrity MasterChef Australia.

In 2019 Michelle Bridges completed the Sixteenth Season of Dancing with the Stars. The chemistry between Michelle and her partner Aric Yegudkin got popular, and people love to watch them, but they were eliminated from the 5th position.

Michelle regularly appears in many Tv shows like The Project, Can of Worms, and Sunrise. Currently, Bridges was announced as a celebrity contestant for the new season of The Celebrity Apprentice Australia, which will be telecast in 2021.

Michelle Bridges Contribution as an Author.

Apart from Being a fitness guru, and a Tv personality, She become a successful author of many popular books. She has written several popular best-selling books, which earned him the crown of a successful writer and motivator. Here are a few lists of books that he published…..

  • Crunch Time: Lose Weight Fast and Keep it Off
  • Losing the Last 5 Kilos: Your Kick-Arse Guide to Looking and Feeling Fantastic
  • Crunch Time Cookbook: 100 Knockout Recipes for Rapid Weight Loss
  • Everyday Weight Loss
  • Your Best Body
  • Get Real!
  • The No Excuses Cookbook
  • Losing The Last 5 Kilos
  • 5 Minutes A Day

Launching 12WBT online courses.

Fitness guru Michelle Bridges his popular online 12 Week Body Transformation, i.e., 12WBT course online in 2010. The reason behind launching the course was simple to reach out to every struggling people to help them with their Weight Loss. Apart from that, She decided to spread this technique to every corner of the world online easily. Everyone can get the maximum benefit from reaching out to lots of people simultaneously. Health is wealth, and this mantra may be inspired to expand his idea online, and you know what happens?

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More than 1,500, 000 kilograms of combined mass weight loss has been reported for this online 12 Wbt health and fitness program.

Michelle Bridges Personal Fitness Trainer
Michelle Bridges Personal Fitness Trainer | Image Source Instagram

She Entered Xbox Games as a fitness trainer.

As she becomes the face and Brand of 12 WBT, in 2010, Ubisoft hired Mrs. Bridges to Canada to help develop weight loss promotion through their product “Your Shape Fitness Evolved,” Creating an Avatar used in motion pictures, Ubisoft launched her in a game. The game will be using Kinect Technology.

According to Bridges, that was the real opportunity to spark a passion for getting into your fitness and finally becoming fit and healthy. Bridges games will provide a good workout at the gym. If one can follow the rules, cut time from unexpected useless time spent, and give time to the gym, the workout will help get better health and fitness.

Launching Product in BIG W e-com site.

Michelle launched many hardware fitness goods, apparel, footwear, etc. His apparel was launched on the Big W website in 2013. Later she launched children’s fitness clothes for the age group of 8 to 16 years. In this way, she becomes one of the richest and most popular Australian fitness instructors globally.

Michelle Bridges Instagram

Michelle is popular on the social media network. Many fans and followers regularly follow her on the Instagram handle. She has a massive fan follower base on her Instagram channel, containing more than 283k Followers. Her reputation and popularity increased due to his regular posting on the motivational post on IG. Here is the link of Mrs. Bridges Instagram channel link you can go through it from here>> Instagram Channel.

Michelle Bridges Net Worth

Being one of the most successful business owners, fitness influencers, Fitness Guru, and good author, Australian Television Personality Michelle Bridge, earned a lot of money in his lifetime. Being a writer of seven best-selling books and a successful 12WBT owner, Motivation Speaker, and fitness instructions, she demands very much.

Michelle Bridges estimated net worth of around $50- $70 million approximately. All this information is based on various online sources; as she had not revealed his original network, so you can take this as an approximate value, the actual value may differ from the original.

Michelle Bridges Partner/dating

Michelle Bridges married his personal fitness trainer Bill Moore in 2003. After getting separated from Bill Moore, in 2013, Bridges started dating Steve Willis.

But after his son’s birth, Axel shared the news that Steve and she are no more together. She and Willis have ended their relationship. Currently, She is forced on raising her son Axel.

Frequently asked the question:-

Question: What is the name of Michelle Bridges’s Son?

Ans: Her Son name is Axel

Michelle Bridges
Michelle Bridges | Image Source Instagram

Question: Why was she charged and fined?

Ans: She faced a legal issue on 26th January 2020, fined and banned for three months from driving. Michelle Bridges was found guilty and fined $750 as she is caught and found guilty, of driving a car in a drunken condition.

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Question: Is Michelle Bridges Lesbian?
Ans: No, She doesn’t

Question: Who is Michelle Bridges Boyfriend?
Ans: 1. Steve Willis
2. Bill Moore( married 2003- 2013)

Question: Is Michelle Bridges Single?
Ans: Currently, She is single and focused on raising her son Axel.

Question: Are Michelle Bridges and Commando Still together?

Ans: No. Michelle and Steve Commando Willis officially separated in 2013.

Some lesser-known facts about Michelle Bridges

  • Bridges is a multitalented Australian Celeb, one-ide personal fitness trainer, and author of seven bestselling books. Another hand, she is one of the Tv personalities and Motivational Fitness speakers.
  • Bridges were born and raised in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, But currently, she is living in Southern Highland, Sydney.
  • Her online Health and Fitness program 12WBT got tremendous success. The program she launched helped thousands of people to keep their life fit and healthy. Through this successful program, she transformed thousands of people’s life.
  • 12WBT Course helped thousands of people to lose weight dramatically; combined weight loss recorded more than 1,500,000 kilograms through her program.
  • Ubisoft makes a Motion sensor video game, “Your Shape,” based on her weight loss technique using Kinect technology. Sher contributed to Ubisoft to develop this gaming project, which launched on Xbox.
  • She becomes an avatar in the Xbox game.
  • Her last romantic relationship with Steve “The Commando” Willis ended 5 years ago after their son’s birth Axel.
  • She has only a Son name Axel; currently, she is focusing on raising him.
  • Bridges fined $750 being pledged guilty on mid-range drink and driving case on January 26, 2020.

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