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Ryan Kaji, aka Ryan Gaun, is the highest-paid child Youtuber, the youngest Child influencer, and internet sensation on Youtube, whose youtube channel Ryan’s World is the most popular in the world. The channel has more than 41.7 million subscribers and has 12.2 Billion views.  Ryan Kaji was born on October 6,  2011, is currently 10 years old, and manages to earn more than $200 million from his youtube channel and his branded toys and clothing merchandise.

Ryan Kaji, who has earned $39.5 million this year 2023, from Youtube, Became one of the top highest-paid YouTube channel owners in his childhood. The Ten-Year-old boy Ryan Kaji made this amount of money from unboxing and reviewing toys and kids playing instruments and games on the YouTube channel. 

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With his parent’s little boy Ryan Kaji uploads new videos on his Youtube channel ”Ryan’s World” daily. The YT channel is formerly known as Ryan ToysReview. The channel releases a new stunning video every day, and adorable Ryan has become famous through its content; most of the subscribers love him to watch on Youtube when he plays with those toys.

Ryan is the cutest kid, and his adorable looks grabbed the attention of the subscribers easily. If you have a child in your family or parents, you must love to watch this cutes boy playing with toys with his parents. Here will discuss Ryan Kaji’s Net worth, Age, Biography, career, youtube channel earning, and more. So stay tuned with us.

Ryan Kaji
Ryan Kaji | Image Source Instagram

Quick Bio: 

Name: Ryan Kaji
Full Name: Ryan Gaun
Nick Name: Ryan
Youtube Channel Name/ Known: Ryan’s World
Former Youtube Channel Name was: Ryan ToysReview

  • Date of Birth: October 6, 2011
  • Age: 12 years (As of 2023)
  • Birthplace: Texas, United States
  • Nationality: American
  • Father Name: Shion Kaji
  • Mother Name: Loann Kaji
  • Twin Sister: Emma Kaji and Kate Kaji
  • Favorite Food: Bluefin Tuna
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Ryan Youtube Channel and Fame

His parents started a Youtube channel in March 2015, and they once said that watching another channel on YouTube where some kids are playing with toys, His child was inspired. When Ryan was just 5 years old, they started the channel under the name called Ryan ToysReview. Their channel didn’t gain views immediately; in August 2015, they suddenly got hit, and the channel started gaining subscribers.

Ryan loves to play with toys, and his parents captured all those things and uploaded this precise unboxing and reviewing toys Videos on their youtube channel daily.

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Ryan Kaji as a Child Influencer

Kaji is recognized as a Child influencer, gaining millions of subscribers in his channel called Ryan’s World. In March 2015, his parents helped him to upload his first Youtube Video. In this way, his channel just started. Who would knows that after 5 years, they will get millions and billions of views and hits, not only that they earned a lot of money from this Channel. An estimated amount of $200 million has been earned from his channel and another merchandise brand in Ryan’s name.

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From Child Influencer to Brand Itself

The channel was started just for entertaining and Unboxing and reviewing toys and gaming with his little kids. But these small steps took him towards massive popularity and gained from his lots of fame and name. As a child influencer, Ryan started playing with the latest new toys so that other kids could see and enjoy them, But later from the influencer, and he became a Brand under the name of Ryan itself.

It’s is now a new Brand and has its own merchandise products and clothes. People love to buy those products, toys with stickers and logos in Ryans’ name as the brand. The sponsor company is eager to target its product using its brand name. They sometimes promote their products as affiliates through his channel.

Ryan's World Toys and game Reviews
Ryan’s World Toys and game Reviews | Image Source Instagram

Highest Earning YouTube Channel in 2020

According to the news and records from Youtube announcements, Ryan’s world Earned $29.5 million in this pandemic year 2020 only. The Year Ending reports suggest that the 9 years old kid Ryan has millionaire in his little age. The channel got hit 12.2 billion views recently.

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Ryan’s Kaji (Ryan’s World) Most popular video.

Although The Channel started in 2015, and it’s going along 6 years mark. The most popular video, Huge Eggs Surprise Toys Challenge, has crossed 2 billion views itself; this is the only single video that gained such a massive amount of views. This video has been placed on the Top 50 most viewed Youtuber Videos ever.

How many YouTube channels does He/his Family own?

His parents started from a single youtube channel for him. After gaining popularity, his family runs nine YT channels, where Ryan’s World has the top most subscribers and views. The channel has started growing from basic topics to most informative content. Previously they only produced video content on unboxing and reviewing toys only, but now they started providing more informative content over the years.

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Ryan Now started sharing mixed content along with Educational videos, like DIY, Science Projects experiments, and of course, funny videos.
Funny videos are more attractive when he takes part in various challenges with his parents, and his twin sisters are more adorable to watch.

Ryan’s World Instagram

Here you can check out IG of famous Kids Youtuber/ YouTube Channel Ryan’s World.

Ryan’s World/Ryan’s Toy Reviews Parents of 10 years old Youtuber Ryan Kaji Under Investigation.

All through the channel is growing fast and ranked in top-earning YT channel in 2023. But the situations going worse, as there are hanging threats of a US Federal Trade Commission Investigation over the allegation that the Sponsors of their Youtube Channel videos are not properly disclosed. Here are the reports from the Guardian you can visit here. Besides that, there are serious allegations that they are almost 90% of recommendations on their videos containing unhealthy foods, which may cause problems in other kids’ habits and health.


The Truth in Advertising and Federal Trade Commission filed a complaint on August 28, 2019, based on allegations that the sponsored videos are not being properly disclosed. The Truth in Advertising claimed that Ryan’s World, Containing 90% of videos containing at least one paid products recommendations, shows that advertisements often depict unhealthy foods that may be harmful to kids.

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Ryan Kaji & his twin Sisters
Ryan Kaji & his twin Sisters | Image Source Instagram

Sucess Story

His most-watched and successful video on Youtube is the Huge Eggs Surprise Toys Challenge. In 2018 his Toys reviews Youtube channel entered into Guinness Books of World Records. Recently in 2020, He started posting Roblox gameplay on his Youtube Channel, Ryan’s World.
In 2017, Kaji’s Parents signed a deal with a startup children’s media company, PocketWatch. The founder of this company was Chris Williams and Albie Hecht. Collaboration with Pocketwatch and WildWorks, an endless runner game apps “Tag with Ryan” for iOS and Android, has been released.

In 2019, Collaboration with Ryan ToyReview and PocketWatch produced a TV serial, “Ryan’s Mystery Playdate.” The Serails goes for 20 episodes successfully.

In his little age, another success bagged Ryan is his name, entered into the video game world. At the end of 2019, Outright Games released their video games like Race with Ryan, a racing game, etc. The game was built for Playstation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and Nintendo witch.

Ryan Kaji Net Worth 2022

The 10 years old Youtuber and Social media sensation Have estimated Net worth in 2022 is $350 million.

Ryan Kaji Net Worth in 2023: $450 million (USD)
Ryan Kaji Net Worth in 2022: $350 million (USD)
Ryan Kaji Net Worth in 2021: $250 million (USD)

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Ryan Kaji family
Ryan Kaji family | Image Source Instagram

Some lesser-known facts about Ryan Kaji

  • Ryan Kaji was listed as the highest-paid Youtuber in 2020. He earned $29.5 million in 2020 despite being a revenue crackdown on child advertising.
  • Ryan Kaji Full name is Ryan Gaun.
  • Kaji was just 12 years old in 2023; they live in Texas, United States.
  • Kaji’s mom Jailed for Conviction for Shoplifting, but now she is a mother of Millionaire kids who runs much Marchandise business under Ryan’s Brand Name.
  • After all those problems, Ryan’s Mother, Loann, becomes a chemistry teacher. She completed her study at Lubbock’s Texas Tech University.
  • His father is an Engineer, and He specializes in Structural Engineering.
  • His Parents married after Ryan’s Birth. They Tied a knot in 2013, two years later of Ryan’s birth.
  • “Ryans ToyReviews” Channel was started in 2015 when He was just 5 years old Kids.
  • The Youtube channel suddenly spiked up after 2 years of running.
  • Recently The owner of this channel facing a Legal investigation carried by The Federal Trade Commission.

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