Who is Tessica Brown? Check Gorilla Glue Girl Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Weight, and more

Tessica Brown Gorilla Glue Girl Bio

Tessica Brown is a popular Tiktok Girl and social media sensation from Lousiana, Southern, California, who is now viral as Gorilla Glue Girl. 40-years old lady upcoming Tiktoker has more than 693K massive fan follers based on her social media account TikTok, and 823K on Instagram, 22K on her youtube channel. She becomes viral when her shared video becomes a source of fun and seriousness. She accidentally applied Commercial strong Gorilla Glue on her hair in place of regular hairstyle spray. Last week she shared a video on Tiktok captioned below, “It doesn’t move. I hate it Here.” She is now trending on Instagram Twitter hashtag #gorillaglue

Tessica Brown, also known for his Tiktok Id @im_d_ollady, is a social media celebrity having millions of followers in her Tiktok account. She was recently in the headline when a video went viral applying super strong adhesive Gorilla Glue on his hair and hair stuck on his scalp. She was run out of her regular Got2b Glued freeze spray, and this shocking incident happens accidentally. Her beautiful long black hair stuck for a long, and recently she undergoes costly plastic surgery for 4 hours, and then she gets rid of this situation. 

Tessica Brown Gorilla Glue Girl Bio
Tessica Brown Gorilla Glue Girl Bio | Source Instagram @im_d_ollady

Quick Facts/Bio/Wiki/ of Tessica Brown/Gorilla Glue Girl. 

Full Name: Tessica Brown
Nickname: Tessica, Gorilla Glue Girl, @im_d_ollady,
Went Viral for: Gorilla Glue Adhesive stuck hair. 
Date of Birth: October 21, 1981
Age: 41 Years Old (As of 2022)
Birthplace: Votel, Lousiana, Southern California, USA
Nationality: African- American
Residence: Violet, Louisiana, USA
Gender: Female
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blackish- Brown

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Why Tessica Brown Famous for?

According to her, She has applied by mistakenly high strength commercial Gorrila Glue one kind of super adhesive into her hair incorrectly while running out of Got2b Glued hair spray.  Her Hair stuck for a month, and she shared the video on social media Tiktok, which went viral.  Recently she finally gets rid of this after 4hrs complicated plastic surgery. 

Gorilla Glue Girl Tessica Brown
Gorilla Glue Girl Tessica Brown

Tessica Brown Age

How old is Tessica Brown?  Famous Gorilla Glue Girl Tessica Brown is 41 years old as of 2022. Tessica was born on October 21, 1981. 

Tessica Brown Family Details and Early Life

As per the details available, Gorilla Girl  Tessica Brown comes from Louisiana, Southern California, US.  She has not shared much about her family details, only knowns that 40 years old lady has 5  children.


She has started her career on the Social media platform Tiktok where Tessica Brown has more than 695K followers and received more than 6 million likes. 

She has a youtube channel where she gained 22K subscribers on Youtube and has @im_d_ollady having 823K followers on her Instagram. Recently She gained thousand of fan followers on Instagram due to this incident.

Tessica Brown?Gorilla Glue Girl’s Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tiktok, Social Media link.

Instagram: Visit
Facebook: Visit
Twitter: You can Check Here
TikTok: Go Here
Youtube: Go Here

Tessica Brown/Gorilla Glue Girl Net Worth

We don’t have much information regarding her actual net worth, and we are trying to collect the data.  Looking at her fan followers based on various social media, his approx net worth could be around $100K to $1 million. 

Tessica Brown/Gorilla Glue Girl Net Worth 2021: $100K – $1 million (Approx)

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Who dis the surgery of Tessica Brown?

Dr. Michael K. Obeng, a 47-years Harvard-trained American top Plastic surgeon from Beverly Hills, California, performed 4hs complicated plastic surgery on Mrs. Tessica Brown aka who mistakenly applied Gorilla Glue on his hair. Dr. Obeng performed $12,500 surgery on his client Tessica after hearing of her condition. 

According to Dr. Obeng, in an interview with TMZ, he said, “I looked up the compound,  The main actual ingredient in Gorilla Glue,  Polyurethane, and we had figured out the science how to break it down.”   He further said that He used industrial glue remover, aloe vera, olive oil mixture, and acetone to do the job after 4hrs of struggle. 

Tessica Brown
Tessica Brown

Some lesser-known facts about Tessica Brown/Gorilla Glue Girl

  • Her Nickname/username on social media on Instagram, Twitter Tiktok is   @im_d_ollady
  •  She Comes from Louisiana, Southern California,and the United States.
  • She is the proud mother of 5 children.
  • She became famous when she mistakenly applied super active Gorilla Glue to her hair.
  • She Undergoes four 4hrs complex plastic surgery, which costs $12,500, but Kind Plastic Surgeon Dr. Michael Obeng has done this surgery for free. 
  • She is the owner of Jessica’s Little Angle Daycare
  • In 2020 Social Media star Tessica formed the Dazzling Divaz dance group.
  • She was admitted into the emergency room at the famous Bernard Parish Hospital for plastic surgery.
  • On February 10, She was admitted into Miko Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills, where one of the top American plastic surgeons, Dr. Michael K. Obeng, Successfully removed the glue from her hair and unstocked those from strong adhesive after ongoing 4hrs complex surgery. 
  • Acetone, Industrial glue remover, aloe vera, Olive oil Mixture, etc., are used to remove the super Gorilla glue, containing polyurethane chemicals. 
  • Finally, Ms. Tessica Brown become to get rid of his stuck hair. 
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