Billy Gardell Weight Loss. Let’s find out how he lost 140 pounds.

Billy Gardell Weight Loss

Billy Gardell Weight Loss: William Gardell Jr., aka Billy Gardell, is a famous American stand-up comedian. Moreover, The actor is also famous for his massive body weight.

Billy Gardell is healthier than ever; he shed almost 150 pounds and became slim guys; you might get shocked after seeing him now. 

According to ET online megastars Billy Gardel, well known for the Bob Hearts Abishola,  stayed focused on his weight loss journey, firm determination, and hard work. Finally, he lost 150 pounds.  He started his journey during the pandemic in 2020.  

Within 3 and half years, he chopped his extra weight and became handsome, slim, and crash for women. According to Billy, dropping 150 pounds was not such an easy job. 

“I float between 205 lbs to 210 lbs,” Gardell told ET’s Kevin Frazier during a recent chat on the set of his hit CBS sitcom. “Self-care is important, and I think I finally got there.”

According to this report, Gardell was encouraged to undergo bariatric weight loss surgery to minimize his COVID risk.  He also suffers from type 2 diabetes. But since then, he has followed a good diet plan, built a healthy relationship with food, and started exercising. You don’t believe He dropped his heart rate from 113 to just 68, and he was also free from type-2 diabetes too. 

So Now, before going through Billy Gardell’s weight loss journey, take a quick look at his short introduction.

Quick Introduction:

William Gardell Jr., aka Billy Gardell, is an American stand-up comedian, actor, and voice artist. On August 20, 1969, he was born in Swissvale, Pennsylvania, United States. Billy made his first breakthrough at the age of 19 by opening a show for Dennis Miller and George Carlin.

Billy Gardell Weight Loss
Billy Gardell Weight Loss

He is best known for his role as Mike Biggs in the American television sitcom Mike & Molly alongside actress Melissa McCarthy. He appeared in the show as a lead actor, which aired for six years, from 2010 to 2016. 

Billy Gardel Lost 150 pounds
Billy Gardel Lost 150 pounds.

His acting career actually started in 2000, and till now, he has appeared in so many blockbuster movies and television shows like Avenging Angelo, Room 6, Dragon Wars: D-War, Once Upon a Time in Venice, The King of Queens, Heist, Las Vegas, Sun Records, and more. In the series King of Queens, Kevin James played the lead role. You may also check out Kevin James’s weight loss journey, who has also reduced over 100 pounds of weight.

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Billy Gardell Weight Loss

Billy also worked as a voice artist in the animated television series Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas and Be Cool Scooby-Doo! 

In this article, we will discuss Billy Gardell’s Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plans, Workouts, Surgery, Before and After, and more. 

Gardell has explained that he weighed around 350 pounds at one point in his life. His current weight is around 210 pounds. It means he has lost around 140 pounds weight. Billy made it possible by workouts and eliminating unhealthy food habits.

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Billy Gardell Weight Loss Journey.

Gardell has provided laughter for many years, but one part of his past is not for laughs: his weight before the weight loss journey. 

Mike and Molly was a TV show about two overweight people falling in love after meeting at an overeaters anonymous meeting. We can’t rule out the possibility that Billy Gardell’s weight played a role in his choice for the part.

Billy Gardell Weight Loss Mike a
Billy Gardell Weight Loss Mike a

However, as the show unfolded, he decided to shed some of his trademark weight. During an interview, he stated he was initially concerned about how his weight might affect the presumption of the show but had the full support of Mike and Molly’s creator, Mark Roberts. Also, Read Co Actress Mike and Molly’s Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss Strategy 2022.

Melissa McCarthy ans Billy Gardell
Melissa McCarthy ans Billy Gardell

Mark Roberts told Billy to take care of himself. Mark also stated that the script would depend upon Billy’s weight. Billy acknowledges that the support he received from the show’s entire team, Nike and Molly, made his weight loss journey easier.

Bill Inoshita-CBS via Getty Images
Bill Inoshita-CBS via Getty Images

Billy Gardell weighed 350 pounds at the lowest point of his life. The actor’s weight gain culminated in bad habits he had been holding on to for a long time, such as drinking and smoking.

Billy Gardell Weight Loss Journey
Billy Gardell Weight Loss Journey

The actor, however, decided to begin working with a trainer on fitness goals and a nutritionist to lose weight once he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Billy started his weight-loss journey 11 years ago. In a Las Vegas stand-up show, Billy revealed that CBS hired a trainer to help him lose weight, despite his initial concerns.

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The show won numerous awards, including an Emmy. But, the show’s success couldn’t shield the actors from criticism from their viewers. He stated that it was not a new thing for him. He has been experiencing such kind of criticism since his childhood.

Billy Gardell Weight Loss-Journe
Billy Gardell Weight Loss-Journe

Billy has openly talked about his life struggle due to the overweight. The actor was always fat throughout his childhood and had to learn not to feel bad about it. Billy has always talked openly about his journey. His fans also feel as if they are struggling with him. 

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How Did Billy Gardell Lose Weight?

As part of his weight loss transformation, Billy took a medication called Ozempic to help him cope with his Type 2 diabetes. Proper diet plans and regular exercise also helped him in his transformation. 

Billy Gardell Weight Loss Journe
Billy Gardell Weight Loss Journe

As a result, he started experimenting with new things like cooking healthier foods, avoiding fast foods, and becoming more active. The actor realized the essence of being active, so he began walking every day for at least 20 to 30 minutes in the morning. 

According to the comedian Billy, people who want to lose weight naturally should workouts as a daily routine.

Billy Gardell Weight Loss Surgery.

This comedian did not undergo any weight loss procedures. Contrary to rumors that he was sick or had gotten weight loss surgery, he just started losing weight by eating healthier foods.

The stand-up comedian has revealed that losing weight is still a difficult task for him. After following a meal and exercise plan, he finally lost weight and now has much smaller pants sizes. 

He has managed to keep his weight within a healthy range and keeps his diabetes under control. Losing 140 pounds weight loss is not an easy task without surgery. But, Gardell’s hard work and dedication helped him achieve the target.

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Billy Gardell’s Present Weight.

Gardell is now weighing around 210 pounds, which seems slightly higher than the average weight, but things are under control. He started his weight loss journey in 2011 to look better, and he realized that it was not an easy task.

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Billy Gardell Weight Loss
Billy Gardell Weight Loss

In 2011 he started the Billy Gardell weight loss journey to live better, and he has said severally that it has not been easy. According to the actor, he has struggled with his weight his entire life. The problems have become more prevalent as he has grown up.

Changing his old unhealthy habits for new ones has worked wonders for him. During an interview, when somebody asked about how he felt about his body weight, he stated that he is happy and healthy, and that’s most important for him.

Billy Gardell Before and After Weight Loss.

Billy Gardell’s body weight was around 350 pounds before losing weight. His proper weight-loss diet plans and regular workouts helped him lose around 140 pounds, which is remarkable. So, now his body weight is approximately 210 pounds. You can see a massive difference between his old and new photos if you compare them. 

Billy Gardell Weight Loss Before and after
Billy Gardell Weight Loss Before and After

If you also want to lose weight, make sure you follow a proper diet and do regular exercise. Yoga can also be helpful for you to lose weight naturally. You may check if you want to know, ”What is Yoga? How does it help to lose weight?

Billy Gardell Weight Loss


Nowadays, everybody experiences health problems, even celebrities. There is nothing unexceptional about the celebrity’s lives. Those who overcome these problems and combat them are the real heroes.

Billy Gardell was also affected by Type 2 Diabetes due to his excessive body weight and unhealthy eating habits. At this point, he recognized that he should change his eating habits.

He changed his daily routine and nutrition habits by adding healthy alternatives, which helped him lose around 140 pounds of weight in a brief period. It also helped him to reduce his diabetes level. Now, his lifestyle has improved since he made those changes.

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